Knokia Knokia. Who’s there?

We already know dopey!
And where you've been.
And what you did last summer.

If it wasn't for the fact that J. Edgar Hoover was a cross dresser the FBI would have been out on its ear half a century ago. …

You have to wonder what the secret police get up to when they are not acting on information received by people who knew JF Kennedy was going to be assassinated and that one of the Bin Ladens was planning to redecorate New York -and all the rest of the time.

If a small software developer can find out what 150 million people ALL OVER THE WORLD are doing, saying, planning and all the rest of it for some 5 or 6 years, you have to wonder what the FBI have been up to since Al C…
No wait that was the tax collectors…


Well OK they arrested a lot of potential war criminals and fifth columnists like Werner von Braun and his gang…

Ermmm.. no… wait.
Let me get this rightwing…

Originally posted by BBC:

Mr Eckhart claimed Carrier IQ software could log everything people did on their smart-phones but did not ask for consent to record data.

In the letter Senator Franken sent to Carrier IQ, he asked the company to clarify what types of data its software captured and what was done with that information.

He wrote that, despite Carrier IQ's claims, some of the data being acquired had nothing to do with diagnostics.

Andrew Coward, head of marketing at Carrier IQ, explained that the code listened for key presses to spot strings of numbers that triggered an alert. These alerts were linked to problems with a phone or a network.

Carrier IQ relayed the alert to operators, said Mr Coward, and discarded all the other data. It also logged some other information, such as location and cell-phone tower data, to help spot when calls or texts went astray.

the decision to use Carrier IQ lay with mobile operators and it was up to them to decide what information was collected. Carrier IQ claims its software is deployed on more than 140 million devices. [The Wikipedia got that wrong then?] UK operators told The Guardian that they did not use the software.

Nokia and RIM have issued statements saying they do not let the software ship on their products.

The Brits are safe?
You're having a laugh aren't you?

And Nokia and Rim are to be trusted because?

Well obviously they told the FBI and GCHQ, so they could get in on it before the NSA snaffled all the data.
I must have read that in the News of the World because it is ALL ABSOLUTELY true.


One thought on “Knokia Knokia. Who’s there?

  1. Its crazy, and so sadly true. And to a point, has to be used as a tool. But the insane rate at which its used to track all data and effectiveness is/was bound to happen. Whats appalling is the lack of protection on the web, but the lack of this probably makes a few very wealthy. Its the singularity, rollin right at yer ass.

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