So much to do and so little time to do it.

I have seen the business that God has given to the children of man to be busy with.
He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end. …

I came across this site the other day It deals with geology and some of the stuff in the bible about science. I was going to do something llike that but got side-tracked with all this weather and earthquakes business.

In Celebration of Psalm Nineteen: God's handiwork in Creation:

The latest version of the website is at, rather than

The author left the old site up and Google counts the earlier clicks for its results.

I got into a discussion with his via e-mail. (Hasn't the world shrunk.) We started talking about astronomy and the way the stuff we are finding these days refers to biblical ideas.

The Wikipedia has this to say about chronology:

Event Year AM Year BCE (non-biblical) Span
Creation of Adam 0 3924 BCE 0
Birth of Abram (Genesis 11:26) 1948 1976 BCE 1948
Promise to Abraham 2048 1906 BCE 70
Birth of Isaac 2148 1876 BCE 100
Descent into Egypt 2235 1686 BCE 190
Exodus from Egypt (Exodus 12:40) 2448 1476 BCE 210 (430 from Promise to Abraham; 400 from Birth of Isaac)
Foundation of Solomon's Temple (1 Kings 6:1) 2928 997 BCE 480
Destruction of Temple 3338 587 BCE 410
Return from exile (Ezra 1:2-4) 3626 535 BCE 52

Personally I think that the reams of begats and begans in the Bible were put in to sort the wheat from the chaff. Anyone who can wade through all that stuff and remain interesting, deserves to go to heaven.

Everyone else will have to stay here on earth and live happily ever after without all those religious maniacs.


8 thoughts on “Chronology.

  1. I think religion is used to explain the unbelievable, to provide a focus for a richer, less burdensome life, but its been mangled by greed. Like everythingwe are fluid or we perish, and religion by nature is not fluid.

  2. It all depends on what you are interested in.Some people can reel off lists of people on a TV show, know their friends and families parts, what they did and when they left the series. All fake, imagined people whose real lives are nothing to be impressed with.I don't know why their fans are even their fans in the first place but it takes all sorts.I suppose these lists in the bible are like that but they can be used to give context. I sometimes wish I knew the dates in British history better than I do, but it makes no difference to how well I understand the crooks now in their place.It doesn't matter a jot how and when their recent predecessors got in power to ruin us, it only matters what they did. I can remember the dae George Bush got in because of the outrage that followed.The second date in US history "that will live in infamy".And it turned out that the criminal who made George the Thick so popular was the driving force behind the economic disasters that followed. So how successful was that?But I don't have one date to go with any of it besides 9/11/01And I know next to nothing about the histories of other countries. I don't know when General De Gaul left office, I was only aware of it for a few days. And that is the nearest place to here for hundreds of miles.It is just not important.Yet we have colleges filled with people who think such things are as essential to us as the air we breathe. And we don't call them lunatic asylums?What I find interesting in the chronology is the natural "disasters" that occurred in them. If you can forecast the weather from the times of the phases of the moon and you know those times, backwards for centuries, you can work out why the "miracle" occurred.And it would still be a miracle, if it was really so, wouldn't it?For how would anyone know with pin point accuracy when a storm would occur and what the exact effects of it would be?

  3. How would you like 4 days notice of a tornado?T+84 from midnight on the 6th is…Noon on the 9th, right? would call that a prelude.I wouldn't drag the wife and kids down the root cellar just yet but I WOULD make sure it wasn't full of water, had some provisions (and spare clothing) and the insurance documents and maybe move all obstructions out of the way.***As it happens, I don't think it will be a full blown event, not a super cell at least.The Anticyclones are not even developing.But they could.That would be interesting chronology?No?

  4. A long time ago I could tell the time from the moon. I forgot how. Moved to a large town and completely lost it.I have just been skimming through a PDF book from Ken Ring, a Lunarist like myself) when I got to page 188 a chart there showed me what I had forgotten.It all came flooding back. Bloody obvious when you think about it.If the moon loses an hour a day against the sun so that in 29 days it will be back to the same place again, we get our lunar months.Most people know that. But you won't see that, not every day. And certainly not if you live in a town. The buildings get in the way of the horizon.The horizon for people who live in unobstructed plains or even rolling flat land is miles off. They can see what's coming from all angles. It sounds corny but it is true. If they look.And that is how they learned about planting seasons and how the moon affects the weather, because how, when and where it rises and sets tells them.Now think, the moon loses something like 55 minutes compared to the sun every day. It stays in the sky a lot longer, so it must rise and set at different time.Got it?It rises half an hour after the time it rose the day before. And it sets and half hour later.And whilst it is doing that it changes shape. It goes from crescent to fatter to half moon the fatter to full moon to thinner to half moon to thinner to nothing.Then after New Moon it reappears again. The trick is that no matter where in the sky iot is, you will know by its shape what time it rose. And if it is half way across the sky you just add something like 6 and a bit hours to the time it should have risen.It's something that your mind will do automatically once you get the pictures in your head. You automatically know the position the moon tracks and even with a little cloud, you can tell where it is.To live in a town you give up all of that. You get a meal anywhere any time almost, transport home, and shops just around the corner.So I suppose knowing what time it is isn't that important when shops are open late and you have more than one bus a day to anywhere you want to go.

  5. I have been using stellarium to track the sky, mainly because last night sirius was gleaning. Any who, I did have a stellar first, I saw a meteor I do believeabout 10-15 deg below sirius, it flashed in, and flashed out.. I look for them all the it was cool, and sirius had a slight halo around it. Tornados,we eat em for breakfast round here, been in one directly my house hit by lightning and catch fire, taken 70mph winds. I have the cellar and watch like a hawk.

  6. Quite a stormer.Next time you get vertigo, don't look down; look up from your cellar.Some advice I got from watching Twister:Use bigger screws, better still use rivets.

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