Opera Unite

I don't have enough in my dongle.
I never thought I would ever admit that! …

So I am now an United Opera user.

The only thing is that I am on a limited mobile connection. I cant afford to give anyone a key to my files. If I was on an unlimited used package such as Virgin Media's cable network, I could.

I want to enable total strangers who I have a mere mutual interest in common on Opera's blog and photo albums pages.

Of course I do. Who wouldn't?

But suppose the wick GCHQ was able to sniff out my other naughty bits?
That could never happen could it?

As it happens I haven't got any naughty bits to be ashamed of. But that isn't the point with privacy. Why should anyone be allowed to see beyond my front door?

You would soon get tired of friends who never go home. And even occasional visitors are expected to knock and be sensitive to your needs. A little circumspection goes a long way.

And with modern spying capabilities; a lot less circumspection goes an awful lot further. An hell of a lot further!


One thought on “Opera Unite

  1. Closed by remote server.Damn thatwas a close one. Opera nearly went ou the window then.Fortunately Opera got back my message and didn't refuse the second attempt.

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