Predicting Weather By The Moon

A free intro from a master doing this stuff when I was a lad. …

Actually I think we are about the same age only he got there first.

It's a free pdf and quite a larger file but readable if you are into my sort of stuff. I bet he would make an excellent TV programme (only the BBC would slant it and take the urirne in their oh so brilliant way.)

He give a lot of background and some good ideas. Tidal theory is wrong thouugh but it is what is still taught up to college level. So I can't reallyblame him.

He was forced into making it free as the stuff he has copyrights to is being sold by vendors with no rights on eBay and the like.

So perish we all.

Young's Literal Translation:
and there hath been found in it a poor wise man, and he hath delivered the city by his wisdom, and men have not remembered that poor man!


3 thoughts on “Predicting Weather By The Moon

  1. I think that if he had perhaps come to blogging and Usenet at the right time, he too might have made more fun out of his hobby.Whatever, I am sure he enjoys every moment of the commune with heaven it brings. It's just relating it to people who live in the real world that upset us.

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