There’s dell unto.

I bought a new computer, I think I was sold. …

But for 60 quid I can't complain. A Dell box with XP Home SPII . 1GB of RAM, 120GB hard drive and I can't remember what else. Not a modern gamer's kit but plenty big enough for surfing and what I need.

For a windows box I was very surprised how quick it boots up. I'm wondering if it's a genuine Microsoft OS or one of the decent ones we are not allowed to use. The license on the box says it's genuine…

I'll say no more.

My problem is that I can't get into the BIOS.

It boots up so fast I can't see the instructions for getting into the set-up. I had to restart it several times, I need to hit the F2 Or F12 key.

But it wouldn't do anything for either.

So here I am with a penny sliding down my chute.

I had to put my duff keyboard on it as my good one is an old fashioned connection and this thing wasn't recognising it.

Once I'd given up trying to access the boot-up sequence, realised the keyboard wasn't recognised and swapped it then just came on here after the usual Windows trick of surfing the web unprotected looking for protection, downloading some, then opning it and installing it, updating it and then finding out why it was stopping the damn operating system from operating, then getting Opera and all the rest of it ALL OVER AGAIN…

I realised I couldn't get into the BIOS with that other board.

With 149 GB of free space I can put Ubuntu UE and the latest Mandriva OS on here.

OK, I'm OK if that is the only problem, except for one small thing, in the immense benevolence of a supersized computer maker that is Dell, they gave me an ATX case with only one drive bay. Can you imagine that?
Only room for 2 memory sticks too.

Who on earth bought this rig in the first place?
A government department?

Why would anyone buy a Dell in the first place?
Well, I got it now …for £60.
I can't complai.

I can, a bit.

I wonder how much it cost new.


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