Instant Messengers

No introduction necessary. …

I was searching, on Windows XP, for a non XP Messenger. I got a load of choices from Google. I never use messenger services so I don't know what to look for.

I have just got back into Linux again and opened the applications menu at Internet. I already have two services installed, I just need to sign into them and select which ones they are going to speak to.

I don't understand that.

last time I used such an account you had to be using Windows with their messenger service.

So do I take it that I can use Pidgin or Empathy whilst the person I am talking to is using something else?

I downloaded Trillian yesterday only to find out just now it isn't possible to use it on Linux.

Trillian has been going for years and it isn't available on Linux?

They have a free version and a paid service. What could they possibly offer on the paid service you can't manage without?


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