What is the purpose of life?


3 thoughts on “Entry

  1. Not really.I just opened the latest verion of Opera on my ltest version of computer and there was this box requiring exploration.I am of the: "What will happen if I push the red button" persuasion.Blinking stupid invitation to let something slip if you ask me. Fancy putting it there and not warning us not to post your credit card details and etc.I do not like Windows. The right hand click on spelling mistakes opens a box so large I have to get a ladder out to reach the top to change the word. It is easier to just correct it in the old fashioned way.Two upsetting "add ons" that make a mockery of computing. The computer is making a noisy fan or dying disc noise, and I haven't got my bookmarks so I will have to reconnect all the gubbins and use the other box.How are you today?Up early or to tired to go to bed?I'm going to hit this bloody box in a minute!!!

  2. Originally posted by Unasia:


    I don't think anything less than an animal is conscious. Vegetables react to stimulae that's all I will agree to.Yet in the Law god gave Moses he stated that when they failed to try to live up to the law, that is returned to his service and ask forgiveness for errors, offering the required sacrifices and all that went with it, then he would vomit them out of the land.I always thought that that referred to earthquakes. But the preferred choice of dealing with them was drought when they wanted a thrashing.It worked whatever, so there was some metaphysical relationship.Even today drought and warfare go hand in hand. The one being a good excuse for the other no doubt. Giving the least worst affected a chance to show their real religious beliefs by aiding the drought to kill the unfortunate neighbours as prescribed in the Koran and Bible.Well it beats thou shalt not bear false witnessing doesn't it? And not keeping Sabbath.I wonder what the Israelis think of when they obey all those silly traditions like Hanukkah and murder rob and steal from the Palestinians?Probably thankful for all the British and American politicians allowing it.Merry Sickmess.

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