Say it isn’t so

This makes depressing reading.

The New Christmas Festival.

I can see this becoming a major tourist attraction in Iraq, one day. …

Originally posted by Wikileaks/Iraq Body Count:

Deaths in the 'Civilian' category

* More than 12,000 previously unknown deaths are contained in the ‘Civilian’ category of the logs.
* The vast majority of previously unreported deaths arise from small incidents of 1-3 deaths.

Civilians are defined in the Iraq War Logs as Iraqi and other civilians, including foreign contractors. The logs record 66,081 deaths in this category. Since IBC is itself a civilian deaths database, this is the most clearly relevant category for IBC. One exception is that the logs include foreign security contractors in this category, while IBC does not include them in its count. However, the vast majority of 'Civilians' in the logs are Iraqis, so matching this category against IBC is fairly straightforward.

Over 3000 friendly deaths. Over 14% routinely wrongly categorised.

OVER 104,000 know killed since that misbegotten idiot fascist ruined a stable country.

Combining these sources, the detailed calculation below provides a figure of total Iraqi deaths, both civilian and combatant, of 150,726. Adding figures on Coalition military deaths, which now stand at 4,744, brings the number up to 155,470. That is, given our analysis of the new logs, as combined with other previously reported deaths, we are now able to say that more than 150,000 people have been recorded killed in the Iraq war since 2003, of which around 80% were civilian.

The USA has absolutely no right to call the war "over".

Originally posted by Wikipedia:

The invasion of Iraq led to an occupation, violence against "coalition" forces, sectarian groups, insurgency, strife between Sunni and Shia Iraqi groups, a new faction of al-Qaeda, 4.7 million refugees (~16% of the population) with 2 million abroad (a number close to CIA projections) and 2.7 million internally displaced people, five million orphan children and millions forced to rely on insufficient and poor-quality water sources.

It's hard to believe that Saddam was summarily executed for doing a lot less evil than that.


7 thoughts on “Say it isn’t so

  1. Originally posted by Iraq Body Count:

    British forces (Multi-National Division, South East) were responsible for the security of four provinces in southeastern Iraq after the 2003 invasion. These were Basra, Missan, Muthanna, and Thi-Qar.2While this responsibility was handed back to the Iraqi authorities in stages from September 2004, responsibility for security in the most violent of its domains, Basra, was the British Army's until December 2007, and UK combat forces remained in the region in an advisory capacity until July 2009.The departure on May 22nd 2011 of a Royal Navy mission training Iraqi sailors marks the official end of British Armed Forces operations in Iraq.During the period of British security provision from May 2003 to December 2007, 3,334 violent civilian deaths, and 2,099 civilian wounded, were documented, and are detailed in the Iraq Body Count database.Known to the British Ministry of Defence (MoD) were at least 1,920 homicides recorded by Basra police between January, 2006 and March, 2008 and forwarded to the MoD, and subsequently integrated into the IBC database after a Freedom of Information Act request to the MoD.33 We thank Prof Mike Spagat of Royal Holloway University for the original FOIA request and sharing the data with IBC.4 See e.g. Britain on trial for Iraqis killed by its troops (IND 1 Mar 2004)The above figures do not include the 1,694 civilians killed and the 6,184 civilians wounded in these four provinces during the US/UK-led invasion phase in March and April 2003 (compared to 5,720 killed and 11,154 wounded civilians documented for the rest of Iraq during the invasion: the southern regions were a major route of the invading ground forces).Of the post-invasion deaths from May 2003 to December 2007, 193 can at present be directly attributed to the Coalition military, of which 124 have been definitely identified as victims of British military action; some have been or are still the subject of legal action.4Spreadsheets providing IBC’s monthly breakdowns of reported civilian deaths and injuries in the four southeastern provinces may be downloaded here.Any lesson-learning to be derived from the UK’s military involvement in Iraq – such as that which is a stated aim of the Iraq Inquiry chaired by Sir John Chilcot (and due to report in late 2011) – must address the question of Iraqi casualties.5 This must include not only civilian casualties, nor be restricted only to those occurring in the regions that were for prolonged periods under UK control, but must encompass all Iraqis killed and wounded since 2003, whether or not publicly known. Any overall assessment of the UK’s involvement in Iraq which fails to include these, the most numerous and direct victims of the conflict, would fail not only the people of the UK but more particularly the people of Iraq.5 The Uninquiring Iraq Inquiry (IBC 26 Aug 2010)6 E.g. UK's eight-year military presence in Iraq to end on Sunday (GUA 18 May 2011)UK press and media coverage of UK involvement in Iraq almost always mentions the precise number of UK military personnel killed (which finally totalled 179).6 Sadly, there is no such sustained attention to Iraqi civilians and others killed, partly because of a lack of certainty about their precise number. But rather than this being an excuse for ignoring the topic, the very uncertainty underlines all the more how much a serious inquiry into the issue is needed.

  2. Originally posted by Banksy:

    At this time of year it's easy to forget the true meaning of Christianity – the lies, the corruption, the abuse."

  3. I am disgusted by the level of ineptitude the maintains our structure at this point. Interesting time to be alive to say the least, we are on a cusp I think…

  4. That Banksy quote came from a news bulletin. He is a secretive artist/vandal. He donated a statue to a chapel or somewhere the other day, a priest with its face replaced with toilet tiles.I really would like to beat George Bush and Tony Blair up with a pick axe handle.But you are right, it is times like these that explain how Joseph Stalin and Adolph Hitler grew so powerful.And you can imagine how all the other lesser Hitlers like Henry Ford and the rest of them kept it going.No work, no welfare, no food and no hope. Offer them servitude and you get it. Bastards!!Its at times like these you want a bigger exclamation mark keyboard. I'll buy the first one they make.

  5. Originally posted by Paul Mohr:

    If a person has a vast data base of information, it is very easy to cherry pick data that implies any conclusion. It would seem that if I were suspected to be one thing or another, good or bad, that in the process of normal legal discovery, it would require that I have all the data that was ever collected by any government agency.If there were a classified video of a person committing a crime of which I am accused, what possible justice could ensue if even the prosecution was kept from that information?It would seem that if the supreme court decisions are upheld, the only way that I could really know if there were proof of my innocence, would be to have access to everything. you see, there is no way that the injustices for those illegally held in Guantanamo will ever cease.For those who have been freed, a bribe accompanies them on condition they tell nobody nuffink. Freedom isn't freedom if the reparations come with conditions tha gag and bind you are they?Well, ARE THEY? This war will never be over. Not for Britain and not for the USA.Have the Taliban said it's over?Have the other insurgents/freedom fighters said it's over?Has anyone in Iran or Pakistan said it's over?Have all the people whose lives have been impacted by robberies, disenfranchisements, murders, beatings, tortures, kidnappings, abuse, discrimination, rape and all the rest of it, said it's over?Iraq is home to the oldest civilisation known. And revenge is a very big thing there. Always has been, always will be.All one of them wants right now is a bigger bomb and a ship to put it in. The NSA and all the other personal data collection agencies are working to prevent a dirty atom bomb being delivered to its rightful recipients.It will be over when that arrives.As ever the innocent will suffer. But that's how politics works. We crush their tired, poor, huddled masses yearning to breathe free, wretched refuse of teeming shores and they crush ours.It's a lot like big business and international banking.So nobody real gets hurt, really.

  6. At a guess, I'd say that the next major terrst attack will hit Britain. Possibly an LPG vessel loaded with uranium oxide at sea somewhere and crewed with suicides aimed at one of the new nuclear power stations planned for the Thames estuary we are not allowed to hear so much about.Maybe I'll be dead by then. Just think, if I'm right on all counts I'll be double dead famous.

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