My New Old computer

I was messing around with the BIOS in it last night and the thing just switched itself off.

If it was you what would you think? …

When I bought it, I expected it wouldn't be all that good. For a start it was one of those proprietory units made by a megalomaniac company that don't have to worry too much about competition because they have a pandemic called Windoes organised in their favour.

It turned out to have a large hard drive and the 100 MB of ram like it said on the tin.

Dusty but only so much, not too bad yet, surprisingly noisy especially as I had hoped it would be quiet, my first Intel and all…

There's no graphics card -no slot for one either. In short, a Dell. A Dell Dimension.

So like I said, I was messing with the BIOS and it went off. I had obviously switched something very important on or off. I couldn't understand it because I hadn't even saved it. BIOS changes have to be saved to the boot up menu before they can take effect.

So what had I done?

I switched it on again and had a look at the setting and it went off on me.

The heat sink fan wasn't working. It was overheating the CPU and the fail-safe was cutting it out. What a relief. But what a downer to find it was already in the knackers yard.

The fan sits on the case wall and the draught is carried to the cooler by a chute or cover. It's a 92 x 92 mm fan (a 9×9 or a 9cm) so I will have to find one tomorrow. There is only one place locally I have to go into the town to get one.

The think is I have some 240v fans from a giant server from the good old days. (It was as big as a phone box and they replaced it with something the size of a microwave oven with just a small gubbins in (don't ask me what, I was a newb to computers in those days.))

If I put two inside the box they will have to go on the case panel that acts as the door. Its the only place to put them; they are about 6" square and won't fit anywhere else. I fancy having them in it though. Silly but what is a boy to do?

I'll see if Maplins has a couple of 9cms tomorrow, if not then… whooppee!

Or shall I bother at 4 or 5 quid apiece, I already have some extrapowerful ones for nothing and when all said and done it only holds 1 hard disc.

Fancy making a PC that only holds 1 HDD. There's "del" for you.


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