The City in the Sea

A rough translation.

Translation isn't about what he said.

It's about what you think. …

Death has erected a throne, in an alien land
Where everyone arrives alone.
Far away in the half light of gleaming, long set suns
Where saint and sinner
The worst and the best of them
Have gone for ever in peace.

There, where temples, palaces and rotting towers
Expire in time that never trembles.
Like nothing on earth, nothing we would recognise.

Everything around it, forgotten by the winds that fail to move them
Resigned to rest forever under skies of melancholy waters.

From the sacred sky, no beam descends to the black night of this city;
But a ghostly splendour reflected by the livid sea it invades.

It lights silently on and along the battlements.
Into the depths, onto the domes,the roof tops, of the palaces of reality
On the shrines on the walls of Babylon
And on the shaded solitude of ancient time.

Bastions of sculpted ivy and flowers of stone.
On so much.
And so much immoderate and wonderful
Friezes and coronets interlaced with carnations, violets and vines.

Under the seeping sky, resigned, the waters rest.
The towers and their shadows convoluted in such a way that everything seems suspended in the air.
And from such towers the skulls of death
The Great Spectre contemplates an eternity that lies at its feet.

Where the open temples and the graves unmarked
Yawn in the dead, flat, luminous waters;
Nothing in the glory that appeals to the eye.
Not the diamond eyes of idols.
Nor the trinkets on the dead
For all their gold adornments
And their jewellery interred with them

Where they move to the undulations
Of their watery beds
Winking in the phosphorescence
Amid vast deserts of crystal

Not a wave indicates that the winds could bring them
Once more to life on distant and happier seas

Not a tremor
Not a glimmer of a suspicion
Lends support to the fact that they ever existed
Where winds from the seas once brought a less stultifying dew in the night.


67 thoughts on “The City in the Sea

  1. Originally posted by Weatherlawyer:

    tell me what the term ita in Teresita means.

    Okay… 'ita' is a diminutive (A word that is formed with a suffix -such as -let or -kin, to indicate smallness). It's like yours 'y' in baby, and means 'very small' as you can see.My mom's name was Teresa but it was also so natural I was called Teresita. Although nowadays in real world people could named me so for sake of my low stature or due to they have a fondness for me.My father called me so… now Semi and the most of my friends as well, that or Tere, another diminutive for my name.

  2. Hehe. I was recalling a Venezuelan artist with a very interesting work, paintings and sculptures, where his protagonist is called Rosita, having an erotic sense.

  3. Oh no, that's no needed. See… Years ago, my bro gifted me that so beautiful book, made out of brilliant paper and a pretty cover but I've put it in the rubbish dump for sake of my conscience. No, Michael, in this specific case I'm not naughty at all. Hehe.Just I was recalling it due to that name…BTW… which vicar?

  4. Originally posted by tdjmd1:

    a very interesting work, paintings and sculptures, where his protagonist is called Rosita, having an erotic sense.

    Ah yes:Sexy

  5. Originally posted by Weatherlawyer:

    Or was it Arch Bishop Vicarios?

    Bibles in modern languages call elders or overseers to them. Originally posted by Weatherlawyer:

    Ah yes:Sexy

    Lol! very…PD: I must confess I did click on that link a little scared. Hehe. But that odd teal Rosita is as sexy as I am.

  6. O please, certainly not. I've read before how much valient have to be a man for asking that question. Congrats my valient friend… I'm sleeping now so I think I don't want to go out now. Perhaps next time… If there is a next time, of course.

  7. I'm about down to my last few megabytes until Thursday so I can't afford to go trawling but it seems a good site. I like that sort of wry insouciance.

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