An astrometeorologist. …

I've always been a bit leary of astrologers. Not that there is anything to be afraid of in their practices. I suppose it was a sort of counter-superstition, despite the fact that Daniel was classed as one -infact he was called: Chief of magic practitioners.

I recently found this site again after visiting it a long time ago. She has posted her weather forecasts on it. This is last summer's hurricane season:

Originally posted by WetherSage:


The following is an abbreviated version of my presentation in Florida, May 2011 at the Atlantic NCGR chapter, a great group of people – THANK YOU!

The summer season model has more cooler and dry conditions along with strong winds which are indicated in the weekly summaries. The base location is Miami, but a wider view of the region is seen through a variety of models. The remaining months of the forecast will be in the fall forecast.

The strongest indications for storms and hurricanes falls at the western Mexican coast, including the Baja. Ken Paone (see list of astrometeorologists) has written an extensive article for the August issue of Dell Horoscope Magazine and as colleagues we agree that Mexico will have many tropical events this season.

2011 – Florida Free Hurricane and Weather

Quarter Moon June 23

A tropical storm will affect Florida. The Baha coast will see a heavy rain system forming.

New Moon July 1 – Solar Eclipse 9 deg. Cancer. Perigee July 7.

Rain with strong winds could induce flooding in Florida. Extra moisture in the form of a tropical flow insures plenty of wet weather. The windy event is near July 5th. Puerto Rico will have heavy rain.

Quarter Moon July 8 – Perigee July 7

Hot and windy leads to violent thunderstorms and heavy downpours. Mexico is in the eye of a destructive storm.

Full Moon – July 15

A mixed week of bright, sunny and hot weather along with the usual thunderstorms, perhaps a bit more intense than normal. A tropical system is forming in the Atlantic and the west coast of Mexico is once again stormy.

Quarter Moon July 23

Heavy rain and wind early in the period. Sunshine and heat will designate another mixed week of weather. The mid gulf states have very wet indications where the rains could move onto Florida.

New Moon July 30 – Perigee Aug 2

Watch for a tropical system to form which may stay offshore from Florida. The winds are not strong right now. Mexico is in for heavy rain.

Quarter Moon Aug 6

Strong thunderstorms with strong winds as well. Heavy rain forms from the gulf and drenches the gulf states, then moves onto Florida. There is a thought for the winds – they can be strong, but they may not have a definite direction.

Watch for a tropical storm to develop near the West Indies.

Full Moon Aug 13

A fair weather week – some humidity. You will find heavy rain in Texas and Louisiana with a strong wind to perk up the hurricane soup ingredients. Puerto Rico and the east coast are on alert for weather activity.

Quarter Moon Aug 21

The models are indicating a rain producer for the region, a tropical rain influence. Look for a low pressure system with violent winds. One blocking agent may push the storm away otherwise it is a land falling storm.

In the Atlantic near the West Indies and vicinity, a hurricane will develop. Mexico is also under the eye of Mother Nature and she is not happy.

New Moon Aug 28 – Perigee Aug 30

Plenty of hot weather but stormy weather is in the offing as well. Therefore, rain and wind in this mixed weather week. It is an active period for wind. In the western gulf the waters are heating and Houston is broiling.

Quarter Moon Sept 4

Tropical weather with heavy rain is the forecast. A severe and destructive system forms in the Atlantic; Cuba and Miami are under the extreme precipitation influences. Mexico produces yet another storm.

Full Moon Sept 12

Hot and humid conditions will begin the period. Later, heavy rain could lead to flooding. A tropical disturbance builds as the wind model for this period is strong. Extreme energy in Mexico at the Baja. A tropical system will be forming in the Atlantic east of the West Indies.

Quarter Moon Sept 20

There are many dry indications. Hot and dry and could very well lead to headline brush fires as well as a heat wave. A storm/hurricane for Mexico may be sharing the headlines.

I suppose there must be somewhere I can look for results. She may have posed them on the site. I haven't had a good look around it yet. (That demanding hussy from Venezuela has kept me up all night.)

What she has got I can verify, is the forecast for this winter:

I wonder what she makes of the moon?
At least she divides the forecasts into the same spell categories that I do.

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