16th to 23rd Jan 1st Qtr at 09:08

Unsettled spells.
I doubt it will thunder in this spell but you never know. …

This one is going to get interesting on or around the middle of Thursday. It's too early to say yet but look at this:

As usual the Photos in the album this came from is screwed up. I just wanted to move 1 file to the end but no. Who do I think I am?

And they want me to put all my stuff on their cloud?

Clown Cuckoo Land.

Anyway here is the GFS animation:


9 thoughts on “16th to 23rd Jan 1st Qtr at 09:08

  1. http://gifninja.com/animated-gifs/566386/18-jan-2012-antarctica-charts-from-bomAfrica is relatively free of earthquakes. But it has the world's extremes of weather. There does appear to be a stream along which different cycles of earthquakes travel down the Rim of Fire around the Pacific.When a Low Pressure system splits up, a series of related quakes occur. I don't know where. Yet! If the Low stays intact the quake it is related to will be so much larger.There seems to be a lot of correlation with the Weddel Sea and the South American and Antarctica Peninsulars, that I have not seen before.The Weddel Sea is where all the cold water leaving the Arctic from the Davis Straight ends up before going to the Aguleras current off SW Africa.The charts are updated at: http://www.bom.gov.au/australia/charts/viewer/index.shtml?type=mslp-precip&tz=AEDT&area=SH&model=GIt isn't known what happens next, Yet. Most of the Low is still intact on the next day's forecast. It may go around one more time. The Lows move 20 degrees in 30 hours or so.They harbour in the Weddel Sea: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Antarctica.svgNote the series of quakes on the 15th and 16th included South Shetland and South Sandwich Islands (both regions in the channel between South America and Antarctica.

  2. The weather in Britain for this spell has run from Anticyclonic to very long lasting rain yesterday (20th Jan 2012).Now it is windy. But mostly dry. I had lots of leg joint pains travelling from one part of one limb to the other. The peripatetic nature of these things is not easily conveyed to would be sympathisers.No one wants to be patronised for ill health. And Victims don't normally wish to describe in detail how the malaise affects them. Thus it is easy for the healthy to dismiss reports of weather affecting people who suffer with arthritis or whatever.

  3. This one gets to look really interesting. Pity it is all coming to an end tomorrow: These are all full data reanalysis types: I'm very pleased with this find.

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