Linux Updates

I'm not sure this is the cure for what ails me. …

Whilst I was watching a video, surfing the internet and downlaoding upgrades I got a new operating system.

I thought I was on Ubuntu 10.10 but it asked me to insert the 10.04 disc.

Unfortunately that now resides in another continent. A bit far to go for an OS.

I put the 10.10 in anyway. It didn't like it but who cares.

Then, surprise surprise, it continued the download. So I let it. I was worried about it getting its knickers in a twist but it was only an operating system. I have plenty of them.

This is a decidedly unMicrosftial process.

Right to the end I had an internet connection. Just before it finished doing whatever it does it asked me top close all open applications. I forgot about the internet connection.

Anyway here I am with Natty Narwhal. or whatever it is.

I wonder if my sound works.


3 thoughts on “Linux Updates

  1. Before I force myself into the superhuman effort of getting up and finding my speakers, Ill just see if it has fixed the errors it showed me last time.

  2. I can't find anything in the damned files.The old set up had a list of stuff I could access for looking at what I have got.. All this bloody OS is letting me see is stuff I haven't got. It doesn't even detail why I might want it.I'm not impressed.

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