The first thing you need to do before installing an Internet connection to a Windows OS.

Get a Linux install. …


Get a free copy of any one of the ten or so mopst popular Linux operating systems.


Originally posted by MajorGeeks:

READ & RUN ME FIRST. Malware Removal Guide
Please Read These Important Notes for the Malware Removal Guide:

Malware has progressed to the point where some infections can be extremely difficult to fully remove. And there can be residual left over damage to many aspects of the Windows Operating System that may also be very hard to repair.

As such, the act of removing malware can sometimes cause unexpected problems due to how the malware has hooked itself into your operating system.

While in most cases, we do not have problems, we cannot guarantee that there will not be any. Thus it would be a very good idea for you to begin by backing up all important personal information before undertaking the act of malware removal. You can bypass this step at your own risk, but remember that we cannot guarantee what the result will be from trying to remove malware from your PC.

Do not make the false assumption that this thread is old or out of date based on the date the thread was started ( 10-09-05 02:49 ). Look at the Last Edited date at the bottom of this message as this procedures does evolve with time.

Now if you wish or are ready to continue with malware removal:

Complete ALL of the below steps including the specific malware removal cleaning instructions for your Windows Version.
If something does not run, write down the info to explain to us later but keep on going.

Do not assume that because one step does not work that they all will not.

If you cannot boot in Normal Boot mode or can boot but not properly run in normal mode but your PC runs in safe boot mode, you can ignore our note about Normal Startup and just complete as much as you can in safe boot mode. Some programs may not install in safe boot mode.

If you cannot download required programs on the infected PC, download them using another PC and copy them to the infected PC via CD or USB drive.

Do you want your PC fixed?

If yes then attempt to finish everything requested. Please do not cheat by skipping any steps. Attempt to run ALL steps in the READ & RUN ME. The only steps you should skip are ones that you are blocked from running by your problems.

You are only hurting yourself and you will waste more time in the long run if you ignore or skip steps.
There is no risk in posting logs. Nothing in them will give anyone the kind of info that some people may be concerned about. If you are concerned about logs that might show your real name, you can just edit those out before attaching them; however, do realize that fixes we may have to provide may not automatically work properly since they will need to refer to the original unedited information.

Once you start this cleaning process to remove your malware please do not do anything to your PC except what is requested in this procedure. Do not install anything on your own and do not run other scans.

Step 1: Getting Started.

Please begin by reading our Forum Rules and Guidelines
If you are here due to having browser redirection problems, see this first >> Fixing Google Redirection/Hijacking Problems.

If you cannot connect to the internet, see if this helps >> Proxy Server – Changing Settings

SLOW PC PROBLEMS? – Read the below info

If you are here because your PC is booting or running slowly, remember that this is a malware removal guide and not a cure all for slow PC's guide.

A slow PC is not always caused by malware. It could just be due to what you run! Or it could be an inadequate amount of memory. We recommend a MINIMUM of 1 GB for Windows XP and a MINIMUM of 2 GB for Vista or Windows 7 but the more memory you can add the better.

If you have less than the above amount of memory and we do not find any malware, we will be telling you to install more memory or uninstall applications that use memory full time.

Also see the below to Optimize Vista Performance:

Optimize Windows Vista for better performance
[I may add the links later, this isn't actually about cleaning your PC. I told you how to do that in the intro.]

Also I suggest that you check out the below Microsoft links especially if having browsing issues:

Its not always malware: How to fix the top 10 Internet Explorer issues

How and Why to Clear Your Cache

Internet Explorer stops responding, stops working, or restarts

How to optimize or reset Internet Explorer 7

Control Internet Explorer Add-ons with Add-on Manager
Troubleshooting and Internet Explorer’s (No Add-ons) Mode

Step 2: Uninstalling Multiple Protection Applications


You must uninstall all but one antivirus program.

If you have multiple antivirus applications installed on your PC, please choose the one you prefer and uninstall all others.
Do this now before continuing because you will only be asked to do it later if not done now.
This does not mean online scanners.
It is only referring to full antivirus applications like McAfee, Symantec, AVG, Avast, AntiVir, Kaspersky, etc.

You must uninstall all but one software firewall.

Only use one software firewall. Running multiple software firewalls is unnecessary and using more than one software firewall on the same connection could cause issues with connectivity to the Internet or other unexpected behavior including excessive use of system resources which will slow down overall PC performance.

Step 3: House Cleaning

Specifically look in Add/Remove Programs for the below programs and uninstall them if found:

MyWay or MyWay Search Assistant

Viewpoint Manager (Remove Only)

Viewpoint Media Player

Viewpoint Toolbar

Viewpoint Toolbar (Remove Only)

Skip this Sun Java update procedure if using Windows 98 or ME. Uninstall ALL old Sun Java versions because they have vulnerabilities and then get updated.

See: Updating Sun Java

Empty ALL Quarantine type folders for antivirus and antispyware applications.
This step of house cleaning may save a load of time later (reduced scanning time) and can significantly reduce the size of logs being posted later. Here is just one example for doing this with Norton/Symantec:

Removing files from Norton AntiVirus Quarantine
Empty your Recycle Bin
Empty Norton Nprotect folder (if present)
If you are a Symantec/Norton user make sure you empty their Norton Nprotect folder guarding the Recycle Bin.
See Emptying the Norton Protected Recycle Bin

Step 4: Configuration & Setup

Determine whether you have a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows because you will need to know this later during cleaning instructions
How to check for a 32-bit or 64-bit version of Windows

Enable viewing of hidden files, system files and file extensions
Some programs hide themselves by making their files invisible in normal Windows settings. Run the steps in the below link (this has steps for ALL Win OS's) to make them easier to find.

How to view hidden, system files & folders!
Not doing this would allow file extensions commonly used by trojans and spyware to be hidden, for example a file ending in .exe or dll making manually finding it, if needed, difficult to impossible.

MSconfig must be set for Normal Startup mode
If you don't do this you will be delayed in getting help for your problems!
You MUST make sure that MSconfig is not being used to control Startups.

Note: That some Window's OSs (like Win 2K, 2003) do not have MSconfig! Run the procedure in the below link for your Windows version:

Use MSconfig to setup for Normal Startup Mode
Read this to better understand why not to use MSconfig:

Dealing with Startup Process

Step 5: Uninstall Known Malware and Unwanted Software

Work through the below link to uninstall any bad programs that should not be installed on your PC. This may in some instances even resolve your problems. It takes a small amount of time (based on your experience level) to do this comparison, but it is well worth the effort.

Uninstall Malware via Add/Remove Programs

Step 6: Disable Any Disk Emulation Software (like Daemon Tools..etc)

If you skip this step, we may be just telling you to start the cleaning process over again!

This is become a critical step before continuing the cleaning process. Disk emulation software is making it difficult to separate real rootkit like malware from valid software.

See the instructions provided in the following link to disable emulation software and keep it disabled while we are still working on your PC.

Step 7: Windows OS Specific Cleaning Instructions

Select and run all steps in the malware removal cleaning link below based on your Windows Operating System. You must click the blue underlined links to get to the cleaning procedures for your version of Windows!

If you have Windows 95, 98, or ME, continue here: Windows 98 and ME Malware Removal/Cleaning Procedure

If you have Windows 2000 or 2003 continue here: Win 2000 & 2003 Malware Removal/Cleaning Procedure

If you have Windows XP, continue here:Windows XP Malware Removal/Cleaning Procedure

If you have Vista or Windows 7, continue here: Vista & Windows 7 Malware Removal/Cleaning Procedure.

If I ruled the world I would put use of Microsft Windows online alongside the use of drugs for self abuse as a misdemeanour, punishable by fine for the first offence and by varying lengths of prison sentences for subsequent offences.


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  1. Originally posted by Major Geeks:

    Top Freeware Picks Legend: Novice – Intermediate – MajorGeek Have one free tool to tweak or enhance my pc: Advanced System Care IObit Toolbox X-Setup Glary Utilities SSD Tweaker Update to the latest drivers: (Pick only one) Slim Drivers DriverMax Driver Sweeper Driver Magician Lite DriverGuide Toolkit Free antivirus programs : (Pick only one) Panda Cloud Antivirus Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows AVG Free Edition Avira AntiVir Personal Comodo AntiVirus Avast! Home Edition Kingsoft Free Antivirus Protect my computer with a firewall: (Pick only one) Online Armor Free PC Tools Firewall Plus Zone Alarm Free Outpost Free Comodo Personal Firewall Privatefirewall Scan & protect my computer for Malware – Malicious software (Pick at least two): Malwarebytes Anti-Malware IObit Malware Fighter SUPERAntiSpyware Emsisoft HiJackFree Sandboxie PC Tools ThreatFire SpywareBlaster Secunia Personal Software Inspector Remove specific or stubborn malware: (Pick at least two) Assassin Combofix Kaspersky Free Cleaner avast! Virus Cleaner Tool Kill2me CWShredder Trend Micro CWShredder WinPatrol Pocket Killbox Hijack This! Hijack Hunter StreamArmor Rootkits: Kaspersky TDSSKiller Sophos Anti-Rootkit Trend Micro RootkitBuster F-Secure BlackLight Gmer Block spam and find a better email tool: (Pick one) Pegasus Mail DreamMail Thunderbird Sylpheed Pop Peeper Koma-Mail Monitor or run diagnostics to find a problem: (Pick as many as needed) IObit Toolbox UBCD4Win Sysinternals Troubleshooting Utilities Speedfan Ultimate Boot CD Bart's PE Builder Bootzilla Windows Error Messages BlueScreenView Test the memory in my PC: (Pick one or more) Memtest86 Memtest86+ Microsoft Windows Memory Diagnostic Video Memory Stress Test FreeRAM XP Pro OCCT Free up hard drive space: (Pick one or more) Wise Disk Cleaner CCleaner Slim (Also registry cleaner, startup manager) CCenhancer MRU-Blaster Empty Temp Folders Duplicate Cleaner Cyber-D's Autodelete PC De-Crapifier Better defragment my hard drive: (Pick one at a time) Iobit SmartDefrag Puran Defrag Free Edition MyDefragPowerGUI Defraggler Lexun DrvCareXP Power Defragmenter GUI Diskeeper Lite Auslogics Disk Defrag AML Disk Defrag Find a better Browser: (Pick one or more) Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome Opera Slim Browser Maxthon Avant Browser K-Meleon Find out what is inside my computer: (Pick one or more) – System Information Everest Free Edition SIW (System Info) SIV (System Information Viewer) Belarc Advisor Recover deleted files or photos: (Pick one or more) Glary Undelete Recuva File Recovery Undelete Plus PC Inspector Smart recovery Free Undelete Test Disk & Photo Rec Unstoppable Copier Backup data including CD's or DVD's: (Pick one or more)Backup: Yadis! DriveImage XML Karens Replicator Cobian BackupCDDVDBluRay Tools: BurnAware Free FinalBurner DVDFab CDBurnerXP ShrinkTo5 ImgBurn RipIt4Me Find tools to manage or optimize my multimedia: (Pick one or more) Players: 1by1 – The Directory Player WinAmp Full JetAudio VLC media player Gom Player KMPlayer MPlayer FoobarEdit and organize: Audiograbber mp3DirectCut Mp3tag Super@ MediaMonkey myFairTunes (DRM removal) EncodeHD The Godfather MusicBeeOther (Codec packs, converters): iTunes iTunes Agent QuickTime Alternative K-Lite Codec Pack Full Vista Codec Package x64 Components Win7codecsVirtualDubXMedia RecodeFormat Factory Edit or organize my photos: (Pick one or more) XnView FastStone Image Viewer Picasa IrfanView Paint.NET PicSizer WinSnap Find tools to Manage or remove installed software: (Pick one or more) Revo Uninstaller – Remove any unwanted application installed on your computer. JavaRa – Update Sun Java, remove older versions and tweak install. Norton Removal Tool – Remove Norton including things the uninstaller might miss McAfee Consumer Product Removal Tool – Remove Mcafee including things the uninstaller might miss Brute Force Uninstaller (BFU) – Uninstall programs that are hard to remove, uninstall improperly or simply unwanted. Remove Hotfix Backup Files – Removes Hotfix Backup files and the Add/Remove Programs Registry entries. Find tools to improve office productivity: (Pick one or more) – Complete office suite OxygenOffice Professional – Complete office suite LibreOffice Productivity Suite – Complete office suite SSuite Office – Premium HD – Complete office suite Abi Word – Wordpad replacement Notepad 2 – Notepad replacement with HTML support Notepad++ – Notepad replacement that supports many programming languages Qjot – Notepad, Wordpad replacement that can be portable Money Manager Ex – Personal finance software like MSMoney EverNote – Note taking application Tomahawk PDF – Create, edit and read .PDF files FoxIt Reader – Create, edit and read .PDF files Mobysaurus Thesaurus – off-line English thesaurus Know what other freebies you guys love?: (Pick one or more) Multimedia: DVD Flick – Turn your video files into a DVD. Password related: AI RoboForm – A killer password manager for websites KeyFinder Thing Lite – Retrieve many Microsoft program serial numbers Jalapeno Keyfinder – Retrieve and decrypt your Microsoft serial keys Protected Storage PassView – Reveals Internet Explorer and Outlook passwords EMCO OS License Modifier – Change your Operating System license information.Everything else: ieSpell – spell check text input boxes on a webpage RemoveWGA – Remove the Microsoft "Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications" tool Skype – Make phone calls over the internet Clipdiary – A freeware utility for keeping the clipboard history. Weather Watcher Live – A real-time Windows desktop weather station.

  2. Moron here: YOU DO NOT NEED MOST OF THE ABOVE WITH LINUX.Plus it comes with an host of extras incomparable to the initial Windows OS install.It is quicker to get Linux to load than any Windows OS I know and it tends to find your internet connection in the process.(The so called "Lite" versions or Distros may not have the number of drivers you need in which case you do what you do with ALL windows OS installs:Find them online.)Usually with Linux updates it automatically cleans your computer as well as updating it. The process removes old programmes and only replaces the parts of the programmes that need replacing thus Linux updates are very swift.

  3. Having said: Originally posted by Weatherlawyer:

    If I ruled the world I would put use of Microsft Windows online alongside the use of drugs for self abuse as a misdemeanour, punishable by fine for the first offence and by varying lengths of prison sentences for subsequent offences.

    I am running Vista to point-out all the above.And not just Vista but Vista with 1 GB of RAM.No wonder I am at my wit's end with it.What a plonker!I bought another computer yesterday and spent a fruitless couple of hours trying to load Linux on it.It came with XP SP3 Home; no anti-malware and two hard drives.But for some reason it won't read and inwardly digest any of my Linux discs.I can't put Linux on the Vista malware until I have a viable alternative in case of problems. (Which is why I left it until now to think about doing that.)

  4. I am not an unreasonable Fanboi. Getting used to a new OS is a niusance. Even getting re-used to your old OS if you have to return to the bad practices of buying a computer with Windows on it can be a learning experience.There is notheing more daunting than trying to plough your way through your first Linux drive.It really does hurt. It hurts as badly as using a Windows box with malware on it.With the exception you know that with the Linux distro, things will get better nd that with the Windows compromise uncompromised, it will gewt worse.Using the Linux will get better slowly.Using the Windows will get worse exponentially; sometimesbefore you realise it is compromised.Sometimes that's HOW YOU realise it is compromised.

  5. From above: Browser options.Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome Opera Slim Browser Maxthon Avant Browser K-MeleonKMeleon only works on Windows. Opera allows you to connect to individual computers (other devices) provided your base is left running when you need it. It acts as a browser connected network using a system called Unite. It works like a cloud computer network.Any one you give the password tyo can access the file to which the password applies. So can anyone THEY give the password to.Your Linux Distro will also come with at least one Linux-only browser which may be one of many available in the pack. There are no end of browsers available to Linux. That is because anyone with coding ability can write a browser.Even people with limited ability can write a different version of a Linux Browser. The base codes are available online from GNU projects such as SourceForge..

  6. By now you will have realised that I prefer Linux to Windows.That's because there is no comparison.OTOH:If you want stuff that only works on Windows, Linux will not do. You can use emulators and apparently they DO work.What's the point?If Windows is a Must Have; then you must use the stuff pointed out in the first post.That's it.Game over.This rant was brought to you by Windows Vista.

  7. Okay. I shall be on a vacacion period from tomorrow and on. I'll start removing that Ubuntu istalled in one of my laptop partition (I don't know why that system was installed without an administrator password and now when I try to enter of course asking me that password but I did never set it.)I have to reinstall that Ubuntu definitely.

  8. Originally posted by Weatherlawyer:

    It takes about 1/3 as long to get my dongle connected as it does to open Firefox with Ubuntu.

    About 4 seconds to Firefox opening.I'd click Ffx, Click the Internet icon, click the method to connect with and by then the browser would be half way up.I always got a kick out of that.It is supposed to boot up from cold in 8 or so seconds. Mine always took a lot longer, about half a minute and sometimes much more.But the computer was on it's death-bed.Quite close to xrap, in fact.Actually, some unworthy types might literally have said it'scrap.Perhaps if I had been running Windows I would have got rid of it sooner and not had so many hard drivescrapped.

  9. Originally posted by Weatherlawyer:

    So will your internet drivers

    O drivers are a headache ever… then it'll be more desirable to me to try Ubuntu Ultimate Edition 3. I'm not recalling which version I've installed in my laptop.

  10. What version is it?The recent ones have a different interface and I couldn't get along with it at all. They say Linux Mint is good but I can't seem to get that running on mine.In fact I can't get any except a copy of a Light version Distro called Granular. It is a really basic thing like Windows 98. I need to find a driver for my internet connection.That's going to be fun.One you might try is Ubuntu Ultimate Edition 3 which is also a Light or cut down version.That fork is always a little behind the standard Ubuntu systems so maybe it is available without the Unity interface. All the downloads you can get for Ubuntu from the Ubuntu website will work on UE.The standard "Graphical Interface" is called Gnome. It is everyone's favourite. KDE is another. I used to like that but started getting problems I couldn't fix such as losing programmes I had just opened.You have to get stuff like Flash and Java from the maker's site as you would with Windows. Once you have them up and running you won't look back.All the Office stuff you need will be on the full disc installs. So will your internet drivers unless you use a fairly new method such as a dongle and an old light Distro.It takes about 1/3 as long to get my dongle connected as it does to open Firefox with Ubuntu.It can take five minutes nearly top get the dongle running and then close the Internet Explorer it insists on opening and then open Opera on this Lap Top.It is dreadful.I hate it passionately.And then if it is idle for half an hour or so it switches it off and I have to close the computer to be able to reopen the connection. It's like something out of the dark ages.If you never use the computer outside and nobody else can get at it, you can let the the user name and password be quite simple.The Root username for my Granulkar instal defaults at "root".The password is just as simple. (But I have already forgotten what it is. I never intended to keep it.)

  11. Drivers for Linux is a perennial problem. nVidia started releasing the code to their cards some time back but onboard video from Dell and the like, the top Windows PC makers, send you to Semantic to be fleeced.Corner shop OEMs use off the shelf parts and you can get drivers fairly easily but if you are thinking of buying a new computer it is something worth bearing in mind when you go shopping.There is talk that Windows 8 will have an even wider-lock out mechanism. The story is that they are doing away with the BIOS to make things "better".Better than what Windows is now, will make the next release nearly as good as what Linux was a long time ago. If the Linux bods beat them to it, PCs will be instant-on affairs -just like today's mobile phones.If W8 ever comes to market.I think that we are living in the last days of the PC desktop. Smaller more specialised phones will take over.If W7 is the real update from WXP, it will be a long W8 to find out. If you don't count Vista, it took about 10 years. That's 20 new distributions from Ubuntu. AND THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT MONTHLY RELEASES in a few months time.If Linux drops this one, they'll deserve to get hit.

  12. Originally posted by tdjmd1:

    I have to reinstall that Ubuntu definitely.

    O no… I was confused. That had happened with Canaima but now with Ubuntu (I have forgotten to take a note about what version I have) I do not use it. That's my stupidity.When the machine loads that OS appears a blue screen and the word 'grub'I've practiced: and it replies… unkowing command, wrong sintax, etc. I's no fun though. I've tried c:, start, and others … but last night, I tried 'exit' and that grub replied: 'insert bootable disc' or so. Isn't funny the ignorance? 😀

  13. Here's another one:DON'T USE MSCONFIGUninstall software you don't use.Unwanted processes that load at startup can be removed with a programme called: HijackThisHijackThis TutorialOther software you don't want loading at startup may have an option to prevent them loading at boot-up. IF not, HijackThis can do that job too. If you cange your mind, use a program like Startup CPL or a similar tools such as:SpyBot – Search & Destroy and Autoruns and even:Microsoft's Windows Defender., Glary Utilities and Startup Manager make use of MSconfig registry keys and make it look like MSconfig has orphaned these keys. Orphaned keys may be deleted by cleaning tools.MSconfig was designed as a temporary debugging/troubleshooting tool and it does'nt show all startups. MSconfig will not uninstall anything properly, leaving orphaned files these can give errors when starting the computer.When you uncheck a service in msconfig, you completely disable it. If you uncheck the wrong one, you may not be able to restart your computer.Malware items can be hidden in the registry until in Normal Startup mode causing total reinfection. posted by Microsoft:

    The System Configuration utility helps you find problems with your Windows XP configuration. It does not manage the programs that run when Windows starts. suppose that there are just as many disasters waiting to happen with the various Linux modules. Unhappily there will always be people unafraid to use them wrongly and be put off computers big-time.

  14. Remove older version of Java because it has vulnerabilities. Download the latest from here: 9X doesn't use anything later than verison 5.0 better still: all running programmes including all web browsers.Control Panel >> Add/Remove programs and remove all older versionsInstall the download but be careful what it wants to install alongside the basic tool.(This last is good advice for all the crap you need to download with Windows to keep Steve Balmer in business.)

  15. Here is just some of the stuff you could get misdirected into: Originally posted by MajorGeeks:

    Uninstall Malware via Add/Remove Programs Quite often many problem programs can be uninstalled just by going to Control Panel and selecting Add/Remove Programs. Doing this before running cleaning procedures may help to give better more complete cleaning results and could even speed things up. Look for any of the below items in Add/Remove programs and if found select them and uninstall them. Some of these items (and they are flagged with ****)are on the Rogue Tool List.#1 Spyware Killer ****100 Percent Anti-Spyware ****1-2-3 Spyware Free ****1 Click Spy Clean ****1stAntiVirus ****180ClientStubInstall180 Search Assistant180Solutions1stAntiVirus ****888BarAcoona ToolbarActive alertAd Armor ****Ad BehaviorAd Destroyer ****AdDriller ****Ad-Eliminator ****AdProtector ****Ads Alert ****ADS Adware Remover ****Ad ServiceAd-Purge Adware ****Adssite Advanced ToolbarAdToolsAdTools ServiceAdwareFilterAdwarePunisher ****Adware Remover ****Adware Sheriff ****Alexa toolbarAlfaCleaner ****ALOT eMusic Toolbar AlwaysUpdatedNewsAntiSpy Advanced ****AntiSpyProAntiSpyZone ****AntiVermins ****AntiVirusAdvance ****Antivirus-Golden or Antivirus-Golden 3.4 – or any other version numberAntivirusGold ****AntiVirusPCSuite ****Anti Virus Pro ****Anti Virus Pro 2009Anti Virus Pro 2010AntiVirus Protector ****Antivirus Solution ****AntivirusXP ( any version/year )Ask ToolbarAUNAutoUpdateAVSystemCare ****AzeSearchBargainBuddyBearShareBearShare AcceleratorBearShare MediaBarBestGuardPlatinum ****BestOffers or BestOffers Shopping BHO or ActivShop or e-zshopperBullseye NetworksBrave SentryBreakSpyware ****Browser Optimizer DcadsBrowserPal ****Browser Protection VolumeCASCasStubCasino ClientCashBackCC2KUI or Comet Cursor PlusCleanX ****ClearSearchClockSync (this is part of WhenU)CNSMinCommandContraVirus ****Copperhead AntiSpyware ****cosmiCurePCSolution ****Delfin or Delfin Media or DelFin Media ViewerDesktop Defender 2010Desktop Security 2010DIARemover ****DMVliteDownloadWareE2Give or e2GiveEasySearchBareGroupElite BarElite SidebarElite ToolbarElitumEnhancement Browser Tools SuperioradsExpertAntivirus ****Fixer AntiSpy ****Froggie Scan ****Frontier Browser AssistantFrontier Search Helper GAINGatorGrokster or Grokster WiseupdtHotbar BrowserHotbar Outlook ToolsHotbar Web ToolsHuntBarIEDefenderIExplorer Security Plug-inIE HostiMeshInternet Explorer Security Plugin 2006 Internet Explorer Secure BarInternet Explorer Secure Plug-inInternet OptimizerInternet Security 2010Internet Security Add-On InternetShield ****ISTbarISTSvcKazaa Logitech Desktop Messenger <– this is not malware but very few people need it or want it and it does annoying things to the registryMalwareAlarm ****Malware DefenseMalwareScanner ****Malware Stopper ****MalwareWiped or MalwareWipe or MalwareWiper ****MaxiFilesMedia AccessMedia Gateway or MediaGatewayMedia-Codec or MediaCodec or MMediaCodecMediaLoads InstallerMediaPipe P2P LoaderMediaTicketsMediaTickets by OINMessenger Plus (see the notes at the bottom)Messenger Plus Live! (see the notes at the bottom)Messenger Plus! Live & Sponsor (CiD) Messenger ServiceMiddadleMorpheus 5.3 (remove only)Morpheus (any version)Morpheus ToolbarMr.AntiSpy ****My Global Search BarMySidesearch Search AssistantMySPyProtector ****MyWay or MyWayBar or MyWaySpeed or MyWaySearchBar or My Web Search BarMyWebSearch or MyWebSearch Email PluginMy Web Search (Outlook, Outlook Express, and IncrediMail)MyWay Search Assistant or My Way Search AssistantNavExcel Search ToolbarNavHelperNaviSearchncaseNeed2FindNeed2Find BarNeoSpace ****Network MonitorNewDotNetNotification UtilityOemji ToolbarOinOnWebMediaOpen SiteOuterinfoOuterInfoAdSponsorP2P Networkingp2pnetworksPaltalkPCODEC 6.0PerfectCleaner ****PestCapture ****PestTrap ****PestWiper ****Preview AdServicePrivacy Champion Privacy Crusader ****PrivacyScanner PSGuardQuickQuickSearchQuickSearch ToolbarRazeSpyware ****rdsoRed Swoosh EDN Client (remove only)RelevantKnowledgeRemoveIT Pro <—- Any version! Not malware but always has too many ridiculous false detections. The program is not properly tested and does not even know valid System files from malware.Safety Alert 2006Safety BarSaveNowScan & Repair Utilities 2006 ****screensaver_rp Screen SaverScreensavers Installer Version 2Search and Destroy <—-This is a rogue. Do not confuse this with Spybot Search & Destroy which is valid!!!SearchAssistSearch Assistant AdssiteSearch Assistant – My Web SearchBarSearch Assistant – My WaySearchExeSearch MaidSearch RelevancySearch Settings ( any version )Search Toolbar (HuntBar/WinTools)Security IGuardSecurity MessengerSeekmoToolbarSelectRebatesShopperReports by HotbarShopperLink 1.0.4ShopperLink 1.0.5 ( or any other versions )SidefindSideSearchSideStepSlotchbarSmileyDistrict OptimizerSmileyDistrictSoap or Soap ProSoftware Update ManagerSpamBlockerUtility BrowserSpamBlockerUtility Email ToolbarSpy Analyst ****Spy Defence ****SpyAdvanced ****SpyAway ****SpyAxe ****SpyBan ****SpyBuster ****SpyCleaner ****SpyContra ****SpyCut ****SpyCrush ****SpyDawn ****SpyDeface ****SpyFalcon ****SpyLocked ****SpyMarshal ****Spy Officer****SpyOnThis ****Spy Reaper ****SpyShield ****Spy-Shield ****SpySoldier ****SpyiBlock ****SpyiKiller ****SpySheriff ****SpyShield ****Spy-Shield ****SpySpotter ****SpyVampire ****Spyware & Adware Removal ****SpywareBot ****Spyware Disinfector ****Spyware IT ****Spyware Knight ****Spyware Quake ****Spyware Remover ****SpyWare Secure ****Spyware Scrapper ****Spyware Sheriff ****Spyware Sledgehammer ****SpywareStopSpyware-Stop ****SpywareStrike ****Spyware Striker SpywareXP ****SSKStartGuard ****StarWareStopGuard ****SurfAccuracySurfSideKick or SSK or SurfSideKick 3 (uninstall any version you find)Super Codec 6.0SysnetSystem Alert PopupSystem Soap ProUpspiral ToolbarThe Spyware Shield ****TargetSaverThink-Adz Search Assistant removal ToolBarTop SearchTopSpywareTurboDownloadTV MediaUnSpyPC ****Utility NotificationUltimate Defender ****Ultimate-Spyware Adware Remover ****VBouncer ****VCClientvidctrlVideo ActiveX Solution (of any version number)Viewpoint <——- See additional info about all this Viewpoint stuff here: Viewpoint and Viewpoint to Plunge Into AdwareViewpoint Manager (Remove Only)Viewpoint Media PlayerViewpoint Toolbar or Viewpoint Toolbar (Remove Only)Virtual Bouncer or VbouncerVirtual MaidVirusBursters ****VirusBurst ****VirusGuard ****VisFxVSAdd-inVSAdd-in for Internet ExplorerVSToolbar VSToolbar for Internet ExplorerWareOutWareOut Spyware Remover ****Warez P2P ClientWeatherBug (this is really optional since it is only a minor adware nuisance)Weather CheckWeather and Wowpapers ToolsWeather ServicesWeb Nexus NetworkWeb OfferWeb RebatesWeb Savings from EbatesWeb Search Toolbar (WinTools) or WebSearch ToolbarWebHancerWebHance Customer CompanionWeirdOnTheWebWhenU (any entry)WeirdOnTheWebWildTangentWin-dhWindow ActiveWinAntiSpy 2005 ****WinAntiSpyware 2005 ****WinAntiVirus 2005 ****WinAntiSpyware 2006 ****WinAntiVirus 2006 ****WinFixer ****WinFixer <—(or any other version too)Winhound Spyware Remover ****winupdatesWindows AdServiceWindows AdStatusWindows Safety AlertWindows ServeAdWindows SR 2.0WinhoundWin Police Pro 2009Win Police Pro 2010WinToolsWinTools Easy InstallerWSEM UpdateYazzle Sudoku by OINX-Con Spyware Destroyer ****XP Antivirus Protection (any version/year)NOTES:We highly recommend uninstalling any version of Messenger Plus. It can be a major reason for having malware on your PC. It can even install a LOP infection. They all come in the 3rd party tools that can easily be installed by mistake. Software like this should not be trusted. And now the Messenger Plus Live! program is a source of Virtumonde infections due to bundling in WinAntiVirus . For additional info, see:] Geeks is seriously OTB for any of your download needs and their forums are 220 for help and good ideas.

  16. Originally posted by Weatherlawyer:

    Here is just some of the stuff you could get misdirected into: Originally posted by MajorGeeks:

    Talking about misdirections, even the website posting the above is set with such pit falls.BE CAREFUL.Read before you click Download.

  17. What an appalling waste of time Windows is.I was just looking on Steve Gibson's site for some disc recovery software and happened into Shields Up with my elderly unprotected but recently updated version of Ubuntu Linux:Originally posted by Shields Up:

    Port Authority Edition – Internet Vulnerability Profilingby Steve Gibson, Gibson Research Corporation.Shields UP! is checking YOUR computer's Internetconnection security . . . currently located at IP:<munged> **.***.***.*** </munged> Please Stand By. . .Attempting connection to your computer. . .Shields UP! is now attempting to contact the Hidden Internet Server within your PC. It is likely that no one has told you that your own personal computer may now be functioning as an Internet Server with neither your knowledge nor your permission.And that it may be serving up all or many of your personal files for reading, writing, modification and even deletion by anyone, anywhere, on the Internet!Preliminary Internet connection refused!This is extremely favorable for your system's overall Windows File and Printer Sharing security. Most Windows systems, with the Network Neighborhood installed, hold the NetBIOS port 139 wide open to solicit connections from all passing traffic.Either this system has closed this usually-open port, or some equipment or software such as a "firewall" is preventing external connection and has firmly closed the dangerous port 139 to all passersby. (Congratulations!)Unable to connect with NetBIOS to your computer.All attempts to get any information from your computer have FAILED. (This is very uncommon for a Windows networking-based PC.) Relative to vulnerabilities from Windows networking, this computer appears to be VERY SECURE since it is NOT exposing ANY of its internal NetBIOS networking protocol over the Internet.

    My advice.If you have a Windows computer visit Shields UpVisit or even sign up to their blog.More good stuff here: a live CD Linux and at least learn a bit about that.It may not suit you.It may make your day.

  18. Originally posted by tdjmd1:

    O no… I was confused. That had happened with Canaima but now with Ubuntu (I have forgotten to take a note about what version I have) I do not use it. That's my stupidity.When the machine loads that OS appears a blue screen and the word 'grub'I've practiced: and it replies… unkowing command, wrong sintax, etc. I's no fun though. I've tried c:, start, and others … but last night, I tried 'exit' and that grub replied: 'insert bootable disc' or so. Isn't funny the ignorance?

    I think that your computer wants to see a NTFS (Windows NT) format and your Linux system wants to see one of the Linux ones.You should do a search in your language for the problem. Preferably in the Venezuelan Linux; Canaima or one in your language.Windows XP and presumably all the ones thereafter are NT based OSs. NT was the server version of Windows in the days of the Desktop versions being Win 95/98.All the NT formats are NTFS all the Win 9x versions are FAT files. Linux will use fat partitions.Most Linux help sites will tell you to use commands something similar to DOS.The advisers don't realise you can't understand a thing they are telling you. Linux experts are morons.If you have a spare hard drive, wipe it with Windows 98 or an old version of Linux. Then replace that with an up to date version. But until you have more experience, use a Live CD version such as Knoppix or Linspire.That's the only advice I can give until someone brings out a Lamer's Magazine for Linux. Keep looking for a forum that has newbie Linux users in it.Google search for "Linux +lamers"3 results (0.12 seconds) Search Resultsneostats.devel – [NeoStats-Devel] Introducing new module … May 2005 – +Lamers Of The World Unite (It's Easier To Kill You All At Once That Way) +Last night I played a ….. linux-developers/2011-12/msg00686.html …OPENFTPD | SITE, disable <username>. Example, disable lamer … <username> <credits in mb>. Example, give lamer 100 … groups lamer +lamers groups testuser -staff …RootsWeb: SURNAMES-L RSL: New L Surnames, Jan 1997…/085369995219 Jan 1997 – +Lambright 1750 now SC>GA>AL>AR,USA garywray +Lamers 1890s now Kaukauna,WI,USA marcymcc +Lamm 1909 now NC,USA idamenge …No real hope is there?Come back in 10 years or so and see if Linux is ready for the general public by then.

  19. Originally posted by Weatherlawyer:

    The advisers don't realise you can't understand a thing they are telling you. Linux experts are morons.

    Thanks. Sometimes I think Linux connoisseurs think about themselves as an elite… -Nothing personal against them though. No offense intended either- … and having little interested in spread the word perhaps. At least I did live that with my Computing teacher last year: I was interested in learning but it's my suppose he is in 'an experimentation stage' as the most of them here. I got from him a feeling like 'I'm not absolutely sure what I'm doing or how this is produced' and in fear for be ashamed due to some lack of a proper response for me and you really know how inquisitive I can be… It's true he offered me all of his Linux stuff but I was stupid enough -read inexpert instead- and I was not able to handle all of that alone. Sad, right?

  20. Originally posted by Weatherlawyer:

    Got his e-mail?

    Yep. But I do deny to follow your suggestions related to him.I want to learn to my pace, to my own.Moreover, I am not a man… besides, I have my style for doing things. He teached me some very good things -only to me not the others in class. But there was a thing I didn't like about him: an issue about a Tech Competition using a project developed in our class. I have lost confidence in him. I don't like dishonest people. I flee from them as from a plague. Another good suggestion?

  21. Originally posted by tdjmd1:

    It's true he offered me all of his Linux stuff but I was stupid enough -read inexpert instead- and I was not able to handle all of that alone.

    Got his e-mail?Write and ask for help again tell him you have had some time to think about your computer use once more and would like to get a distro installed but are afraid of it all.Tell him straight. Also if you think he is a little shy of his (perhaps) limited knowledge, just stick to what you need to know:1. How to get past a failure to install.2. How to get downloads and updates.3. Which distro he is most at home with.Once you find out what he is comfortable with go with that, don't start making suggestions or throwing out ideas. Most of it is just that when you are dealing with a beginner, you just don't know where to start or when to correct them.You need to know what your hardware is and what distros support what. Modems are a key point. Also drivers for sound and video. But then, there is just soooo much choice.Where is he going to start?What other advice are you getting that may confuse and corrupt his leadership?If someone comes to you for advice, then goes to someone else; how would you deal with that?Then when they come back to you for more…You'd just tell them to go away.Well I would. And not very politely.

  22. Originally posted by tdjmd1:

    Any other suggestions?

    Look out for a second hand box. Something like a late P4 single core or AMD equivalent (Intel would be quieter.)Don't buy a named brand like Dell of HP/Compaq. Nor a computer-supermarket brand (A rebranded to suit a large depot sort of machine.) You need a DVD player in it but aim for a Re-writer. Something you can reuse failed DVD (coasters) on.Such a machine would be about 80 to 100 quid over here.You want about 80 GB of hard drive and 1 GB of RAM minimum. Ask if there is a chance for more RAM. You really want 2 x 1 GB of RAM but 1 Gb will do if there is room to get more later.If you can find a machine that will take more than 2 sticks go for that one as you will be better off with an upgradeable rather than getting the best of two or three going.I don't think I made that clear.Something with more empty slots is better than something with fewer but all its slots filled. If you can afford to buy extra stuff or might drop on better later you will have a faster machine.If you get the cheaper version board (assuming you can find a choice of them that is) you won't be able to upgrade it so easily.Wewll you can think it through before you start looking.Check that the motherboard can take a video card. Don't be put off it not just point it out and ask to see a better one. Then offer 20 quid less.An old dell dimension would be a low grade un upgradeable so only worth 60 to 80 IMO.But it will do if they are available.Now you need to wipe the drive. See if your copy of Linux will do that ofr you. A copy of Ubuntu 10 will I am pretty sure. Once installed it will upgrade itself to the latest version if you want it to.All that Windows won't update or having to buy a newer OS is finished. Linux wants you to have the best for free.That's going to be your learning circle.So you don't have you worry about messing up.Plus you can always find old drives for it.If you are strapped for cash you can still learn with a really old box. Start looking around. The best place to start is asking friends what old machines they have, where they would look for one or if they know someone with a good box going cheap.Then be careful. Nothing hurts worse than being fooled by a friend over-estimating what they are offering.OTOH, you don't want to offend anyone.Good luck.

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