Terms of Service

Moron Google …

So Google's new terms of service may be infringing European laws about privacy. So all the information you put out online is available to Google and co. So what.

If I was going to use a Post Code I would use someone else's. If I was going to give an address it wouldn't be mine. My IP address changes every time I use the net/switch the computer off. And eve when it is one the Whois User information will only give a guess at the region I am sending from.

Even so I am now thinking of going dark.
Or at least a little more obscure than before.

Looking for a forum to post pictures as well ass my ideas to, I found a number of sites among which, Opera is the one I have stayed with.

There is one that does a direct link to Usenet. I don't know if Opera does that. Usenet is the FaceBook of the dark ages. Once upon a time, when the internet was young and life was full of wonder in places that are now full of spam, scam and porno ma'm, there was the academic discussion.

It was full of the nonentities that never made it onto the small screen until it was called a monitor. And a lot of it was abuse of an hecktoring nature, when trolls were Real men not the spotty snotties that we get nowadays. And it actually housed sensible discussion. (Along with the less sensible discussion we have these day as of yore.)

Sadly MSN closed its doors and loosed a lot of idiots onto the mainstream. AOL did as much even before that. And then came Google Groups.

Today I find myself at a loose end concerning Usenet. I don't get the bang out of it that I used to and yet there is something compulsive about it. I don't really want to bother using it but it is a like a drug you no longer wish to use but are instead being used by.

So now do I look up the other service or see if Opera ffers anything in that line?
Or just come off it if I can?


2 thoughts on “Terms of Service

  1. Originally posted by Slashdot:

    "A Polish security researcher, Krzysztof Kotowicz, makes an worrisome entry in his blog: with a few lines of Javascript, any web site could list the extensions installed in Chrome (and the other browsers of the Chromium family).Proof of concept is provided here. As there are addons which deal with very personal things like pregnancy or religion, the easiness of access to those very private elements of your life is really troubling."

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