Glowballs? or Climate Change?

Or something else altogether? …

Originally posted by Alison Caldwell of ABC News:

New research has found clouds are dropping closer to the Earth, with scientists measuring their height for the first time on a global basis.

Experts from the University of Auckland suggest the change in cloud altitude could be the Earth's way of dealing with global warming.

In 1999, NASA launched its Terra satellite into space. On board was a Multi-angle Imaging Spectroradiometer (MISR).

It uses nine cameras at different angles to produce a stereo image of clouds around the world, allowing measurement of their altitude and movement.

Researchers at the university studied the measurements taken over a decade.

Lead researcher Professor Roger Davies says over the past 10 years clouds have lowered in altitude.

"About 30 to 40 metres, just depending on how you did it. And that's actually a little bit more than would be needed to compensate for the effective increased CO2 over the same 10 years," he said.

He says researchers are unsure why it is happening, but that it is most likely due to a change in the circulation of the atmosphere.

"You need to get rising air to form a cloud and if the winds aren't quite strong enough, then you won't get that. And so we suspect that's the cause but we don't know quite the details and how that was actually happening."

Professor Davies says if the clouds continued to drop, global warming would slow down.

"The C02's increasing all the time and that's tending to heat the planet up and raise surface temperatures, and this is a cooling mechanism," he said.

"It's not strong enough to make the temperatures come down again, but it may slow how quickly they rise."

He says in the next 10 years scientists will gain more confidence in whether the drop is a response by the clouds to surface temperatures.

"It could be just a one-off. It could be just a 10 years just doing the low thing and if it goes back up again then it wouldn't have such a strong effect," he said.

"So that's why we're going to be very interested in looking at this over the next 10 years."

But never fear, Professor Davies says our heads won't literally get to the point that they're in the clouds.

"What's going on at the moment is most of the clouds are just staying put. It's the ones that are very high up – we're seeing fewer very high clouds and there's only so many of those clouds up there and once they're gone they're gone and things will stay pretty stable," he said.

"But it would take a few hundred years before we ran out of these high clouds at the rate that they're coming down."

The research has been published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters.


2 thoughts on “Glowballs? or Climate Change?

  1. reasons only god knows at the moment, we are unable to predict the weather, not even with our knowledge of the ephemeris. However the fact that several major disasters have arrived in sequence makes me think they are a consequence of something unexplained.If it were just the position of the moon, the clouds would appear in their normal positions around the earth depending only on the type of weather induced by earth's harmonic.With the ability to measure the average height of the clouds to within a few feet, we have to wonder how accurate the "average" must be over 10 years.If low cloud is made up of what was once high cloud, does it contain as much moisture as the once higher cloud?If so it covers more ofd the earth's surface than the higher cloud or at least it prevents more solar radiation entering the band between the cloud and the land or sea.So they should produce a net cooling effect that must react against the overall global warming if there is such a thing as global warming.

  2. Every year, regardless of how many fish there are in the sea, the plankton in the polar seas explodes.These blooms are so widespread they appear as their own seas just like the Sargassos of tropical climes.When there are fish to eat them the blooms cease to exist in high summer. But we have killed nearly everything living on the ocean shelves around most of the continents.Soon there will be just what is surviving under the polar ice to re-establish life in the oceans as we know them, unless Jesus was wrong when he said that the destruction is going to be almost complete.And the blooms bring with them a form of pollution. The temperatures in the seas in the late spring have been remarkably warm for the last couple of decades. As far as we know.A couple of decades is stretching out interpretation of what we actually know.We don't know what was normal over centuries in the era before satellite research.We DO know that in ancient times and some not so ancient times there have been years of terrible droughts and years with terrible floods.And there things might be cyclical for all we know.How are we to find out?How are we to find out anything?Each time we come across a new field of research, the journalists get hold of it and use it to condemn us for the wrong reasons.And we end up thinking:OH MY GOD!HOW CAN WE STOP IT?We have got to understand it first, you fool!

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