Sea surface temperatures and ocean cycles

I never really liked dealing with these charts.

They were even less revealing than upper atmosphere charts AFAIWC. …

Originally posted by Earth Observatory (Edited):

Sea surface temperature maps are based on observations by the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer on NASA’s Aqua satellite. The satellite measures the temperature of the top millimeter of the ocean surface.

Every 3 to 7 years some of the Pacific Ocean along the equator warms by 2 to 3 degrees Celsius, causing heavy rainfall in the southern United States and severe drought in Australia, Indonesia, and southern Asia. Ocean temperatures influence the development of tropical cyclones.

The most obvious pattern is the year-round difference in temperatures between equatorial regions and the poles.

Various warm and cool currents stand out in monthly averages. A band of warm water moves up the East Coast of the United States and veers across the North Atlantic: the Gulf Stream.

Short-lived weather events tend to disappear in monthly averages but a few show up:
In December 2003 Tehuano winds blew south-west from the Gulf of Mexico over Central America toward the Pacific Ocean, driving surface waters away from the coast, allowing cold water to well up.

Animation here:


42 thoughts on “Sea surface temperatures and ocean cycles

  1. Originally posted by Wikiedia (edited):

    The exact meaning of the term surface varies according to the method used, it varies from 1 mm to 20 metres below the sea surface.

    Air is radically affected masses in the Earth's atmosphere:
    Snow can form in bands, downwind of warm water bodies within an otherwise cold air mass.
    Warm seas are occur with tropical cyclogenesis though they cause a cool wake, mixing the upper 30 metres.

    Temperatures change day and night, like the air above it, but to a lesser degree with less variation on breezy days than on calm.

    Ocean currents and the global thermohaline (salt content/warmth) circulation affect averages significantly throughout most of the world's oceans.

    Near a landmass, upwellings can cause significant cooling, but shallower waters over a continental shelf are often warmer. Onshore winds can cause a considerable warm-up even in areas where upwelling is fairly constant.

    Off the north-west coast of South America.

    Its values influence the atmosphere above, such as in the formation of sea breezes and sea fog.

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  3. Benjamin Franklin started it all on a ship, with a thermometer and a piece of string. He discovered the link between temperature and the Gulf Stream.The practice improved with a tool fitted to the water intakes of shipsInterestingly this gives a bias of the exact same value as the temperature difference for El Nino and La Nina oscillations:0.6 °C (1 °F)I just love co-incidence.More equipment in the arsenal are Drifting~ and Fixed~ Weather Buoys. Variations in design and types of location mean the data is not perfectly reliable.Now there's a thing!

  4. Satellite measurement is mainly made with Infra Red sensors. The method is empirical; that is the scientific data is acquired scientifically:"In statistics, "empirical" quantities are those computed from observed values, as opposed to derived from theoretical considerations."So when considering Glowballs and microscopic increments, just bear in mind that next time you get worried about observations:They are scientific observations, observed scientifically.But satellites can see everything at once and send in the data immediately; 24/7 for years. And the USA for one has been making the data available over the internet to anyone interested since 2000, available with a one-day lag. Some of them every hour with only a few hours of lag.Problems with the method:Satellites look ar reflections as well as emanations.Only the "skin" of the ocean (0.01 mm or less) is responsible fro 99.99% of the data acquired.Surface stability and interactions are not readily allowed for.The comparison of satellite data to conventional measurements (from buoys and ship etc) is difficultSatellite can't look through clouds. The mission is patched with radar but this is another step or so removed from direct measurement.

  5. The next anomally is definitely lunar related. It happens at intervals of 2 to 7 years and may last from 9 to 24 months.But not necessarily in all oceans at the same time.The Pacific phenomenon is called El Nino Southern Oscillation.Of much shorter duration entirely is the North Atlantic Oscillation.The animation in the above chart: a clearer picture of what is going on.Oceans have a harmonic depending on the distance over which the waves in and on it can operate. And unsurprisingly the larger the ocean the more heat it can deliver to the continents on their eastern coasts.You can clearly see the quantities of heat involved and tyhe power of the transport.It carries straight across the continent of South and joins the transport of hot moist air across the Atlantic to Africa.But the Atlantic is smaller, some of the Pacific input has bled off north and south and the continent of Africa is huge.And dry.Most of the southern quarter is mountain.The outflow into the Indian Ocean has lost a lot of steam and it flows northwards up the coast and becomes the Asian monsoon/seasonal wet-dry spells.The Indian Ocean differs from the other two ocean cycles in that the lengths of the spells are very much related to the calendar.This is because the geography of the region impacts the trade winds in precise amounts.The Himalayas and adjacent ranges are high enough and far enough inland to cause the heat powered air current to stall and/or change direction.The mountains are high enough to reach most of the way to the top of the tropopause.There is a severe impact on the nature of the winds form the sea reaching them.And thus the air pressure laws are more strictly controlled by the amount of sunlight available to create and drive them.

  6. The Australian 5 day wave.This is new stuff as far as I know.It's pretty obvious behaviour and I am sure it has been perfectly well explained by others.But I doubt it has also been related to earthquakes the way it so obviously is.

  7. Now we come to the imponderables.Something called the Ekman Transport.It is said the phenomenon is due to the Coriolis Effect.I think it is more likely that the relationship of heat to dynamics produces a rotational change of direction the same way the interaction between magnetisim and electricity does.Whatever the reason, air moves one way across the ocean and water moves in an increasingly different direction diminishing in direction when the rotation reached 90 degrees and diminishing in depth when the dynamic runs out of force.Thus it is depth (distance) related and surface centred.Which is exactly the same place air take-off becomes the dynamic we call "weather".

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  18. Originally posted by The Arctic satellite composite project:

    What happens in the Arctic doesn't stay in the Arctic. Conditions on and around the Earth's northern cap affect weather and climate around the globe, particularly in the mid-latitudes. After 15 years of providing Antarctic satellite image composites, AMRC now provides similar composites of the Arctic. These images facilitate investigations and analyses of conditions on and around the Arctic.AMRC generates a new composite image every three hours, or synoptic hour, creating a total of eight images per day. Most satellite images included in the composite were procured within 15 minutes of the top of the synoptic hour. No image is more than +/- 50 minutes from the top of the synoptic hour. Satellites used to generate the composite can include: POES/NOAA, GOES -East and –West, METOSAT, MTSAT, FY-2, Kalpana-1, and Terra/Aqua. See a sample Arctic composites here. (PDF.)

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    I just dropped on these: day and I would have missed out on the charts for the 15th of March, the day of the Luan spell. As it was, I only got one of them.It would be nice if I could get hold of Reanalysis of these. Charts made up of data not computed model run made data. Stuff that goes back over a decade or so.It would be nice to make a book of such and compare them to earthquake and tropical storm data. Be rich and famous and explain the bloody obvious.None of which is likely.

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    I just came across this campaign 4 hours after writing the above:Originally posted by Singularity Hub:

    Academic research is behind bars and an online boycott by 8,209 researchers (and counting) is seeking to set it free…well, more free than it has been. The boycott targets Elsevier, the publisher of popular journals like Cell and The Lancet, for its aggressive business practices, but opposition was electrified by Elsevier’s backing of a Congressional bill titled the Research Works Act (RWA). Though lesser known than the other high-profile, privacy-related bills SOPA and PIPA, the act was slated to reverse the Open Access Policy enacted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in 2008 that granted the public free access to any article derived from NIH-funded research. Now, only a month after SOPA and PIPA were defeated thanks to the wave of online protests, the boycotting researchers can chalk up their first win: Elsevier has withdrawn its support of the RWA, although the company downplayed the role of the boycott in its decision, and the oversight committee killed it right away.

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  28. the first 4 from each day are going to be the most accurate. The rest are just more and more suspect forecasts.It looks very professional though.But may I take it you have still not seen the b****y obvious?Have you spoken to Semiramis about it?Grab the first 4 of each day's loading and look again, one last time then I will tell you, if you still can't see it. 😦 You are worrying me now. Maybe it isn't there after all. 😮

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  31. :cheers: :yes: OK the 5 day wave:Look at the anticyclones (the Highs)Watch the ones off Australia -they reach from Africa to Australia.Then a storm pushes through. See what happens to the High?Easy when you know how, 'K? :doh:

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