Earthqauke Pakhar

It looks like Typhoon Pakhar has gone ashore …

6.3 2012/04/02 17:36:44 16.477 -98.287 12.3 OAXACA, MEXICO

And it loks like there is more to com:

Not counting tonight of course:

This little lot is still down to Pakhhar.


3 thoughts on “Earthqauke Pakhar

  1. Cape Dissapointment.what a name.A huge amount of weather is pouring strsight down towards it from South America, scheduled to hit there this evening (18:00 on the 4th April 2012.)It doesn't harbour in the Weddel Sea but turns east and moves on towards Africa where, at the end of the chart run, it looks to be joined by another injection from that continent.Nice timing but it runs off the charts so I can't be sure.After that of course there comes Daphne.That will be interesting.

  2. Things are warming up but I don't know where they are going to land: 5.7 M. KEPULAUAN KAI, INDONESIA 5.0 M. NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN 5.0 M. KEPULAUAN BARAT DAYA, INDONESIA 5.1 M. NEW IRELAND REGION, PAPUA NEW GUINEA 5.2 M. TARAPACA, CHILE 5.0 M. MINDANAO, PHILIPPINES 5.4 M. NEAR THE COAST OF NORTHERN PERU 5.1 M. OFFSHORE VALPARAISO, CHILEIt looks to be a toss up between Indonesia; all over South America and my favourite: Japan

  3. Now here's interesting:Mar 30 19:41 Apr 6 19:19 those two almost identical timings, there is an anticyclone spell:Apr 13 10:50 Meanwhle, 19:19 is virtually the same as )7:19; which just happens to follow that one:Apr 21 07:18.It's been blowing a gale here, something that rarely happens, cold and some sleet (wet snow/rain for you equatorials.)Well two days to the end of this spell. I'm wishing my life away a few days at a time.What a loser. I wonder why I picked this job.

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