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I found myself on the internet: …

Originally posted by Some forum or other:

This is helpful for people who can't reach Quickmeme because of work/school firewalls or site downtime and many other reasons (FAQ). More info is available here.

This is helpful for women who can't take their eyes off me when they might be reading about what I just said.
A meme is a cartouche of a character. On the internet, photo-shoppers use the character reference of the well known picture to frame an idiom based on it.

I have never seen the US version of "The Office"; I had never heard of "Schrute". This character and the legend on his picture is apparently a well known triptych from there. I have seen one programme of the English version and several parts of others.

I don't have a TV and as far as I am concerned, that sort of stuff is a good reason not to get one.

Why pay a tax for a third rate programme you wouldn't "go and see" just because it is available at your own house?

But I can go with a character. If you see a picture of Bugs Bunny for instance or Wiley Coyote, you know what they are, who or what they represent. A winner and a loser.

You can put your own motto to either picture and make it funny or serious but if it is about winning or losing, it become a character frame reference.

The common, well known saying, the common, well known character reference and the uncommon and unusual "take" on the idea, that is typical of the character.
A "Meme".
Today I found one that IS me.
Today I learned I'm Schrute.

I joined Reddit some time back and slowly began learning the ropes. Too old to know what they were and too experienced to ask; I worked my way through the cartoons trying to understand them.

I hadn't seen this one till today. Like I said, I hadn't heard of Shrute but I found myself thinking: This one is different. Then I realised why:

Of the other memes, I could get the jokes, even the ones that seemed to be in jokes. But I only understood the ones that were cartoon caricatures of other people. Some of them:
Awkward penguins, spoiled rich people and the like.

The rest I just don't get.

So I looked up the other "Schrutes" and found myself imagining writing the long meandering explanatory wibbles I usually do after starting off with his type of intros.
This is a good thing. People like me to tell them what idiots they were before they met me. (And benefited from my advice.)


One thought on “Me Me Me

  1. Don't worry, I'm not going to get The Office and check up on any of this.I don't give a stuff if I got off on the wrong foot.True All that matters is the reality.

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