Earthquakes Daphne and what remains of Pakhar.

Just a little un to keep you going. …

An Hiatus here:

2012/04/04 5.5 M. @ 20:27 NEW BRITAIN REGION, PAPUA NEW GUINEA
2012/04/03 5.7 M. @ 23:42 KEPULAUAN KAI, INDONESIA

Following the death of Daphne here:

02-02 April 2012

And Pakhar here:

29 MAR-01 April 2012

And I forgot to add this:

Indicates the coming series of quakes will be related to this:

Giving relatively low magnitude quakes at a distance of some 80 degrees from the Low over Newfoundland and that low off the north of Lapland. So that's the Aleutians r Chile and somewhere about 10 or 20 degrees south of Japan.

Not the big one. That won't come till that High bursts.


8 thoughts on “Earthquakes Daphne and what remains of Pakhar.

  1. This is all very odd. Long periods on not very much happening yet no forecasts of long occluded fonts.The weather should warm up here before a large mag earthquake, traffic accidents go up and that sort of thing ands I should be feeling under the weather so to speak…All none of which is happening neither at the same untime.On top of which, I can't forecast volcanic or tornadic stuff either. We'll see what happens between noon and midnight today and then I need to get a rethink done.Edit:I will have to relearn everything I think I know. First:The behaviour of the North Atlantic chart with a large Blocking High and periods of intense tornadic activity.That should be fairly easy to do. The puzzling things that were available to th naked eye were only invisible because I wanted to see something else.Now I know differently.I just have to go through everything all ovcer again..With this new spell.

  2. 6.2 M. 2012/04/06 @ 16:16 NEW IRELAND REGION, PAPUA NEW GUINEA 5.5 M. 2012/04/04 @ 20:27 NEW BRITAIN REGION, PAPUA NEW GUINEAWith near perfect hindsight I would have looked up that firs PNG one and checked out the distance from the Lows on the North Atlantic chart.And scored. No time to check it at the moment either but I am pretty certain it is 80 degrees from the North Norwegain Low.Which leaves the Newfoundlander:I bet it's this one:4.8 2012/04/06 13:25:05 OFF THE COAST OF ARAUCANIA, CHILEBut there's also these:4.2 2012/04/06 11:24:49 IZU ISLANDS, JAPAN REGION4.9 2012/04/06 08:50:57 TONGA4.4 2012/04/06 06:42:57 POLAND4.9 2012/04/06 06:28:39 NORTHERN SUMATRA, INDONESIA4.7 2012/04/06 06:03:29 BANDA SEAWho on earth would have it any other way?If it wasn't difficult, it wouldn't be interesting.

  3. Second:There is a marked sequence in the Antarctic that needs to be t#rethought in light of the behaviour of the North Atlantic.One afte the other wet air is dumped straight into the band of Low from the east of each continent. They each develop dense compaction of isobars which do not meet.The one that ends up west of the Antarctic peninsular remains static there until the charts run out. (12 April 2012 (T+162) from the 6 April.)From the North Atlantic:There is certainly going to be a lot of volcanic stuff developing from noon Sunday.Watch out Iceland and El Hierro.Since the block covers all the North Atlantic from the West of the Mid Atlantic Ridge east, the Lows from America must be travelling up the Davis Straight or over Greenland.How do they do that?

  4. Originally posted by Weatherlawyer:

    I just have to go through everything all ovcer again..With this new spell.

    I'm glad for it (beg your pardon also) but I want to go along with that rethinking process. :)Maybe this time I can follow your steps or… or maybe not. I want to try anyway.

  5. There should have been a major earthquake by now. But all we have had is a mag 6 and that was late. But the recent series of Mag 5s have all been in a straight line give or take a few degrees N or S.Another major first (though I saw it once before and ignored it) is the Tornado weather. The N Atlantic gave no warning.So you have let all I have been saying go over your head without letting me know?That's disappointing. It explains why nobody has bothered keeping up with what I have been saying though.It all seems so obvious to me.I can't see what I am doing wrong.Imagine the world is one big sounding board and the weather patterns are the results of sound waves passing through or over it.One air mass doesn't control the weather. No faults cause earthquakes. They are all just reacting to the shape of the sounding board, the earth.How is that hard to understand or follow in its implications?

  6. Originally posted by Weatherlawyer:

    How is that hard to understand or follow in its implications?

    No, not indeed. Your explanation about that are really simple. But people is interested in their own bussiness. Earth is not much important to them, neither weather's causes nor quakes'.When I speak to my friends about quakes they usually tell me 'o please we have to sleep dressed tonight', or 'please don't speak to me about quakes. I'm scared about that'. Nobody asks me for their causes. No one. See.Normally I smile and shrug: what else we can do?

  7. No. That is not the problem exactly. They come in the same kit. Earth-people-knowledge-causes-explanations.You always relate earthquakes to people dying. My frieds do the same. I love natural phenomena due to power, natural forces. I do know those ones, those phenomena are part of a system but I don't understand its functionalism. That's all -I'm curious about how all of that works.People is other issue, a different one, to me. You know, it's the reason I preach from door to door, huh? People needs to be educated from the most elemental things: love, respect, esteem, etc. Principles you know. Well, I think so.

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