Antarctica 12 to 20 May

Just to see if I can identify -we can identify what the signals for significant earthquakes look like. …

While the number of tornadoes goes up in April through summer, there is no real dearth of earthquakes in that period as far as I can tell. Obviously a storm in the mid latitudes, once it has tracked to the poles, has a chance of developing into a seismic wave the way tropical storms do.

Don't ask me how it just happens like that.

The thing is if you look at the Australian product of the Antarctic charts, you can quite plainly see when a system is going to go critical by the darkening of the isobars.

And once ashore the direction the isobars run seems not only to give an approximation of what part of the globe it's signal is being sent to but what the signal says. Take a look at next Sunday for example:
It'sa on one of the albums in my collection and will appear lower down the thread no doubt (Sunday being the last day of this spell.)

A thick black line extends along the Antarctic Peninsula. It immediately turns right and forms an L shape that remains in tact (messy but enduring) until late on Tuesday.

To me that is a signal for tornadoes.
As a counterpoint, on Wednesday a deep Low hits the shoreline between 80 and 100 east. Unlike the one that hit the peninsula, this one degenerates almost immediately. It throws a line of Isobars out that can be described by a lenient judge, as L shpaed.

But the L is facing the opposite direction. That is a signal for a tropical gale. I don't think it will last long enough to reach storm force, it probably won't even register on the popular sites that show these things.

Whatever, it is gone early the next day.
(Bear in mind these charts extend well beyond the accuracy of computed models. Though Sunday isn't too far from Friday to be accurate.)

A fast dying cyclone on an Antarctic shore generally means a significant earthquake. We have just had a few decent sized ones:

6.2 M. 2012/05/18 @ 02:00 OFF THE COAST OF AISEN, CHILE

5.1 M. 2012/05/17 @ 21:40 SOUTHERN IRAN
5 M. 2012/05/17 @ 19:49 SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS

5.2 M. 2012/05/16 @ 01:28 SOUTH OF TONGA

5.1 M. 2012/05/15 @ 19:22 SOUTH OF TONGA
5.1 M. 2012/05/15 @ 05:19 NORTH INDIAN OCEAN

5 M. 2012/05/14 @ 10:12 SOUTHERN IRAN
6.2 M. 2012/05/14 @ 10:00 TARAPACA, CHILE

It should be possible to identify from previous charts what signals they gave:


5 thoughts on “Antarctica 12 to 20 May

  1. Originally posted by mechaa:

    As far as the people out in the world that think you are it is because they are jealous of how right you are. It shows them up and they hate it.

    Not true.I have slapped them around a few times and I am not the kind of poster that people form an affinity with.But then… why would I want to bond with fools?

  2. I got lost trying to get animations that worked with too many charts for animations to work and forgot all about looking for d*** storms!!!I get discouraged easily despite the fact I usually turn out to have got it correct broadly speaking but just not quite the way the things usually turn out.It wouldn't make much difference if I was being paid for any of this either, I am still a preternatural loser at heart.

  3. Your not a loser.I think your post are informative.As far as the people out in the world that think you are it is because they are jealous of how right you are. It shows them up and they hate it.

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