I racked them and I stacked them but god knows how he’ll whack them.

This was suppose to be the lead in to earthquake Sanvu.
I don't think that is going to happen now. …

The words "Sting Jet" occurs quite regularly in uk.sci.weather.

The thing is an upper level phenomenon referring to the various Jet Streams and its behaviour. But in the Antarctic, one can see the same sort of thing as a black line seemingly injected over the continent. It looks likely to be tornadoes in the train not an earthquake.

Or maybe it's another tropical storm.

The states west of the Great Lakes seem to have been harbouring an extraordinarily large number of tornadoes for an extraordinarily long series of spells.

Super- quakes signal their intention by a similar geophysical presence.
Maybe super-cells do too.


25 thoughts on “I racked them and I stacked them but god knows how he’ll whack them.

  1. What's the difference between the Norwegian Sea and the Greenland sea?4.5 M. 2012/05/25 @ 12:53. 73.1 N. 5.4 E. GREENLAND SEA6.2 M. 2012/05/24 @ 22:47. 73.0 N. 5.7 E. NORWEGIAN SEA

  2. 2012/05/265.0 M. @ 03:27. 85.9 N. 32.6 E. NORTH OF SVALBARD This series should have gone over the hill by now and got itself set-up in the North Pacific.It just won't go.

  3. Argentina had a 6.7 (probably ending up as a 6.5) and there is more to come until we get an all clear frpm the centre ofearthquake activity in the Fijian Triangle.2012/05/286.7 M. @ 05:07. 28.1 S. 63.0 W. SANTIAGO DEL ESTERO, ARGENTINA

  4. > > >http://my.opera.com/Weatherlawyer/blog/2012/05/22/so-storms-in-the-ch…> > I would have thought we were due a bit more than this:> 2012/05/28> 6.7 M. @ 05:07.  SANTIAGO DEL ESTERO, ARGENTINA> > But it's not over yet:> 10-degree Map Centered at 15°N,145°E> > >http://earthquake.usgs.gov/earthquakes/recenteqsww/Maps/10/145_15.php> > Close; but no cigar.28/05/12 5.8 TONGA <5.3 NEAR THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN5 SOUTH OF THE FIJI ISLANDS5 SULAWESI, INDONESIA5.1 SANTIAGO DEL ESTERO, ARGENTINA <6.7 SANTIAGO DEL ESTERO, ARGENTINANot a bad haul for the day. I could see it wasn't going to go how I said it would initially.So now I know it was just a matter of potency, not species.By and large I had a good day, I think.That's that then. Still a warm spell though, so it looks like we will get a superquake eventually but it's going to be one of those "borrowers".

  5. Originally posted by a NASA chief:

    It depends on how complicated it is. There are some less expensive ones that we can partner with other agencies that are on the order of a few hundred million dollars. Some of the more sophisticated satellites are more like $650,000,000. We built some in the past that have many instruments, sort of behemoths, that are over a billion. We're getting away from what we call flagship missions in Earth science. But a big, big part of that cost is launch vehicles — just delivering the satellite into space. And that gets to be quite substantial and cuts into our ability to do the science we're trying to do.

    What would Britain be without the USA to cling to?Well we still have the best computer models in the world.And think what we were doing in the days of sail:http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/author/26131Perhaps the most gifted meteorologist until Bjerkenes. Another team who had nothing like modern equipment."their eyes will rot in their sockets, and their tongues will rot in their mouths"Wonder what that means?Whatever, make the most of it.

  6. I am no fan of Yahoo and I normally refuse to look at it. I made an exception here.It is nothing to do with what I said is it?We have had a couple of low key controversies of that nature in Britain with the sacking of old school TV weather men in the BBC they seem intent on dumbing things down, there. (Actually accomplished a couple of years ago.And a big one over the Climate Centre.This is an odd one. I wonder what cash starved favourite was being helped at whose expense.Something to do with weather satellites I imagine. They are dropping out of the skies these days in irreplaceable numbers.Soon we will be looking to China for weather news.43 million will only just about pay for a satellite, I imagine. No way would it launch one.

  7. OH MAN did I ever screw up on this!I was looking at the wrong spell.Was there an Italian earthquake in that one (Above)?Anyway.This is the latest stuff:I have a feeling I can learn something from this mistake.Something calling to me in the error.If you get this far before I do, please see what you can glean from my leavings. I think it will be a rich harvest.But time consuming. And I am going to go out. I have had enough of this.

  8. So anyway, the signal for the Italian 4:2012/05/284.5 M. @ 01:06. 39.9 N. 16.2 E. S. Italy.This was on the 28th the first day of this spell. Look where the fronts were pointing:2012/05/29 11:00:26  45 N. 11 E.  5.1   M.  N. ITALY  5.4   M.  N. ITALY  4.7   M.  N. ITALY  4.7   M.  N. ITALY No such positive focus for the next one and there is gfoing to be another Tropical storm to further confuse things.But there may be a signal in here: 30/05/12 4.8 M. @ 21:59. -10.2. -74.5. CENTRAL PERU4.6 M. @ 21:24. 19.4. -108.8. REVILLA GIGEDO ISLANDS REGION5.3 M. @ 21:22. 54.6. 161.5. NEAR THE EAST COAST OF KAMCHATKA, RUSSIA5.4 M. @ 21:20. 43.3. 78.7. EASTERN KAZAKHSTAN4.5 M. @ 09:28. 24.5. 95.2. MYANMAR5.1 M. @ 06:57. -6.1. 130.2. BANDA SEA4.9 M. @ 06:55. 28.5. 52.3. SOUTHERN IRAN4.0 M. @ 05:14. 33.6. -119.0. CHANNEL ISLANDS REGION, CALIFORNIA4.4 M. @ 00:57. 5.2. -73.7. COLOMBIAOoh!The CHANNEL ISLANDS REGIONOh!CALIFORNIAAh well. back to the grind.

  9. Originally posted by mechame:

    I think it is sad that they did all those things knowing that it could save lives.

    The service is supposed to have robbed Peter to Pay Paul. In today's financial climate where the main task for a director of a government agency is to keep the show rolling smoothly, it is quite possible it started off as a few dollars here and there to allow a service to continue.The problem is that once you start doing that you set off a heavy pendulum that it gets very tricky to keep under control.Although what actually happened will come out slowly, it will come out eventually.I will bet that it was at most a few thousand on maintenance here a new computer there and quite a bit of it needed urgently at the time.I very much doubt anyone has cooked the books. The way that the US weather services is followed makes it hard to believe it possible.This is about the time of the year when businesses get audited isn't it? I have no idea how that works. In Britain public services run from April to April so whatever it is was if you have the same thing, it was caught pretty quickly and dealt with.And sleeze and the first news would have been about a court appearance. And a sacking.At least, that is what I hope.All the last couple of years or so since the Shuttle was wound down and there has been very little discussion about what has happened to the weather satellite services.NASA's budget has had an hammering. You can't keep the NWS up to par on a shoe string. OTOH the director should have been making an awful lot more fuss about things instead of doing what he did.The man must have been under a great deal of stress. I hope he is OK. Originally posted by mechame:


    How close to you was that?I saw the last few days was really bad all over. Any tme you see those shore curved black lines in the North Atlantic start looking at emergency centres when you are out. And the sky.I actually bought a sun hat the day the weather broke. £4.oo to start the rain falling. Cheaper than silver Iodide. But I was a bit miffed.Good job Opera was playing up to take my mind off it. I was tearing my hair out as it was.(Not easy for a baldie.)

  10. Let me start again…Tropical storms show up on the North Atlantic chart.So when a situation that is likely to cause the other situation arises…How do I put this simply?Beryl was always going to head to the North East North Atlantic.When it got here it would become the same harmonic that is associated with tropical storms elsewhere.Ergo:Following Beryl's demise there would have to be a reaction in tropical latitudes.I should stop now, before you choke on this, shouldn't I?Maybe I should take a break.

  11. I don't ask for pearls or diamonds.Beryl in English is pearl. The song goes: I don't ask for gold or pearls. It doesn't translate too well directly. Celtic languages are similar to Latin ones like that."What I ask is for good judgement." That is what Solomon asked for when he said he would like an heart to judge the people he was king of.A long time ago, when my marriage was going to hell, I asked god for wisdom. It nearly drove me mad. I began to see things clearly and I was not able to deal with the reality.I should have asked for a loving heart.I am a bit short in that department.Anyway he gave me insight. And no means of dealing with it. God has got a sense of humour. You see, despite knowing an incredible amount of stuff, it all goes pear shaped on me all the bloody time.Thanks god.I think it is because being wise could tend to make you self reliant. It's what happened to Solomon in the end. His own cleverness got to him.So, the point:Unless god builds the house it will not stand. Which about sums up my marriage. (I wonder if I would ask for love if I had another chance. I must admit, I am pretty happy with what I got. Thanks god.) And my inability to forecast this damned Hurricane heading for Japan.I was dealing with it on that long list of tropical storms a thread or so back. It was an idea that came to me after a post on uk.sci.weather:> http://groups.google.com/group/uk.sci.weather/browse_frm/thread/daa66547752ba1f3#Here is the idea:Since ALL tropical storms show up on the North Atlantic chart as a Blocking Low or a Blocking High (not too sure about that last one.)It follows algebraic formulae that an hurricane in the North Atlantic will signal a storm in another ocean three or more days before it arrives.BEFORE THE HURRICANE IN THE NORTH ATLANTIC, that is.Want to tell me there is no god?OK.Where the hell did I get that idea from?Yes I know it's bloody obvious now.BUT ONLY BECAUSE I JUST TOLD YOU.Just think…When Beryl was no more than a glow in a satellite camera, 7 or 8 days ago, the whole human race could have seen that Mawar would be following along soon after.And people in the China Seas could have been battening down the hatches, hell they could have got the harvest in and on the way to market by now -well by the 31st May.Actually the way these things work is a little more complex than that but without confusing you further, that is a foundation to what I have in mind.***OK; more:Alberto was Beryl before it became Beryl. Alberto died but failed to decease. (I think it was something to do with the end of the last spell, I'll try not to drown you with too much information.)So in actual fact we could have forecast wassername on the 19 May, 5 days before that, on the 14th. (A 5 day forecast would have been possible for Alberto. I was talking about it based on the North Atlantic chart…. Ah!…)(Too much information. I know. I can't help it.)Hell, you could get the grandparents installed upstairs and have built a wall around the factory they make hard drives in with 19 days notice.And installed emergency pumps.***More?OK, why didn't they do that anyway?They live in places that have occasional storms that flood the cat out the back door.Well I asked him for insights.. errr… no, I asked him to make me wise, all I got instead was the ability to see the bloody obvious.That's not the same thing is it?Well I said it was complex, not that you would be unable to follow it. But why go into all that? :doh:

  12. You see, the problem is I can only think convoluted thoughts. How could I not?My brain is in tune with the weather what else could I think like?Consider the vagaries of the weather. What you consider to be vagaries. I don't see them like that.They appear to me to be spirals. When I first started doing this, it quickly became apparent that everything about geophysics was built on a cycle.Something like the wheel of life, all about knock on effects. It is quite similar to the fractal resolution of chaos mathematics. The Lawrentian Butterfly.There is so much more you can cram into analogue resolutions than you can in digital lists.If you cut the circle into infinitely small segments, a la Newtonian Mechanics and the calculus of circles, what you would end up with is a finite series of digital pieces.Each one with its own tinier flaw.On a three dimensional cycle though, you have an infinite series of alternative angles and takes on things. I am not just talking about "taurus manifolds" and "flow mechanisms" of simple fluid mechanics.But imagine a wire with an infinitely small diameter forming an infinitely large circle.Every particle of the wire's circumference can be divided indefinitely both around the circle of the wire's surface and of the circle's infinitely dissected portions.Which with calculus can only be divided into digital pieces.Now imagine this:It isn't a circle.It is a spiral.And the planet, both this one and all the infinite numbers of other ones, have weather -built in this manner.More so:With the weather, the portions are on the surface. But with the solution of this mechanics, the inside of the planets can also be utilised.Why would the god of life, restrict himself to filling only the surface of the earth with life?We know that at the bottom most depths of the sea there is an endless variety of life. We are discovering new species of deep water life,every month.And that is because we only have facilities to take mere glimpses at those depths.God knows how much more there is. Infinite varieties. We don't know how to look at the insides.Not yet.Consider the way atoms appear like solar systems. Now imagine the electrons also look like the weather appears.Can't do it?Watch this space: V V V V

  13. Here we are:Why do some fronts result in quite sizeable earthquakes and some equally proportioned fronts not?Look at where they are earthed:***The two above are from yesterday.The first one is a beauty. Full of earthquake producing mice too. But where does that long front go to?The 2nd is all change.What happened?***These are now running to something different. They are no longer going to earth but to another weather system.It's too early to say for sure but the same things happened with thae earthquakes in Italy.There were a bunch of fronts like bananas seeming to hang from a stem in Northern Italy.***The point I am trying to make is that some fronts run into the ground and some run into the sky.

  14. Originally posted by mechame:

    How close to you was that?Not very close. That is near the coast I am more near the mountains

    Good it looked nasty.I always wish I could do more to help but I am so far away.

  15. Originally posted by me:

    Why do some fronts result in quite sizeable earthquakes and some equally proportioned fronts not?

    One more thing I have recently concluded:Again this is bloody obvious. When the computer run is made to the attenuation of what is reasonably likely to be accurate -over the given parameters.The inaccuracies it contains are the seismic disturbances unaccounted for in present techniques.PLUS:The knock on effect from dissipating systems to building systems also unaccounted for.This latter event has been calculated for things like jet streams and other upper atmosphere events. But I doubt that the same information has been considered for sea level pressures.1. Sea level is too complicated for meteorology to use.2. But it is only complex because meteorology can't distinguish between the two types of dissipation described above. and3. Meteorology tends to work with heat and thickness levels. (How wide a band of dropping temperature/pressure there is at a level used for the purpose of statistics.)_Ah well. That's it.For now.Good luck with this.

  16. Originally posted by Weatherlawyer:

    The two above are from yesterday.The first one is a beauty. Full of earthquake producing mice too. But where does that long front go to?The 2nd is all change.What happened?

    So how do I prove that this:2012/06/026.0 M. @ 07:5322.1 S. 63.6 W. SALTA, ARGENTINAwas due to the first chat (31st May) rather than the chart on the 1st June?Simple!I don't.If someone tells you they suspect your house might be robbed that night you don't stay up all night and do nothing when they turn up and steal your car.And it would be the same if you heard that an earthquake was due and it turns out to be a tornado.On the other hand of course. You need to be able to believe what you are told from the person warning you. Hiring friends to stay up all night on watch with you can become old quickly.So we will just have to find a chart where there is no mistaking a quake in Argentina with a tropical storm in China.But it is a start.There are plenty of charts for the North Atlantic showing storms off the Carolinas -Sape Hattera in particular, when there is a link to them and quakes in Chile.

  17. Sandra is a Opera Ho that needs to go.No one wants what she is selling. Trust she is selling it.People like Sandra are Thefts of men's money.

  18. I wrote to Opera Forums about it but they chose that time to go down. About 2 am here so I wnet to bed:I just reported a couple of Yahoos! seeking to seduce me, I imagine.Instead of banning them, why not write some code that makes them think they are still live. Maybe even get a bot to respond to them now and again.Teh Beehive Project on Sourceforge has a forum for its founder members that does something like that. Whilst pests see their posts appearing on the sidebar, they are invisible to other forum users except maybe the mods.It would distract the interlopers and hopefully slow down their activities.From their faqs:Beehive is an online forum/message board system with several powerful features:- Frames-based layout (OK, some people hate frames, but they really are handy when you're using a forum like this)- Per-user tracking of read and unread posts- E-mail notification when someone posts a message to you- Polls- Attachments to posts- Customisable colour schemes and styles- The ability to ignore folders that do not interest you- Restricted-access folders- A comprehensive user administration system, including some imaginative ways to <<<<<< ban persistent idiots (like the "Worm" mode, where the idiot in question <<<<< thinks things are going on as normal but all his posts show as deleted to <<<<<< other users), and the ability to elect moderators to run the forum- Fully customisable user profiles- A powerful search facility1.2 Who wrote it?=================Beehive has been written by several members of what is now called "Teh Forum", which can be found at http://www.tehforum.co.uk/forum/. A full list of credits appears in readme.txt.http://www.beehiveforum.co.uk/faq/***I don't think I'll bother posting it as I usually get locked on that forum.

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