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Tropical Storms 2011
Date Ocean Basin Category Name Max Wind in Knots
18-23 FEB South Pacific 4 Cyclone-4 ATU 115
17-19 MAR South Indian -0 Tropical storm CHERONO 45
23-28 MAR South Pacific 1 Cyclone-1 BUNE 75
02-04 APR South Indian 0 Tropical storm TWENTY 35
02-03 APR Asian Pacific -0 Tropical depression ONE 30
05-06 APR Asian Pacific -0 Tropical depression TWO 30
15-18 APR South Indian -0 Tropical storm ERROL 55
06-11 MAY Asian Pacific -0 Tropical storm AERE 50
20-29 MAY Asian Pacific 5 Super Typhoon-5 SONGDA 140
07-12 JUN American Pacific 4 Hurricane-4 ADRIAN 120
09-11 JUN Asian Pacific -0 Tropical storm SARIKA 35
11-12 JUN North Indian -0 Tropical storm ONE 35
16-24 JUN Asian Pacific -0 Tropical storm HAIMA 35
19-22 JUN American Pacific 1 Hurricane-1 BEATRIZ 89
21-27 JUN Asian Pacific -0 Tropical storm MEARI 60
29 JUN-01 JUL North Atlantic -0 Tropical storm ARLENE 55
07-10 JUL American Pacific 1 Hurricane-1 CALVIN 80
11-22 JUL Asian Pacific 4 Typhoon-4 MA_ON??? 115
15-16 JUL Asian Pacific -0 Tropical depression TOKAGE 30
17-22 JUL North Atlantic -0 Tropical storm BRET 55
18-24 JUL American Pacific 4 Hurricane-4 DORA 135
20-22 JUL North Atlantic -0 Tropical storm CINDY 50
24-30 JUL Asian Pacific 1 Typhoon-1 NOCK_TEN??? 65
01-07 AUG North Atlantic -0 Tropical storm EMILY 45
03-08 AUG Asian Pacific 1 Typhoon-1 MERBOK 80
10-12 AUG Asian Pacific -0 Tropical depression THIRTEEN 30
12-13 AUG North Atlantic -0 Tropical storm FRANKLIN 4
14-16 AUG North Atlantic -0 Tropical storm GERT 50
15-20 AUG American Pacific -0 Tropical storm FERNANDA 55
16-21 AUG American Pacific 1 Hurricane-1 GREG 75
19-22 AUG North Atlantic -0 Tropical storm HARVEY 50
20-29 AUG North Atlantic 3 Hurricane-3 IRENE 105
22-31 AUG Asian Pacific 4 Super Typhoon-4 NANMADOL 135
25-26 AUG North Atlantic -0 Tropical depression TEN 30
25 AUG-04 SEP Asian Pacific -0 Tropical storm TALAS 55
28-29 AUG North Atlantic -0 Tropical storm JOSE 40
29 AUG-10 SEP North Atlantic 4 Hurricane-4 KATIA 115
31-31 AUG American Pacific -0 Tropical depression EIGHT_ 30
03-06 SEP Asian Pacific -0 Tropical storm NORU 45
02-05 SEP North Atlantic -0 Tropical storm LEE 50
06-16 SEP North Atlantic 1 Hurricane-1 MARIA 70
07-11 SEP North Atlantic -0 Tropical storm NATE 60
07-10 SEP Asian Pacific -0 Tropical storm KULAP 45
11-21 SEP Asian Pacific 4 Typhoon-4 ROKE 115
14-20 SEP Asian Pacific 2 Typhoon-2 SONCA 85
21-30 SEP American Pacific 4 Hurricane-4 HILARY 125
21 SEP-03 OCT North Atlantic 4 Hurricane-4 OPHELIA 120
23-30 SEP Asian Pacific 3 Typhoon-3 NESAT 105
24-26 SEP Asian Pacific -0 Tropical storm HAITANG 35
27 SEP-05 OCT Asian Pacific 4 Super Typhoon-4 NALGAE 130
06-13 OCT American Pacific 3 Hurricane-3 JOVA 110
06-17 OCT American Pacific 1 Hurricane-1 IRWIN 80
10-14 OCT Asian Pacific -0 Tropical storm BANYAN 35
12-12 OCT American Pacific -0 Tropical depression TWELVE 30
19-19 OCT North Indian -0 Tropical storm TWO 35
23-28 OCT North Atlantic 2 Hurricane-2 RINA 95
02-02 NOV North Indian -0 Tropical storm KEILA 35
07-09 NOV North Indian -0 Tropical storm FOUR 35
07-08 NOV Asian Pacific -0 Tropical depression TWENTY 30
08-11 NOV HNorth Atlantic -0 Tropical storm SEAN 55
19-25 NOV American Pacific 4 Hurricane-4 KENNETH 125
26-30 NOV North Indian -0 Tropical storm FIVE 35
04-05 DEC Asian Pacific -0 Tropical depression TWENTY 30
05-09 DEC South Indian 2 Cyclone-2 ALENGA 90
06-07 DEC South Indian -0 Tropical storm TWO 35
12-13 DEC Asian Pacific -0 Tropical depression TWENTY 30
13-19 DEC Asian Pacific -0 Tropical storm WASHI 55
25-27 DEC South Indian -0 Tropical storm GRANT 40
25-30 DEC North Indian 1 Cyclone-1 THANE 80
28-31 DEC South Indian 2 Cyclone-2 BENILDE 90


11 thoughts on “Storm

  1. Originally posted by A meteorologist on a weather newsgroup:

    Getting exciting now.Up to 1800 13th I have collected 160.0 mm. Record is in 2007 for 204 mm. With another circa 50mm expected from this coming depression and then more rain by the month's end, the record is going to be smashed.If this disturbed pattern keeps up, a 300mm+ June is on the cards or even a slight chance of 400mm if we get some decent storms!COME ON 🙂

    This spell will end on the 19 of June. Traditionally in the heart of Wales at the time of the next spell, the hay harvest is brought in. After 21 June the grass goes to seed. You can cut it at any time threafter but it loses value.You can cut it in wet weather and keep the seed. The hay will rot. If it is as wet as it must be now, even with fine weather it will have to lie in the field for more time than is good for it.If it is not dried sufficiently the bales will burst into flame.The chances of getting a good crop are slim to nothing. In places further south farmers may even have cut their hay. Maybe some higher latitudes can hold out.I don't know what terms to search under to find out. I live in a city, I can't just go to a pub and ask someone.And there is nothing I can do about it in any case.

  2. Oops!(What did I tell you?) think the part of the code I got wrong when filling down and copying across in a spreadsheet is that a letter changes alphabetically with the month.Thus:/etctaasxx/asxx becomes:/etctbasxx/asxx/etctcasxx/asxx etcetera……I think Ctrl+F will save the sheet. (Pita that though.)

  3. Oh good!Opera has sorted them for Opera.(I sometimes wonder why I bother with them.)I'll sort them for me later.19 February:22nd:This is the 19th February:This is the 21st February:24th:17th:23rd:18th:And the 20th:I would have struggled to mix them up better than that myself. And all the while, Opera was helpfully resetting the connection.

  4. Although the tropical storm only ran from the 18th to the 23rd (officially) there was plenty of activity on the above charts that (I would have said) indicated of more.On the 24 th especially. If that isn't a blocked Atlantic I don't know what is.However if there is to be a warning of Tropical storms in the North Atlantic's acoustics, then it needs to be a day in advance. As was the case on the 17th.But not for the 24th.And why should the North Atlantic have such a privilege in any case?Inconclusive at best.

  5. The links to Bernad Burton's server are here: am not sure they work. I know some are missing. Others are on the board but not in the correct order.I hope he isn't upset if his band-width goes through the roof. Fortunately, at the moment nobody sensible reads my posts. Let's hope I have time to download them to my own drives.

  6. I aught to get down to finishing this but I burned out.It needs collating with tornadoes and earthquakes too.Maybe an adjacent thread rather than mixing them all up?This stuff can get out of hand really quickly. Too much information.It puts people off.Keeping it simple for the wary is virtually the KISS principle.I don't know.It's an huge amount of data to handle.Then you have to interest people in what you have.Another problem is that with earthquake searches, seismology is only a few steps in front of vulcanology. They don't store the same results you see on the lists that are updated as they occur.The problem with that is that doubles and triples that tend to occur at the end of major storms aught to be given similar magnitude values as one-offs of 6 M and more.So how are you supposed to search their database?There must be another way around it.The next problem is you can't meddle with your data to get data.That smacks of Climatology.Once you have established a working method, you can use it in every day problems. But for research. No.

  7. 17-19 March. South Indian. Cat TS Cherono. 45 knots.Lunar Phase = 12 to 19 March. 1st Quarter @ 23:45.Unstable, between an anticyclone and a col. almost wrote that the aticyclone would dominate.A col is where the pressure is something like 1016 and the region is surrounded by at least four systems; Lows and highs usually 2 of each.When the High dominates it sends a Ridge through the diagonal. (or to the adjacent High -if it is set up like that.)But then I thought: "Why confuse everyone?"Then I saw this.Why confuse everyone?Because I can score points. Next time then!)Or maybe not. This is stuff that breeds tornadoes. Not tropical storms.There you go:Any time you see an High passing beytween two Lows, you got a tornado outbreak. This looks to be on a grand scale too.All change:This is what I col a col.Did I mention large quakes follow large highs and then the weather changes?Day Time Latitude Longitude Magnitude12 14715.4 37.594 142.648 6.512 131541.65 37.249 141.159 6.112 232448.78 38.047 141.72 6.113 12604.25 35.723 141.637 6.114 61236.06 37.785 142.456 615 132756.63 37.576 142.237 615 133146.32 35.272 138.582 615 152354.13 40.333 143.287 6.117 24800.03 -17.275 167.826 6.217 41356.78 40.136 142.168 6.2Not impressed?Look at the latitudes and longitudes.One more before we start with the Tropical storm:No mor large quakes:What would you call this:It's a col. A text book one but with a very high High over Scandinavia. A Scandi-High.That was the year my plumbing froze.I don't know if you would call it a Blocking High though?Could you?Yes. That's a Blocking High:I have no idea what it's blocking though. I bet there were more than enough tornadoes going through to compensate for the lack of earthquakes.Next:23-28 March. South Pacific. Cat 1 Cyclone Bune. 75 knots.

  8. Crap!Ubuntu won't show me my images if I save these storm reports as a .gif file because they are png or something.And Opera won't upload them if I strip their file extension. I had to use their older application to download them one at a time. Hence they are all over the place again.This is the first in the album. It just happens to have the only tornadoes of the spell in it:Now I am upset again.And I can't remember what date the Japanese super-quake occurred. Was it the day before this spell or the following month?Blast it!2011,03,11,054624.12, 38.297, 142.373,>9.0<,PDE-WNOW I AM UPSET!!!!I'm gone.Wait…Originally posted by Weatherlawyer:

    Any time you see an High passing between two Lows, you got a tornado outbreak. This looks to be on a grand scale too.

    Slightly mollified.But still gone!

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