Tornado Reports for 2012

I put a few in a spread sheet and filled down. …

I started with this:
and filled down.
I got this:
etc., so I changed the last number.

Then I had to put it into a text file to put in tabs.
And then back into the spread-sheet to cover 3 separate columns -each of which I can fill down the middle one with the numbers becomes a new number: 120614 _rpts.html 120615 _rpts.html 120616 _rpts.html 120617 _rpts.html 120618 _rpts.html 120619 _rpts.html 120620 _rpts.html 120621 _rpts.html 120622 _rpts.html

When finished I will have the whole year on a sheet. Of course it has to go back to a text file to remove the tabs.


17 thoughts on “Tornado Reports for 2012

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  7. Easier than using a spread sheet is to make 31 consecutive dates and then use a text editor to change the dates, month by month, year by year and post them on a thread at a year apiece.

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