PREDICTION 21st & 22nd June 2012.

Diffused and very good sunshine days respectively. If the readings were correct, he suspects earthquakes of around 4 to 6 M. near:

NEW BRITAIN (4.2S 152.9E)

GANSU, CHINA (33.78N 104.95E)

AZERBAIJAN (41.54N 46.77E)

MOLUCCA SEA (2.08N 126.18E)

SOUTHERN IRAN (27.06N 56.44E)

at some time between 21st June to 5th July 2012.





4.9 M. @ 20:0. (38.7. 43.6) EASTERN TURKEY (Close to Azerbaijan)

5.5 M. @ 07:59 (27.7. 100.7) SICHUAN-YUNNAN BDR RGN, CHINA (Just result)

4.5 M. @ 03:39. 2.5. 128.2) HALMAHERA, INDONESIA



One thought on “Entry

  1. Updated 27th June 2012 – 00.15 UTC PREDICTION 23rd & 26th June 2012.Diffused and partially good sunshine days. If correct he suspects Mag 4 to 6 quakes near:ANDAMAN – NICOBAR ISLANDS (9.7~11.1N 92.7~93.7)BONIN ISLANDS (28.5N 139.1E) – AZERBAIJAN (41.54N 46.77E)SICHUAN, CHINA (27.0N 102.9E) – MOLUCCA SEA (2.08N 126.18E)MINDANAO, PHILIPPINE (6.4N 125.2E) – SULAWESI (1.51S 119.50E)HARYANA-DELHI (28.9N 76.8E) – SOUTHERN XINJIANG (41.7N 82.5E)TURKEY (39.4N 41.0E) – EASTERN MEDITERRANEAN SEA (35.0N 27.3E)KYRGYZSTAN (42.1N 72.3E) – WESTERN ARABIAN PENINSULA (12.0N 44.2E)SOUTHWEST OF SUMATERA (6.4S 104.0E) – NORTHERN SUMATERA (3.1N 96.4E)and around Mag 3 to 4 quakes near:SATARA, MAHARASHTRA (17.2N 73.8E)KOTTAYAM – IDUKKI (09.6N 76.6E)UTTARKASHI, UTTARANCHAL (31.1N 78.2E)PAKISTAN (28.81N 66.76E)between 25th June to 10th July 2012.

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