Why go nuclear when you can go cyber? …

Originally posted by The Mesh Report (edited):

“Confront and Conceal: Obama’s Secret Wars and Surprising Use of American Power.”

The book prompted a debate in Washington about leaks, specifically, the one about President Obama approving and accelerating the use of cyber war against Iran to stop its nuclear program.

“The argument is not about the use of a new weapon” said David Sanger, author and the New York Times’ chief White House correspondent. ”Washington spent most of the last week debating the question of who leaked the fact America uses this weapon.

According to US Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta, cyber espionage is an act of war.
Has the United States declared war on Iran with this cyber attack on their nuclear program?

If it has it was in a manner similar to the attack on Pearl Harbour in 1941.

Sanger said:

“That was one of the reasons it was very important to discuss the fact that the United States uses cyber weapons … we need a debate within the U.S. on how you use this weapon.”

But the committee for the discussion of the people's right to use cyber terrrrrsm was sidelined according to the source:

It is so Washington that the argument is not about the American use of a new weapon…" ”Washington spent most of the last week debating the question of who leaked the fact America uses this weapon.”

The problem is now; Iran has no real problem points for security breaches of its digital infrastructure.

Apparently it is a third world economy as far as computing goes. The machines attacked were running Microsoft operating systems for goodness sake!

They are under an embargo as far as mainframes and even iPods are concerned.

The thing is that for a mathematically gifted country, they can spend their military budget on education and end up with the worlds most evil cyber squads ever.

All they would have to tell the students is that their education is aimed at ruining the United States' economy.

In 10 years time the war will come back to haunt whoever it is left holding the soiled nappies when Obama has retired to the Bahamas or wherever he has planned.
It will make the George Dumbya fiascos look like well planned initiative.

In the Vietnam War, the natives literally undermined the US troops. And with the Charlie Wilson strategy paying Russian dividends in Iraq and Afghanistan, anyone can see what sniping will do to even well entrenched military bases.

In a sniping war you don't have to kill all the enemy, you just need to make life unpalatable for a moment. And then top the fear factor up every once in a while. You can't keep anyone on high alert indefinitely.

Guards drop and another sniper gets another victim. Soon morale is ebbing and the squads involved will need replacing. Then you have issues with mined routes.

With a cyber terror threat you never get to kill the snipers. Ever!
And each success they have breeds another facet of more success.

And the thing is had they spent the money on enriched Uranium or Plutonium production, they would never have used the weapon. Ever!
They would have just sat in their silos, costing an arm and a leg to keep them in condition. Just like Russian, French, British, Israeli, Indian and USAn missiles the world over.

Dumb, or what?


6 thoughts on “War

  1. The Streisand EffectOriginally posted by Wikipedia:

    In December 2010, the website WikiLeaks was the subject of DoS attacks and rejection from ISPs as a consequence of the United States cable leaks. People sympathetic to WikiLeaks' cause voluntarily mirrored the website in order to make it impossible for any one person to completely remove the cables.

    So now you know who does what when you hear stories about web attacks.I wonder what Opera has done to displease poisontrickians in Washington?

  2. Originally posted by BBC:

    A University of Texas at Austin team used "spoofing" – a technique where the drone mistakes the signal from hackers for the one sent from GPS satellites.The same method may have been used to bring down a US drone (unmanned aircraft used by the military) in Iran in 2011."It's easy to spoof an unencrypted drone. Anybody technically skilled could do this – it would cost them some £700 for the equipment and that's it,It wouldn't be too hard to work out how to un-encrypt military drones and spoof them, and that could be extremely dangerous because they could turn them on the [right] people.


  3. Would anyone care to quibble:"But the big worry is – it also means that it wouldn't be too hard for [a very skilled person] to work out how to decrypt military drones and spoof them and that could be extremely dangerous because they could turn them on the wrong people."The big worry?The big worry is that the USA has them and uses them indiscriminately, in secret, to kill people, whether they are the right people or the wrong people.I have supposed (for a long time now) that the BBC is staffed by fairies eating cake laced with nerve tonic. It was either that or they hired expletives from the cast of Blue Peter.Now I must spend the last few years of my life supposing that they do both.

  4. Originally posted by Comment on an article about the failure of a bad law to pass through the channels.:

    Here, it seems to me, is the crux of the whole thing. The idea that the massed ranks of expert lawyers working for rich global corporations that want to be richer, and powerful governments that want to be more powerful, would 'poorly write' such an important piece of protectionist legislation is frankly ludicrous.And as the days are long gone when an ordinary peasant can look at a law and understand what it says, it has to come down to trust. We must ask ourselves: "Never mind what it purports to say, do we trust those who wrote it?" The clear answer in this case was: "NO".And the MEPs listened to the peasants because they know their jobs depend on it. The Commissioners, on the other hand, whose jobs don't depend on any rapport with the people however theoretically and convolutedly they may be 'elected', simply treat the peasants like dirt. Their bid to control the internet and increase the profits of big corporations at the expense of the struggling proles will not go away, whatever the percentage of this vote.Either the arrogant Commission will, as another said, keep ramming it down the throats of the MEPs until they give in, or the salient features will resurface carefully hidden in a complex piece of legislation about the precise colour of EU-approved lamp-posts erected within 7.654 metres of EU-approved suburban gardens. (Notwithstanding all that has gone before …)Sadly for the massed ranks of the people, that is how the EU works; and that is why we must constantly rail against any legislation emanating from those we do not trust, even if we haven't the foggiest idea what it actually means.It is the absolute responsibility of those in power to earn our trust; they have no right to demand it. And the European Commission, executive arm of the EU, has a long, long way to go in that respect.

    The article?It's on here somewhere:http://forums.theregister.co.uk/forum/1/2012/07/04/acta_rip/#c_1464913

  5. This is horrible and depressing:http://download.ted.com/talks/MarcGoodman_2012G.mp4This is about Stuxnet and cyber-bullying from Kaspersky, a famous computer security firm and the people who first worked on it when it went wild:http://video.ted.com/talk/podcast/2011/None/RalphLangner_2011.mp4Wired for war:http://video.ted.com/talk/podcast/2009/None/PWSinger_2009.mp4It was difficult for me to know what sort of a person gave this talk. At one moment a NeoCon raving loony at the next a bleeding heart Liberal.Several points struck me. The robots used to kill Bin Laden killed 3 innocent parties. These "OOPS!" moments are each capable of breeding a desire like the one that fuelled Bin Laden.Each survivor of such an attack is capable of seeking compounded revenge that may, each one of them, be a disproportionate vengeance. So how many US cities will they cost?Maybe none.Maybe 10Or a hundred.

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