Met Office charts

All change on the western front. …

I am not an happy chappie today.

I have realised the writing was on the monitor for a while now and that I would have to move with the times.

The trouble is that the times I am moving with are controlled by people who don't seem to have any control over what they are doing.

The Met Office isn't run by meteorologists as such but by useless sons of bitches bean-counters in Westminster or some sub-life-form adjacent to our uselessglorious government.

I don't suppose I have all that much to complain about. I am not paying for anything. And I am still getting my data.

The problem might be an hidden one though as the relative access to them becomes yet more difficult with the move to a more open government.

At a certain time of day the first chart in the new format will drop off the page. So if I miss a download that's it.

At the moment, I can still grab the old stuff as late as 07:29 hours into the following day. Which is still not good.

I want the data when it is available not when they wish to present it.

The midnight chart should be online just after midnight. And any corrections shown subsequent to that. It isn't that much to ask from an office that has some of the largest computing materiel in the world.

It isn't as if they are doing much else with it. The Met Office output at the best of times is a fraction of what the USA reveals -and the USA reveals it in plenty of time.

Here is the subject of today's rant:

The same number of charts but ranging further out.

I suppose I will have to see what I can make of it. It may even be a better system. (but I doubt it.)


5 thoughts on “Met Office charts

  1. Presumably the blue ones have never been corrected?Or maybe they just cut support?In which case why post both versions?What sort of ****-for-brains would do that?I wonder what will happen when the Persians gear up for retaliation in the DoS wars. Maybe we might get some sheople working on the supercomputers who know what they are doing.Or -as is more likely; not.

  2. 07:28 and I am still waiting for an update on both pages. still shows the "Analysis" chart for 00:00 on Friday. still shows yesterday's charts but from the "Analysis" made for noon.07:31 and counting.Let's try Firefox; see if they know something different:Nope.So I have a window of oportunity to get the "right weather" from the country that produces it that is some seven and an half hour out of date and the opportunity of losing it if I give up and come back 5 hours later?Sounds like employment working practices from the early 19th and 21 century in urban England, doesn't it.Yes folks we are a third world country at last.I always thought someone would have tro pay for the Chinese to catch up to our opportunities in the civilised world. I realised it in the 1970's when a Vietnamese boat person told me that a man in Hong Kong could expect to work 10 hours for 10 pounds. And if they wanted him to work overtime the firm had to supply a meal if he was there fro 12.And the songs are not much different now as the sons of Pullmans' Engineers ride their fathers' magic carpets made of steel.MacArthur sings his songs again The striking Veterans must refrain or the back hand of my troops is what they'll feel.

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