I just got my ex-Vista Lap Top back …

The 2nd hand junk heap never worked properly, had nothing on it including no security and finally the keyboard and one of the USB slots went.

After taking it back tot eh sup Liars and wasting my money (30 quid and no use) I finally took it to TERC a recycler in the area.

I asked them to put a new keyboard and OS on it and fix the USB connection. And to get me a linux distro that would wok on my ISP dongle.

This is what I got:

Originally posted by Wikipedia:

Zorin OS is an Ubuntu based Linux distribution that has a Microsoft Windows like GUI. This makes it easier for Windows users to switch over to Linux.

Because Zorin OS is based on Ubuntu, help is easy to find which makes Zorin OS a well supported Linux distribution. Zorin OS is licensed by GNU General Public License v3 which means that users are free to run, copy, distribute, study, change, develop and improve the software.

Zorin OS is also free just like most Linux distributions, with premium editions available that provides users with more preinstalled features and packages.


I haven't really used it yet just tried itr out over a cup of tea.

I loved it though at first sight.

It doesn't remind me of Windows in any way or form, thank goodness. It reminds me of an early Ubuntu. They originally put Mint on it but ended up with the same no ISPO problem I had.

They must have tried to find one that was this good because they hadn't used it before. And now they are putting it on all their computers if anyone asks for Linux.

Since I might know a couple of people who coiuld use one, I asked how much a lap top is. (I'd just paid £40 for the repairs) £80.

I spotted a couple of old flat-top boxes and asked how much they were £90. I wondered why so much for an old fashioned looking desk-top but before I could ask he said they were dual cored (or multi cored I forget.)

So that isn't a bad price fro a superb non gamer. I was really happy (so far) with my upgrade. Here's hoping.

More about Zorin can be found on:


11 thoughts on “Zorin

  1. I was walking out after picking the machine up when the man who repaired it chased e down the street with a spare ISO for the distro. He didn't want anything for it but I gave him a quid.What a difference in the mentality of Linux vss Windows.

  2. You know what I want in OS, simple, a interface, with attention to fonts, tidy or ease of tide-i-ness. and work on what people are using now, more and better Music, and movie production software and using less proccessor in rendering. Make it able to do more with less. I think I would try linux mint next.I do have a pc I need to repair, and a 64×2 amd cpu I cant use(early version), I had hoped it work witha am2 chipset, but was to stupid to read further.Linux community…a pillar of technology and morals

  3. Originally posted by Unasia:

    Linux community…a pillar of technology and morals

    Not really.I just tried my lap top with the USB dongle and it don't work!Hows that for honesty and utility?The thing is that you can at least try it. What will a download cost you?MACs are based on Unix so I hear. All you have to do is exercise patience when your Linux doesn't do what you want it to.The biggest problem with getting help is that it will come from experts and they will assume you know how to use the command line.Most of the help you get from Windows forums is from the exact same people as you. Proles who needed it themselves a few months earlier. And that is the only really good thing about Windows. The help you get goes right between the eyes and sticks there.Now I have to go all the way back to the computer shop and hope they can find a driver to help me.I am as miffed as can be about that. But it IS still a sweet looking operating system. It isn't Linux's fault that the companies we HAVE to buy our hardware from are useless, bone idlers that would farm out their grannies to India to save a penny.I am not that upset actually. The fact the hardware is useless to me makes it unfit for purpose and voids my contract as far as I am concerned.

  4. Originally posted by Unasia:

    and work on what people are using now, more and better Music

    I got the sound recorder working on it yesterday. That pleased me no end. I can't say most of the distros are good with that. For if you can't find the settings, you are on your own.This thing I am using needs someone who knows what they are doing to set it up for me. But the best thing about it -and the one thing that alone will keep me faithful, is that it doesn't need persistent coddling to keep it safe.

  5. I think one of the creators flipped off a graphics card mfg..recently. so much become proprietary, but there is a huge parts aftermarket where a ton of money is made.I do like the make for creative reasons and programs that are cheap but work (iwork suite) VERY well, except…file formats….

  6. Originally posted by Unasia:

    I think one of the creators flipped off a graphics card mfg..recently

    Yes Mr Linux himself tore a strip on nVidia. They changed their tune a little and a few others moved a bit too after them.Nowhere near enough though.Good for nothing monopolist money grabbers. Damn them all to hell. I hope one day a glitch in the market lets a bad-ass interloper in to kill all their pigeons.

  7. well…take a look at the music industry, kinda got quiet on suing everyone huh, dumbasses….I could NEVER understand why they would waste an oppoutunity like they had. Now people just see them for what they are, its happening all over. Hey with all that spinning, where does the electrical charge go?(shat, question meant for the other post) But I let her rip here.

  8. Originally posted by Unasia:

    Hey with all that spinning, where does the electrical charge go?

    You are talking about negative energy; positively!

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