The Weatherlawyer pauses

Yes folks. It IS time to call it a day about climate change. I am converting from not convinced to ardent believer. …

I wanted to know what the half degree Centigrade is in Farenheit so I could pass on the abjact truth to the USAnians. You know how little they think about things they aught to.

So I pugged:
what is 1 degree centigrade in farenheit?
into you know whoogle and got this slap in the face:

1 degree Celsius = 33.8 degrees Fahrenheit…9505.9505.0.13191.…0.0.iov5KFLFyvs&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=d16272a4b853322d&biw=747&bih=501

I honestly had no idea. All this el Nino business seemed just a load of old cobblers to me, when I found out it was just a difference in the very upper surface of the water involved.

0.6 of degree C.

I thought it was NOTHING.

How wrong can a man be?

I humbly apologise to all.
I blame my parents or the hospital where I was born, because I got put in the wrong jeans. I just can't do simple arithmajig:

Originally posted by Wikipejiut:

[°F] = [°C] × 9⁄5 + 32

[°C] = ([°F] − 32) × 5⁄9

So I would:
1 times 9 divide by 5 and end up with something like 2.

Let's have another go: one times nine is one; times five is 5. Then I completely forgot to .. no wait, that's errr…

Ummm five plus thirty two is is 37…

Errgh. I give up.

Anyway it's a lot. So if it goes up to 25 degrees off Peru, that's a hell of a lot of Fahrenheits! I don't know just how many Fahrenheits that is but it must be hell of a warm there!


7 thoughts on “The Weatherlawyer pauses

  1. 34the USAnians. You know how little they think about things they aught to.:left: :right: :left: :right: :whistle: :left: :right: :left: :right: :whistle:

  2. Originally posted by Unasia:


    Well what is the correct term?Referring the "A British" is difficult enough but at least the term is only one word long. Why do you Estados Unidos Americanos have to have a 3 word name?We would say Mexican or Canadian, Columbian or Venezuelan. But when it comes to the only place in the whole world that is in everyone in the whole world's newspapers, we have to use the longest phraseology in the world to do it.:) At least I never mentioned Ameristan. :):( Besides, that's Texas. Isn't it? 😦

  3. I prefer american dog or Cracker or imperialist pig, or capitalist swine, For me persanally, Ha…I cant list all the names. and it would not be proper (might send opera popo)I dish it out..gots to be able to take it. The perceptions we have though are not true of most, I was brought up that america is like mayberry, (andy griffith) and I have seen it near that. But right now, we are making bad decisions, and I would like to say America is owned, but its the world.But you Brits……

  4. Originally posted by Unasia:

    But you Brits……

    Perfidious?I don't know what that means. Something to do with shopping I think.I think we should both be happy we aren't USSRses.I suppose everyone is even the Russians, now they are just Russians once again.

  5. You know, its so hot, it took out my belt idler bearing….Lucky nothin broke, ask for cool morning for me.Hope ac is ok….yeeesh.:cry: <not tears, me yelling and sweat

  6. Originally posted by Unasia:


    25 x 38 is 34?Sheesh, what happened to you? Originally posted by Unasia:

    its so hot, it took out my belt idler bearing

    What is an idler bearing?

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