Foods to kill cancers

Don't ask me. …

Is this fellow serious?


8 thoughts on “Foods to kill cancers

  1. William Li gave this lecture. He told of a discovery that could stop the overproduction of blood vessels. Here are some of the problems associated with the problem:Excessive blood supply:CancersBlindnessPsoriasisArthritisEndometriosisAIDS-Karposi SacrcomaAltheimer's DiseaseObesityMuscular DystrophyCereberal MalariaRosaceaInsufficient blood supplyChronic woundsCoronry Heart DiseasePeripheral Arterial DiseaseStrokeNeuropathyPre-eclampsiaBaldnessErectile DysfunctionHe then went on to look at Anti-Angiogenic Therapy in the treatment of cancer.Here is the album of clips from his talk:'ll post them in a better sequence in a comment below.

  2. 10g bag (10 cups) £3.10.50g bag (50 cups) £9.00.250g bag (250 cups) £41.75.500g (2x 250g bags) (500 cups) £74.00.Oh well, I suppose I had better get digging and plant some strawbs.

  3. The causes of cancer:A list of the illnesses the treatment helps:Projected survival rates for people who already had cancer then went onto the diets:

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