Another Eureka Moment

The surface level equivalent to the Jet Stream. …

I was looking at the northern hemisphere chart here: and clicking on the links in it.It gives you close ups of three major regions, the Atlantic, The Pacific and North America.

Then I noticed that the major weather front in North America extends from what I thought must be Cape Hatteras through towards the Aleutians.

And the bell went off.

When a storm leaves Capoe Hatteras there is an upsurge in the activity of whatever part or parts of the Aleutians is some 80 degrees from the east coastal point or points involved.

That is as far as I ever got in the few years I have known about it.

Some time after I discovered that first connection I realised that there were front that seemed to extend through the Met Office's North Atlantic chart towards Chile or whatever part of South America the storms involved in the North Atlantic were going to have/produce/result in quakes following them.

Of course there is a limit to how far the North Atlantic fronts went and since I was stymied in getting more charts and or details, I just left it at that.

Obviously I began to realise that the fronts if long and large and especially of suitable duration (about 3 days) then the little that was showing of them was enough to indicated South Americans aught to get under their tables.

So when just now I realised that the US charts were showing me the fronts in their entirety, running from in this case South Aulatsivik Island, Labrador. (Yes, no storm there just a front. I know, I know, damnit, I saw it first fool!)

It joins up to a cold front almost immediately then it becomes a sequence of one or the other all the way through to some god-forsaken wilderness on the coast of the Brook Range/Beaufort sea. (Is that how the great man is remembered a briny sump off Godknowswhereland, Alaska?)

Just to the west, off Ireallycantbebotheredlookingland there is another frontal system. It reaches to (I believe) Northern Spain.

So now what do I do?
Here are the charts I have been looking at. They are not very clear. I can see me having to move to Exitdoor in the hope that the MetO library will have better.

(At least I should take a few days to go there and look.)

If I were more careful I'd copy and paste the URL from the slides but hell…
What do you want me to do smoke it for you?


78 thoughts on “Another Eureka Moment

  1. Originally posted by tdjmd1:

    Then you will see what I've done for you.Or not, as the case may be.

    Not.If you are just doing it for me you are wasting your time.If you are doing it for man then maybe your god will assist you and you will have success.

  2. Originally posted by tdjmd1:

    Then you will see who your god picked out for you.Or not, as the case may be.

    No results found for "Then you will see who your god picked out for you. Or not, as the case may be."Was it a Spanish poem?

  3. Originally posted by Weatherlawyer:

    Then you will see what I've done for you.Or not, as the case may be.

    No, that's phrase is not mine. It's a sort of plagiarism, from a Brit poet from the Elizabethan époque:

    Then you will see who your god picked out for you.Or not, as the case may be.

  4. Originally posted by Unasia:

    It also looks like fronts have regular home they prefer?

    If you look at the ANSS catalogue and work the quakes say for 5 and over for a given day; I bet if you compare the distances to the various parts of the planetary wave they all have a close relationship. It might be 90 degrees, it might be 80. It might even be any other multiple of 15 degrees but it will have an harmony.I'm only guessing but I think it is another Eureka moment.How would you feel about that?You have had a big part in that dicovery if it works. 2/3rds -not counting all the hard work the US officers did, of course. Finding the animation and pointing out the behaviour of the wave. And telling me.That last was the important bit.It made me think!Well done.

  5. Buen día, Michael. Me should copy all of this thread in the lunarist.. as a backup, huh?It's really full of clarifications.

  6. Originally posted by Weatherlawyer:

    work the quakes say for 5 and over for a given day

    Work the quake time to suit how the waves jump from one location to anoither. That is a signal for the quake. Look for a delay time of about 4000mph. (Wave first, then the quake.)

  7. Originally posted by tdjmd1:

    It's really full of clarifications.

    It is?I thought it was all new stuff.Whatever it should be backed up pronto, diolch fy'n hariad.

  8. Originally posted by Weatherlawyer:

    diolch fy'n hariad.

    Hmmm.. Good, very good, Michael. And, what is Welsh for 'you're welcome'? …if I may ask.

  9. Originally posted by Weatherlawyer:

    Da chi'n croeso = you're welcome

    Fine.And that 'diolch fy'n hariad' can be used with man or woman -no matter who, I mean, right?

  10. Originally posted by tdjmd1:

    And that 'diolch fy'n hariad' can be used with man or woman -no matter who, I mean, right?

    No . Your say Diolch Was or wasi (not sure of the spelling.) Any mildly insulting term might do.Maybe play on the word lad (bachgen) such a (bach-ie) little one. Welsh lends itself naturally to puns. Of course, you could easily get a smack in the mouth if you picked the wrong term on the wrong man.Some places people in the hills are decidedly provincial like that. If they think you are a bit of a smart arse they will help you change for the better, if you are not careful.

  11. Okay. Diolch again for your kind explanation, Michael.Originally posted by Weatherlawyer:

    If they think you are a bit of a smart arse they will help you change for the better, if you are not careful.

    Hehe, that's usual everywhere I think… But I've had a certain first hand experience with Welsh people yet as you should know.And certanly knowing it respect that provincial ones as well who, according to Wiki, "speak Welsh, which is low for Gwynedd but despite this, the language keeps a high profile in town."I understand that clearly, being a provincial one too and teasing capitol people a lot -by their talk mood.But I have been teased the same same by people more provincial than me. None 'smack in the mouth' yet though -none smack at all in that two-way street certainly. Not yet.Hope it remains that way.

  12. Originally posted by Weatherlawyer:

    Can you start saving them and posting them please?

    Blow me the link if you are so kind..

  13. I'm having trouble getting a print screen of that chart that Clarence found, that one we were struggling with all week.I am getting Print Screens but Zorin doesn't open a box for saving them to one's choice of folder.Ubuntu always offered to save as whatever name and folder I chose. Can you start saving them and posting them please?I start work tomorrow, nights, so I don't know how long I can collect these things for. It will probably be easy enough. But who knows?

  14. Originally posted by tdjmd1:

    What I would choose from over those options, huh?

    I was just getting one image from the day.It's only for an overview.I think the problem is the same one I have been having once I found all that is available online, a child with the keys to the toy shop.I wanted it all but only need a little.It's just to show the daily placement of that weather line. It's a bit like this "derecho" roll cloud only an whole continent wide:

  15. Originally posted by Weatherlawyer:

    I was just getting one image from the day.

    Ajá but you are not answering my question yet…Originally posted by tdjmd1:

    Excuse me, Michael… What I would choose from over those options, huh?

    Look at that image above… How many options there are. Tell me kindly, Mishka. Please!

  16. Okay, Michael. I can get your many struggles.I'm gonna try to explain you now.1. In that link/page I do find (9) loops.2. I need to know WHICH of them you want to.3. Besides, as anyone can see, there are two options in every loop: 3 or 7 days. Which of two you would like to get from me.Is my English clear enough for you now or I have to wait until you can decipher my lingo, huh?I might do an effort and to put those questions in a simpler manner. I mean it Mishka, say you understand, please.

  17. What I get when I open the link I sent you is a world chart and the links you sent are underneath that.I enlarge the screen and hit the print screen key. It gets stored in my pictures folder but it should allow me to choose which folder. It's no big deal. Just one more step I have to handle manually instead of making the most of my computer.But that is what progress is all about isn't it? 😦 Zorin has a way to go yet, I'm afraid.

  18. Originally posted by tdjmd1:

    Your last comment has been marked as spam.

    Time I started looking for a new place to store all this stuff.Or maybe get ready to start again with a sigh when it all goes chest high.

  19. Originally posted by tdjmd1:

    I mean it Mishka, say you understand, please.

    I thought you were talking about just getting the screen capture that I asked fdfor.Do you mean to work on the script to get downloads.I want a weekly loop of the front page of that site thanks.The 14 day loop would be good to start with as it takes you back to 26 July at the moment. Tomorrow will be to the 27th etc…I suppose I could go and grab each image as a download but even then it is a lot of work, although it would only need to be done once every 7 days. (At the end of each spell to round things off perhaps. Or during an interesting point to highlight something.)Capturing more would be redundant.But I am already loading the Arctic and Antarctic as well as their global forecasts from: is all a bit hectic trying to do all that which is why last week's spell got away from me.And now my landlord wants me to do some work for him as well as this job I'm starting….Bththth…ught!Anyway TIA. Having those loops would provide a good comparison.

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