I can't say I have watched much of the Olympics. I was in a pub sheltering from the rain and watched a bit of the horse event.

Someone fell off. OOF!! …

Well known jester and all around screw up Mayor of London "responding to questions about the growing backlash over footage of of half-empty stands at key venues including Wimbledon caused by sponsors that did not fill their seats Mr Johnson said it "always happens in the early days of all Olympic Games""

Hopefully things will be OK by the middle of August?

Having had a Touch of China under a socialist Mayor:

"The plans for the site were approved in September 2004 by Tower Hamlets, Newham, Hackney and Waltham Forest.

The redevelopment of the area to build the Olympic Park required compulsory purchase orders of property.
The London Development Agency was in dispute with London and Continental Railways about the orders in November 2005.
By May 2006, 86% of the land had been bought as businesses fought eviction.

Residents who opposed the eviction tried to find way to stop it by setting up campaigns, but they had to leave as 94% of land was bought and the other 6% bought as a £9 billion regeneration project started."

Yes folks, tyranny o'er us rex.

Meanwhile security is a shambles with last minute takeovers:
"The great G4S cock-up cannot be shrugged off as just a one-off, a glitch in the system in circumstances unlikely to be repeated. It points to a fundamental flaw and shallowness of thought in the whole of government thinking about the nation’s defence and security posture and architecture."

They were given millions (over one hundred million pounds) to get the staff. Last week they suddenly realised: Oops!
And nobody told the Home Secretary (our Secretary for Defence; the real Secretary for Defence is actually our Secretary for Losingoops, I mean: Offence.)

"G4S is no ordinary security contractor. It is British, one of the largest of its kind in the world, and is used extensively to support and back the Army in security, particularly in Afghanistan. If the Defence Secretary Philip Hammond has his way, there will be more G4S and their like used for the UK’s defences and security, and less Army, Navy and Air Force."

That explains a lot.

"The row over Olympics tickets continued today when the chief executive of Sport Wales was asked to leave the aquatics centre despite there being empty seats.

“These issues are being flagged up and LOCOG are providing assurances that empty seats will be addressed so I’m sure we will see improvements very soon."

Come back on August the 13th, fool.

Meanwhile having a ticket still leaves a lot to be desired.
A hot dog and a can of pop, say:

"Spectators attending Olympic football games at Wembley Stadium complained of “ridiculous” queues for food and drink after some tills stopped working.

Fans were told they could not pay by Visa (the only credit or debit card accepted at London 2012 venues) and must use cash.

"I asked the person behind the bar if there were any cash machines and they said some had been taken out for the Olympics.

"I had to trek around the stadium to find one."

"The problem went on for the whole evening. There were two games and they couldn't get it fixed.""

What did they expect?
Fries with that?

"A Visa spokesman said the decision to accept cash payments only was made by Wembley management and that employees were working with the stadium to try and fix the problem. Games organiser Locog also said it was helping to resolve the situation."

Sounds like a "No comment!" to me.

"O2's mobile network is to blame after a surge in tweets from spectators' smartphones scuppered the live reporting of an Olympic cycling road race.

Onlookers were told to stop using Twitter on their mobes to allow vital data to reach the organisers. It is understood tiny mobile GPS electronics on athletes' bikes were unable to send their timings due to the saturated data network. Broadcasters were also unable to receive this information, leaving one BBC reporter to use his watch to estimate the timings of a race.

"There was a capacity issue with Box Hill at the weekend," an O2 spokesperson told The Register. "You can imagine that all of the people around that area were frantically using their phones so that was the reason for the oversubscription.""

"Criticising the Olympic race organisers for their data cockup isn't fair. They asked OFCOM 8 years ago for licensing permits on a different band, but OFCOM hadn't managed to a decision."

I voted up that comment.
Pity I couldn't upvote this one:
"You can imagine that all of the people around that area were frantically using their phones…"


3 thoughts on “Broken

  1. The best thing about British Management is that you can always find someone to blame.In fact…The worst thing about British Management is that you can always find plenty of people to blame.

  2. News and ViewsNBC’s Olympics Streaming Failure is Pirate Bay’s GainPosted by Ryan Matthew Pierson on Jul 31, 2012 The Pirate Bay has changed its front page banner to reflect itself as a proud source of video content related to the 2012 Olympic Games held in London, England. This change would be laughable if it wasn’t for the wild attention being drawn to ongoing issues with NBC and its streaming of the Olympic games online.

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