Running out of steam

It's amazing to think all that hot air is drying off the surface of the ocean below it hundreds of thousands of tons every second.

And putting it all back.
All without getting anywhere nearer warm than the 20 to 30 degrees they hit at maximum.

In fact the average temperature of the column is below freezing. …

1st August the day before the spell ends in the North West Pacific:

SAOLA 75 knots. Cat 1 Typhoon.
DAMREY 55 knots. Tropical Storm.

The next day; the 2nd August, the last day:

SAOLA 95 knots. Cat 2 Typhoon.
DAMREY 65 knots. Cat 1 Typhoon.

The incidence of largish magnitude earthquakes has dropped considerably over the week this spell has run.

It will be interesting to see just how many occur if and when these storms cease.

The next spell is actually very similar to the present one, although it doesn't look like it:
Jul 26 08:56 Aug 2 03:27

They are both thunder spells. But the coming one is more unstable that the present one. Which hasn't produced any thunder (as it was too unstable.)

What I am saying is that the spell could run through unchanged. (Except of course that when that happens it produces synergy, an amalgamation of force that proceeds without the hang-ups and inhibitions the first of any enterprise gets hung up with initially.)


2 thoughts on “Running out of steam

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