I don't take drugs apart from mild painkiller occasionally for stiff joints. I am not an advocate of recreational drug use. Too many people doing them are unaware of side effects and how to handle them. …

A long time ago Britain used to sell opium openly. You could get all sorts of drugs and poisons over the counter.

It meant that the erson selling it to you had a minimal interest in you and competitive interests in selling it to you a little cheaper than the next shop.

Quality control is not what it was. That is, it isn't as bad these days as it was. But even so a shop selling poor quality products would soon get a bad name.

That all came to an end when the government decided it was better at doing our thinking for us. As I said, I am no advocate of drug use but Prohibition is as damaging to society as it ever was.

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What is 'Grit Weed'?

Grit Weed is the name given to cannabis buds that have been sand blasted with any number of small materials; usually grit or sand. However this could vary anywhere between finely grained glass to icing sugar. Grit blasted weed can look more appealing if sugar or glass is used, giving the bud the appearance of having a lot more THC on the surface than it really does.

As you can imagine, inhaling tiny particles of glass into your your throat and lungs isn't very healthy. The effects are noticeable after the first spliff. Tightness in your chest, coughing, sore throat, trouble eating food, trouble breathing and mouth ulcers are the most common symptoms.

What is happening about this?

At the moment, nothing.

Doctors will usually diagnose a chest infection or asthma as the cause unless you tell them you suspect grit weed as the culprit.


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  1. Officers arrived at the home of Colin Roberts and Mandy Coghlan to be greeted by a smell of cannabis.They quickly established that the cannabis had been stolen and Roberts was arrested for production of the drug.But that angered Coghlan who grabbed a loaded air pistol and pointed it at one of the police officers.Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court heard Roberts took the cannabis to alleviate his pain from Crohn's Disease.Now Roberts and Coghlan have been handed 12-month prison sentences, suspended for two years.The court heard police had been called to the house in Bond Street, Tunstall, on April 23.David Bennett, prosecuting, said: "Miss Coghlan appeared to be intoxicated."She became upset and left the house and found a piece of glass in the back yard which she held to her throat. The officers took it from her." web site for this kind of person.

  2. Originally posted by Weatherlawyer:

    Suitable web site for this kind of person.

    Apart from the obvious humour, the point is that these are the sort of people who take this kind of drug. And more importantly, the sort who sell it.Put it another way, how many nice, smart people do you know who take cannabis?I don't mean sociable or clever, I mean the sort of person who is an asset to all of society. Plenty of clever people take drugs. Hell's bells, plenty of clever people get to rule countries.And I would select people from that walk of life as the first donors for used body parts/euthanasia. Who wouldn't?

  3. I believe legalization is the route to control, although cigarettes and alcohol are both very questionable, as the affects of both are more devastating by fact then the aforementioned, the control comes from the over 18 part, the proper distribution route's for integrity and safety (as far as safety goes) Now the laws are used as racial and economic weaponry to feed a booming private enterprise Penile system. Carl Sagen was nice, and smart. It helps far more than it harms.ask someone who feels less pain, or eats again after chemo therapy and its sickening effects.Look at caffeine, it affects the mind, much the same way, very much. People will abuse it, we abuse everything, the key is moderation and oversight to keep the business clean

  4. Originally posted by Unasia:

    although cigarettes and alcohol are both very questionable, as the affects of both are more devastating by fact than the aforementioned,

    You are assuming dopes don't smoke weed?Or do so without diluting it with tobacco?Cannabis is useful as a medicine and you are imputing I said it was not good for people who are ill to take it. I never.As far as abuse and recreational use goes I think weed would be a good way to weed duds out of useful society. Let them get into the gutter sooner if that is what they want.Maybe make it easy for people having a complaint against another person to run roughshod over those who use drugs to impair their minds.It's one thing to make it legal, it is quite another to give dopes the full capacity and rights of reliable citizens. The same should be true for any other drug use not needed for health purposes.You wouldn't give the rights of full adulthood to children, no more should you to willful drug abusers.All I would wish is that they be allowed to pursue their intentions legally. To put someone in prison for growing/or/and distributing vegetables runs contrary to the laws of god.

  5. There are people with problems with anything..we need to look at the problem again, what works, what does not. They legislation of justice is off whack also, which makes it even harder. Most politicians run on how many 'convictions' they have, not whether they served justice. I do think the use of neighbors as informants shows little regard for privacy and opens the door for vigilantism, and to me, after having so many follow me…it is the same as stalking. We separate our neighbors one is void of sin, no one..he who is without can cast a stone , but its distasteful otherwise.

  6. Originally posted by Unasia:

    The facts are there, shall we debate?

    I am not going to debate the use of drugs I don't use need or necessarily approve of.I would debate the stupidity of alienating a section of society and spending what amounts to the gross national product of several countries on preventing people doing what they want.Correction:Attempting to prevent people from doing what they want.If I was asked to serve on a jury judging someone for recreationally using drugs and no harm had been done to anyone other than the drug user, I would ignore all the legal arguments and vote not guilty.I get the impression that the local fuzz tend to ignore the use of such drugs when they can. Most people seem to know when something is not really their business. I just wonder why politicians have difficulties doing that.

  7. Originally posted by Unasia:

    There are people with problems with anything..we need to look at the problem again, what works, what does not.

    What problem?It's nobody's problem but the drug user's. If you have nosey neighbours tell them straight to mind their own businesses and from then on have absolutely nothing to do with them.If they persist put up a largish sign near their fence that only they can see telling them to MTOB.You have any amount of weays to be just as annoying as they are. Name and shame them for one. But just ignoring them rather than actually interfering with them is probably the best thing.They may eventually grow up or die. Whichever.

  8. I just wonder why politicians have difficulties doing that.they are like women..they cant help it….It big Pharma, and budweisers.. and to be honest, it has to do with funding for jails the feds give states. Its like arizona and immigrant laws, they dont give a shit, they get ungodly amounts of money to house them and arrest. If the feds did not offer funding, if the prisons were not privatized…The jail system is Michigan's top five shit. If anyone is being stupid with anything, or harmful…they pay. Many though who do..are good people, just trying to live, looking for a momentary escape, like a glass of wine to some, or a whisky and water to others….Its is a problem, a big one..and we need to find ways to help. Now we only hurt to many wrongly, or beyond scale. That in my mind is a crime. We will find a way.

  9. How much is cannabis these days. I don't think it is that cheap. But what do I know?Why is it so much more successful than beer?At least with beer if you have too much you are well aware of it and it makes you ill.

  10. Not sure, I suppose it depends. I used to be a good beer drinker, too good. I have seen the worst of both..and alcohol, beyond measure, by what I have seen. Is far worse. The effects for many differ, due to quality and quantity of course.

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