Odd goings on

I was looking for police codes I put in 10-4 for a coffee and this happened: …

Nothing to see there folks please move along.

But just before I clicked on the more interesting "Whistleblower Cop Breaks Silence On Corrupt Police Chief In Quartzsite Arizona" link in the sidebar, I noticed the amazing superstructure of the woman in the link above it: Chalking Quartzsite Corruption – Nazi Cop Town.

Disappointed I looked at a few others.

Eventually I was doing a full Google search and even went to Wikipedia about it. (Nothing there by the way.)

I was quite surprised that it got so little coverage. Admittedly it is only a whistle-stop town (without the whistle) but it seems to have made it onto Fox News.

When you consider what Fox News ISN'T; that is quite a score. (Shortly afterwards the show that went there for the piece was cancelled. -That figures.)

Here is a potted history:



2 thoughts on “Odd goings on

  1. First paragraph first page:Originally posted by Prison Planet:

    (1/11) > >>infowarrior_039:http://desertmessenger.blogspot.com/2011/07/quartzsite-mayor-ed-foster-walked-out.htmlQuoteQuartzsite council meeting draws media attentionQuartzsite Mayor Ed Foster walked out of this morning's budget meeting, claiming it was an illegal meeting because town did not post the agenda 24 hours in advance. Quartzite and surrounding areas were without power the majority of the day yesterday. Evidently postings were made on bulletin boards but not on town website due to power outage.Meeting was officiated by Vice Mayor Barbara Cowell. Council voted to hold a meeting on the budget in a week and allow public to review the proposed budget. There was a strong Media present at the very short meeting. No arrests were made.

    Can you see where this is going?(Can't see where it is coming from though.)

  2. The link I have just been following (all 11 pages of it) ends with the news that after council elections ousted the original councillors, they refused to leave.There is nothing about what the Arizona Governor or her agents at law have been doing about things.Beats me.

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