Can you see a line forming here?

Where did all the geo-phenomena go? …

I was waiting for something extra-ordinary to happen this spell but it all seemed to peter out. Maybe the course of all those Tropical Storms and mega-quakes earlier in the month and the end of the last month just worked there way to a natural conclusion?

I tagged this as a flash of light and new things learned.
There was no flash of light and there is no new thing learned.

Oh yes there is.



6 thoughts on “Can you see a line forming here?

  1. All right let's do it the easy way:Starting with all the quakes over the last 7 days and then from the start of the spell 4 days ago introducing the quakes at the time of day they happened until to date (the time of writing. (Just before the time of posting 11:43.))

  2. That cursor is annoying me. I never thought about that when I selected them.Anyway, the point of all this, if there is one, is that the quakes started in the centre of the world for quakes; just north west of Australia, in the region of Fiji etcetera.The reached out to the Mediterranean and rebounded like some giant bungee jump. Eventually the line reached into the Norwegian Sea. (Actually it went to the north of Iceland straight away. Everything else happened afterwards, sort of like… a… bungee jump.)

  3. Don't quote me on this but Mt Lokon erupted on the 21st. It's in Indonesia, on the bottom of that line.Originally posted by Earthquake Report:

    21 September, 2012.Mount Lokon, Sulawesi, Indonesia erupted again today.Mount Lokon had 2 strong eruptions on Friday. People living around the volcano have not received the order to evacuate. Since the volcano erupted the first time in April, a no-go zone of 2.5 km around the crater has been ordered by the government. posted by Earthsky:

    Many saw an extremely bright meteor, or possibly human-made debris from space – that broke up over the northern U.K. 21 September, 2012 at around 22:00 UTC (5 p.m. CDT). The meteor was travelling east to west. it was moving fast enough to getr to Britain, it would have been moving too fast for anyone to take a photo of it. As it was the clips are a lot shorter than the speed of the event would have allowed (assuming someone was ready with a camera.)In fact the speed of the "meteor" was too slow to be a meteor too. Space debris has been filmed at such speeds. The breaking up and crashing of Colombia on re-entry, for one.

    (As it happens I think ALL meteorites to hit earth have their origin on earth as volcanic bombs.)These are just personal reflections and I don't have any idea what the recent event was caused by. Nobody appears to have lost a satellite recently. Many artifacts come down from orbit every day. Everything from defunct satellites to astronaut piss.Why volcanic debris should be excluded, I can't say.

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