Nothing suits a person better than the things he believes in.

And nothing but the most perfect disabuse will convert him to reason. …

I always liked Clint Eastwood's films. I heard he became a Mayor in some place in California, without ever finding out anything about his politics.

I happened on a critique panning a film of his that I had never even heard of and a quote about a "Clint Eastwood moment". Something else I had never heard of before. So I looked up what the phrase "Clint Eastwood moment" meant and found the following:

I was stunned.

I got as far as the idea of Gitmo being a cool place for tererrrsts and that was it.
Everything up to that point made absolutely no sense at all. He was blaming the opposition for the faults of his own political party. And he was doing it the way Goebbels would have.

Granted he is a long way from Goebbels, though he could pass for a likeness if he ever considers another acting role. And I don't know if he has enough kids to do the murdering his own children and wife bit, then killing himself and ending up badly toasted in a bomb crater.

The point is that it is a sad fact people will go so far down a road they like, that they pay no attention to the direction they are going. This is OK if you are out for a stroll on the beach. It's a walk in the park for that sort of thing.

But if your intention is to get somewhere on purpose, you have to have an itinerary. And that has to encompass direction and logic. Without logic you can tend to get your destination and your starting point mixed up. Even end up all over the place with no idea where you are going or where you have been.

Even someone with Altzheimer's Disease will not do that. They won't argue that black is white or that night is day. When they become befuddled they realise they are lost and shut down everything whilst attempting to take stock.

To substitute right for wrong requires planning and ability. And incautious stupidity. Either that or a complete disregard for learning anything. Ever.

"Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from a religious conviction."

Blaise Pascal


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