Earthquakes Series II

From November 2011 almost an year ago. What have I learned? …

This is a portrait of the earth from the morning of Wednesday 3 October 2012.
Oscar had not even become a Tropical Depression, Nadine was appearing on the Met Office charts and Jelawat was going home to Alaska for the last time:

Compared with later in the day:

Jelawat officially ceased to function on the 30th of September:
7.3 M. @ 16:3.
1.9 degrees North. 76.3 degrees West. Colombia:

That's about 127 degrees apart on a "Great Circle" (14130 Km.)
For me it was enough that there was a super quake on the same day but a day or so either side would have been enough for me.

The point I am trying to make is that all through the life cycle (as far as I know) Jelawat was leaking negative pressure to Alaska.
And this is where it gets interesting. According to:
Jelawat ran from 20 to 30 September:

And these are the North American charts from those dates:


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