Garbage Patch kids.

The bible contains a passage in the Apocalypse that states:
Men will finally acknowledge that they do not know the way out of their problems. …

Someone posed the question on Usenet:
On Nov 2, 4:07 am, Brian <bcl…> wrote:

Originally posted by From sci.geo.earthquakes:

> Over the last few years has there been an increase in earthquake activity.
> Please don't give me a lot of data that I may not understand.
> Just a few lines of text that indicates Yes, No or Maybe is all I ask.

Everyone wants definitive answers in sentences of no more than one or two words.

I think that there is a general increase in quaking, there is certainly a biblical "Reporting of them from one place after another"; something unprecedented before the age of electronic communication.

But simultaneously, along with the development of electric cables came industrialisation. Britain began to systematically overgraze every pink portion of the world map from Victorian times on.

Rampant logging went on from the mid 20th century; something begun in the 18th century in North America. A process that wiped out most of the natural environment of Mid Western USA by 1930 with famously disastrous results.

Something permitted in most European colonies on almost the same scale, except there was not the same industrialisation in places like Africa as there was in the USA.

Over hunting was matched by over fishing. And along with modern trawling, came to widespread destruction of the sea beds of almost every continental shelf. This is a landslide in tropical countries where fishermen harvest fish for the aquarium market by dosing their reefs with cyanide.

All of which means that mere Cat 2 storms can wreak havoc in sophisticated countries and bring mass mortality in places like Bangladesh.

All of the above would have almost no great statistical effect on the world's averages, I imagine, except for the fast that Warm Poll heating is now out of control.

The two greatest ocean gyres in the Northern Hemisphere have garbage patches made up of buoyant debris from river and airborne plastic. So far environmental wing-nuts haven't made the connection between these dumps and glowballs.

They still believe that a modest increase in Carbon dioxide levels is the cause of all our woes. I wonder what they will do when they wake up.

Expect politicians to do something no doubt.

Which means we are all screwed.

Ah, well. T'was ever thus.
In Jesus' day the Roman Empire was taxing trees. Imagine the impact that had on rivers in the days before dredgers were designed to keep channels open to ports.

Slopes stripped of trees are prone to land-slides in years of floods. (Every 4 years or so the planet gets seasons that are extra wet. Search your own country's databases to see if this is so.) Landslides along populated routes usually mean extra silt in nearby rivers.

And extra silt means a need for dredging, -or the abandoning of capital cities. Something we can't imagine in this age but happened fairly frequently to many once thriving cities in the past.

What we have instead, in this day and age is an increase in storms or in their potency -which, coupled with land drainage, deforestation and cleared river channels, means greater damage to sea coasts and populated coastal regions inland.

Check out Google Maos for anywhere that landslides are reported, you will see that main arteries are usually stripped bare of trees for a number of miles either side of the road systems. It is the same with regions subject to strip mining – with the same consequences.

The connection with earthquakes in all this?
Because tropical storms occur in still air regions above warm water, they have more chance of becoming super-cyclones. For some reason, the connection with quakes lies with the weather fronts these engender,

However it is impossible to state that quakes are more destructive these days as there is too little data to play with. Are parallel weather fronts more numerous these days?

If so then the number of large quakes will not be greatly affected with modern accounting writing-off these related, subsequent, consecutive aftershocks as inconsequential.

You pays yer munee an you takes yer choices.


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