Before and After

I think we are in for another tropical storm. This is what the Southern Hemisphere looks like afterwards. …

An enormous storm has just hit the Philippines:

Think of the hype that went with the thing that crept up towards New York recently and give it cojones. This was a big one.

Anyway all the elongation is over by the end of the run:

This is for Tuesday evening on the 11th December. Several days off as I write this.
There are 23 charts of 6 hourly intervals between them so an heck of a lot can go wrong in the iterations. But if we are having the elongated isobars now with those after effects, what is going on with things in 6 days time?

The second chart looks like the chart I would choose to declare a massive storm is on its way. But that was in summer. This is winter. The Antarctic suddenly changes its behaviour in late Autumn and everything apparently stands on its head.


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