Canadian forecasts

Just a list of links from the Canadian meteorology site that won't open with the middle button of the mouse.

Why would someone invest in a website designed like that? …


7 thoughts on “Canadian forecasts

  1.<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>I wasn't going to put images on this place-holder. It is just an ad hoc fix for a nabyssmal website. However I just came across the Grail product above and immediately noticed the similarity to "Ley Lines" involved with the cyclones over north America during large scale earthquake events.

  2. The idea is to have a place I can find forecasts for earthquakes while the Antarctica site I normally use is down for the winter.It isn't really as good, basically because I haven't studied it much and don't have the desire to, too, neither.Why they can't run a loop is beyond me, the Australians can do it and they only have sheep and surfboards. I would have thought a country that can produce both wheat and trees would be better able to afford a couple of suitable school-leavers capable of using JavaScript.

  3. That was supposed to be the animation of the latest release from GRAIL -the pair of Lunar orbiters set up to detect the gravitational anomalies of the moon. They show a quite striking linear pattern.I won't describe it further so that you too may enjoy the discovery all on your own.Here meanwhile is the latest greatest:

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