Moonlight and Roses

On the night of his arrest Jesus was said to have sweated blood. …

Apart from the fact that NASA got its phases in the wrong sequence (going by NASA's owns sequence:)

The following pictures highlight the difficulties the disciple (who was sleepy at the time) in seeing clearly what was going on.

I have corrected the sequence shown here:

Full moon:

Waning gibbous:

Waning crescent:

New moon:

Next time you see a full moon, notice what time of day it is.
And how much colour you can distinguish.

Here are the correct phase dates and sequences:

Full Moon Sep 30 (03:19)
Last Quarter Oct 8 (07:33)
New Moon Oct 15 (12:02)
First Quarter Oct 22 (03:32)


One thought on “Moonlight and Roses

  1. The point of the post is that it is easy to make the simplest mistakes.Several gifted bible commentators have deduced that extreme stress can make you actually sweat blood. (What a leap of faith that would require to make a believer believe you.)You'd get short shrift from any listener who worked nights and grew roses.If NASA can make mistakes and respected bible commentators can make mistakes and you can make mistakes, anyone can make a mistake.Take your time to correct a few of them and smell the roses.And watch the world go round.

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