Self Publishing

Kindle and that sort of thing. …

I've been looking at trying to understand the business of publishing a book. I am easily confused about this sort of thing so this blog is just a catharsis for me.

To start with I looked up Kindle on Google. Needless to say Kindle's official site was not the top one:…1c.1.1113Jky-ifk

Anyway having found Kindle's site (it has the Amazon icon in the toolbar) I was pleased to find that the web page was written by an imbecile. So I won't feel too lonely there.

I won't feel happy about getting advice from them about formatting though:

Errors found while checking this document as HTML 4.0 Strict!

Result: 32 Errors, 12 warning(s)




2 thoughts on “Self Publishing

  1. Welcome to Kindle Direct Publishing!KDP Select Global Fund for January 2013Hello,The KDP Select global fund amount is $1.4 million for January 2013! January’s regular monthly fund is $700,000, plus $700,000 of the $1.5 million bonus will be paid out for January, making the total global fund amount $1.4 million in January. The remainder of the $1.5 million bonus will be paid on top of the regular fund in February. WTF?What the bloody hell is all that about?I don't want to know about how charitable Amazon is they are a bunch of Victorian Iron Masters with no care in a bucket of dogs*** how they workers are doing.I went for an interview with their Stazit trying to get a palty job stacking shelves and the like for Chrismas.The hoops you have to jump through to get a job with them is ridiculous. It seemed like the sort of mass interview you'd get if you were signing up for a war.

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