Three Anticyclones in a row

An unusual one from the NAEFS. …

Check the box: Pressure at Sea Level
And this one: Forecast Date 2013-05-03.

I have only seen it once before and I never thought anything about it. I can't remember when why or where. Three anticyclones may mean something or nothing.
It is the day the present tropical storm fades away.

25 April 2013 Full Moon at 19:57 with a partial lunar (Umbral) ecclipse.
2 May 2013 Last Quarter at 11:14 and
10 May New Moon at 00:29 with an Annular solar eclipse.

According to Opera I have loaded 3 charts to this post. I can't see them.
Can you?

Let's try this the hard way:

E:Canadian EFS2013043000_024.gif
E:Canadian EFS2013043000_048.gif
E:Canadian EFS2013043000_072.gif


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