Tornadoes and Earthquakes

From a Usenet post:

On May 20, 6:40 pm, Weatherlawyer <weatherlaw…> wrote:
> I have in the past equated earthquakes with tornadoes seeing them
> being replaced by the latter when I have posted a warning for large
> earthquakes.
> I am forming the opinion that this occurs when there is a phreatic or
> VEI situation. The tell tale is a bulge on the ring of isobars that
> surround the South Pole.
> Also I think that rather than the precipitation masses reaching the
> coast of Antarctica, they appear to dissipate, becoming multicentered
> Lows before dispersing.
> It all requires more thought and much more dilligence but I have been
> busy trying to co-opt an old weather book into modern meteorology.
> Dificult to do as his idea was based on an electromagnetic theory that
> didn't stand the test of time.
> But at least he wasn't buggered by Richardson's computing fiasco that
> has hampered research so badly since WW 2. Maybe we should all be born
> a century later.

The tornadoes that struck the USA this week; while we were supposed to be enjoying fine weather here in Britain; arrived with no warning from the Met Office charts of the sea level pressures in the North Atlantic.

There are several better charts for the purpose produced by the USA:

> for example.
Unfortunately I don't use them. I don't know how to get them as forecasts. Analysis charts are all very well but they contain very little data error and it is the data error -especially the ones in the Met Office models; that I rely on for earthquake signals.

I have a good idea how the model runs portray weather fronts to good effect. Other forecasts use different mathematical procedures called algorithms. And they produce different fronts. They show weather systems at different pressures.

And they go wrong in ways I can not make sense of at present.

Last thing online yesterday (Tuesday 21 May 2013) I was trying to show on a USA North Atlantic sea level pressure chart, how the blocked pressure in the Atlantic would evolve into a tornado signal. When the pieces don't fit, you can, in your enthusiasm for preventing death and destruction, jump to conclusions that you should see are wrong conclusions.

And you tend to make them fit. I was expecting there to be more tornadoes. I wanted to see them coming. So I made it look like they were going to.

But it is best to be safe than sorry, no?

You tell people lies about the charts, the people won't see your error. They will instead, think it is their fault. It will put them off. And the error is compounded in their minds when the tornado or disaster or whatever doesn't turn up. That's when they think (correctly) that I am feeding them bullshit.

When a severe tornado cell is about to strike the USA… If it shows up on the Met Office chart, there will be a cohesive Low pressure system on the coast of the USA or Canada.

Actually very little of the USA shows up on the Met Office chart. Not the one that is on general release anyway.

Maggots from the Palace of Westminster got into the Met Office around about the time I was getting interested in the weather. They turned the pot of gold into a piss pot. It has got worse since then, with the amalgamation of the weather centre and the handbags that are pushing climate policies.

What we need are a bunch of G* rioters to set up a mobile phone war against the way things are set up in Britain. All those stupid children who were radicalised at the time of the Tory Blair project to get Britain involved in the Iraq war. We want them to set off a revolution here to execute all the climatologists. And at the same time all the fat pigs in the Big Oil factions should be dealt with.

Chop off their heads and hang the corpses on lamp posts. Along with the Investment bankers. Send out teams of assassins to the Bahamas and Seychelles and wherever the bastards have taken their families and their gold. And kill them all.
Then on to Switzerland and every other place they think of as safe havens.

After that, while the writing is still on the wall and the blood still fresh on the street, we should turn on the gangsters who own and or run the supermarkets and have been systematically screwing the agricultures of the world for the last half century.

Find everyone of them; each and every one; and execute them. Have their sons to the nth generation removed from the planet and their virgin daughters sold into prostitution and slavery and their houses turned into public toilets.

After that we can hope to return to a sustainable eco-system. Rivers should be cleaned from where they have been turned into sewers. And the land should be allowed to regenerate. I don't have a clue how they are going to deal with land drains and monoculture.

But unfortunately, if that is going to happen it will require Armageddon to accomplish. So until then I am not going to bother trying to change the world. All we will end up with is a different gang of crooks running the place. Maybe god is already handling it with floods and

the like?

It seems unjust to cripple farming to get at the supermarkets. But the supermarkets are just pulling the chain. The actual damage to the planet is being done by farmers willing to compromise with them. And anyway, the supermarkets have been crippling the farmers all along, compromise or not.
</rant> (Sorry about that. But I didn't do it.)

What I will try to do is find a better chart I can work with.
Yesterday evening, the weather turned perfect. The clouds cleared and it got warmer. We had a fine night and the birds were singing when I woke up this morning. It is now a grey, cloudy morning with a breeze blowing so maybe the tornadoes are on the way again?
There were none on the chart for today so far. They will start a new one in a few hours as their clocks are set all wrong. Ah well.

They only strike for a few days in winter generally but in the North Atlantic the hurrican season is different to all the other seas in the Northern Hemisphere. The hurricane season officially begins in June not April. Actually we haven't had any hurricanes anywhere yet this season. Burma had a close call that did enough damage there. But I don't think it made hurricane strength, did it?

Off to the left of the Atlantic, the season that begins in April is the tornado season.
It may sound like I want my cake and ate it.
Tornadoes DO equate to earthquakes as far as weather forecast charts go. Obviously the discrepancy is in the way that analysis charts are assembled. Not enough is known of unstable systems in the tornado regions, so the input is screwed up enough for me to make genuine mistakes -as opposed to stupid ones.

What could go wrong now is that dick-heads in the various Meteorological Offices around the word will see where the models are going wrong by analysing the energy values to the charts that the unstability brings.

They will thus be able to correct the models and drive out all errors. And thus prevent cohesive steps being taken to alert the general populace about them. Fortunately at the moment the bastards are in denial so things look like remaining as they are for the next year and more.


8 thoughts on “Tornadoes and Earthquakes

  1. Originally posted by weatherlawyer:

    When a severe tornado cell is about to strike the USA… If it shows up on the Met Office chart, there will be a cohesive Low pressure system on the coast of the USA or Canada.

    I think I must not forget this…

  2. 23 May 2013 the T shaped front on that US chart at the time of writing is a far more significant sign. The Blocked High in the Atlantic seems about to collapse and that front is going to get a Low through the situation.

  3. Those NOAA Entire Unified Surface Analysis chart..00 UTC 23 may 2013 06 UTC 23 may 2013 12 UTC 23 may 18 UTC 23 may 2013

  4. Can you see the TEE shaped fronts forcing in between the Anticyclones in the oceans?The angle in the T is always on the right hand centre of the Lows. The long tail of the T runs south.I was always confused by them as they soemtimes reminded me that a tornado was due and sometimes I used to think there was a sign for volcanic activity in them.Now I think that it is a sign of both and we get both at the same time.

  5. Weather tends to move north west in the northern hemisphere.During this spell both oceans had the Blocked High situation.I'd always wondered that the stuff in the Atlantic tended to forecast the tornadoes in the USA about a day ahead of them. Now it seems that the wave actually comes ashore on the US west coast through the Blocked Highs there.

  6. Originally posted by Weatherlawyer:

    the T shaped front on that US chart at the time of writing is a far more significant sign.

    Yes, I can –How not!Um.. Another principle? Okay.. Taking note.Originally posted by Weatherlawyer:

    that it is a sign of both (tornado & volcanic activity) and we get both at the same time.

    Okay, we're going to believe it —until the opposite is proved. (up)

  7. Originally posted by tdjmd1:

    Okay, we're going to believe it –until the opposite is proved

    Well all it takes is to compare volcano archives with NWS charts.

  8. Originally posted by Weatherlawyer:

    all it takes is to compare volcano archives with NWS charts.

    I've read that about that comparative thing before..

    Originally posted by WL:

    I don't have a map reference for Kitty Hawk (can you believe that?) but it will be interesting to compare tidal times with events on the NEIC and wherever:

    ☀ Cape Hatteras and Kitty Hawk
    Available at:

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