Volcanoes and their signs

I am pretty sure that these lunar phases are periods of heightened activity for some volcanoes:

18 Apr 12:31

25 Apr 19:57

2 May 11:14

10 May 00:29

18 May 04:35

25 May 04:25 …

The first part of each line is the date of the phase and the second is the time that the astronomical exactitude takes place. The moon is only exactly on the quarter for a few seconds -if that. This is because the earth, moon and sun only make an angle that is divisible by 90 for the merest moment.

There appears to be no reason for the significance of this mathematical idea, except that the timing locates the region on the earth over which the phenomenon takes place. There is no reason for anyone to take and interest in these facts and so few do.

The position of the sun, earth and moon is not really of much use to anyone, navigators or astronomers. Or anyone else as far as I know. It can't be used to project calendars as the difficulty in predicting the position of the moon had, for milennia, made the idea preposterous. It has only fairly recently been possible to predict the positions of the moon with accuracy.

We know the length of the lunar month is roughly 29 ½ days but a calendar based on that approximation would soon go to hell. The speed of the earth around the sun varies with the season and the speed of rotation of the moon about the earth varies with the lunar season.

That is:
The nearness of the moon to the earth affects its speed around the earth and this varies every 27.3 days.

So the position of the moon in the sky is already a complex mathematical formula. Not all that complex but not straight forward. Getting its position truly accurately is something that is still not possible at the moment. The tables can be drawn up years in advance because we know roughly where the moon is going to be. But a few months before the tables are printed, there is a final recalibration.

A navigator's alamanack is prepared 12 months in advance with final adjustments included in a separate loose page added to the final printing at the last moment. This is because correction are still being made at the last moment.
Not that many navigators still use lunar tables for navigation.

Astronomers still use their versions of such tables. But they are not a matter of life and death in such exhalted circles.


5 thoughts on “Volcanoes and their signs

  1. 27 Mar 09:273 Apr 04:3710 Apr 09:3518 Apr 12:3125 Apr 19:572 May 11:1410 May 00:2918 May 04:3525 May 04:2531 May 18:58In March the NWS storm reports charts lit up on the 5th of March (tornadoes, wind and hail) the 9th (hail) the 17th (wind) and the 18th (with everything; in most of the south eastern states) then it died back down again with wind and hail in Texas and sporadic events such a tornado in Washinton on the 23rd.More wind and hail on the 23rd led to more of a flash up on the 24th but the season really began on the 29th, 2 days after the start of this spell: 27 March at 09:27. There was a lot of activity up to the 31st.Tornadoes can occur at any time of the year in the USA. Some very nasty ones have struck in the middle of winter. There may be other great plains al over the world where tornaodes are as common and as deadly but the USA is the only one to maintain good records of them. And for some reason best known to god, the worst and most numerous occur from April on.Unfortunately I am confined to saving weather forecasts via the public libraries locally and the one in Newcastle Under Lyme in particular is a very poor service. But I use it because I can get on the damned computers with less trouble than the onces run at Hanley and Stoke on Trent Libraries.My real grouse apart from not getting the Sunday charts is that the computers use Microsoft code and who knows what else to select my charts for me. I prefer to use Linux t home and the programmes in that tell me that the files have been incorrectly stored.They inform me of this by refusing to open them. This is a real downer. I have to waste thinking time messing with file formats and I get side-tracked and burned out. I lose interest in -or the thread of, what I am supposed to be doing.So now I am off to Stoke to see if their computers are working (Newcastle's were up the Swanee when I went there just now.) It has been raining so that means there is a set of tornadoes to look at as well as some volcanic uheaval to consider.And I can't stitch all these charts together because of the way that Microsoft has monopolised and co-opted our governments, national and local. I hate that!

  2. The moon does not have a direct affect on the loose paricles on the earth. There is no way that a small celestial body ¼ of a million miles away can overcome the gravity of earth. Besides all the gravitational attraction of the moon and the earth is taken up in a gravity well called the barycentre.Every move the moon makes is compnsated for by a rate of change in the barycentre. Every shudder the earth makes is taken out of the system or added into it at the barycentre. The shared weights of theearth moon and sun are distributed evenly in the incalculable dance called the lunar phase.It is always some sort of angle. There wouldn't appear to be a particular reason for expecting the four cornered ones to be of any particular difference.And yet…..Whatever the phase was on the 18 April, the time of the phase was taking it to a weather set up over British waters of cool overcast going on stormy: 12:31. On the 25 April with a lunar phase at 19:57, things were heading from stormy to unsettled. The kind of atmosphere where anything could happen. But the 2 May was an anticyclonic spell that should have produced warm, sunny days and cold, starry nights: 11:14. 00:29 on the 10 May is to all intents identical to the phase on the 18 April: “…cool overcast going on stormy”. These two are identical in every way:18 May, 04:35and25 May, 04:25They should produce fine anticyclonic weather over Britain just like that of the 2nd; not the tornadoes and the volcanic eruptions we had instead.(Would you believe some fool would actually write in and say “Britain doesn't have volcanoes and didn't have tornadoes… blah blah blah” if I hadn't written this sentence?The world is full of ******* idiots like that.)

  3. I haven't got very far with this. The truth is I have only spent an hour writing it. ANd I only did that waiting for the rain to stop.I am now in the Stoke library with an hour left to play on the computer with. It is a bank holiday week so all the schools are shut and all the fools are out to play. So I can't get back on again once my time is up.I just thought you would want to know that as the minutes tick away. It saves me thinking what to write next.(Actually I need to post charts next and I am not lookig forwards to wrestling with Opera's servers.)Ah well, here goes….

  4. There are only 6 or 7 thousand million people in the universe, I am not concerned with how many of them live in Britain. They all live on Earth. And if they weren't all intent on killing each other we would be working together quite happily instead.By now we might even have colonised most of the habitable solar system. Maybe having started work on the next phase, stellar travel.But no, we have to maintain a budget establishing our abilities to maintain our borders by spending huge chunks of our gross national budgets on “defence” and using such “defences” wherever possible to spread democracy and etcetera, where it isn't wanted.The result is that we can't even forecast earthquakes or vocanic eruptions. Everything has to be last minute with volcanoes when they explode because so few of them are even being monitored. Hell we don't even have reliable forecsts for the weather past a few days.Some people think their forefathers were monkeys. Sometimes, on reflection, I can see their point of view. It isn't hard to see why.You thought George Bush was the only one?Ha!!

  5. OK I have posted some charts all vaccuously mixed up by IE and Opera -I am not sure whose kludge is irresponsible. But the stuff is in there or it was going to be until IE died on me.http://my.opera.com/Weatherlawyer/albums/show.dml?id=14281762My time is up on this computer so no more until I have had a chance to think of something sensible to say.From the BBC:"Chile and Argentina have ordered the evacuation of some 3,000 people living near the Copahue volcano in the south of their shared border.The authorities in both countries issued a red alert – the highest possible – saying the Chilean volcano could erupt imminently.The 2,965m (nearly 10,000ft) volcano – which sits in the Andes cordillera – has so far only spewed gas. Thousands of minor earth tremors have been registered in the area."This red alert has been issued after monitoring the activity of the volcano and seeing that it has increased seismic activity," Chilean Interior Minister Andres Chadwick said in a news conference. "There is a risk that it can start erupting."According to Chile's Emergency Office, the evacuation will affect some 460 families living within a 25km (15 miles) radius of Copahue.It said it could last about 48 hours, but could be delayed because of heavy rains in the region.In Argentina, the authorities had first declared a "yellow alert," but later revised it to the highest level.They have now ordered the evacuation of about 600 people from the town of Caviahue to the neighbouring city of Loncopue."http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-latin-america-22684322

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