Some HTMLs I am using.

Having lost my files.

I no longer need this to mark my bookings. Exeunt stickum. …!forum/!forum/sci.geo.earthquakes


9 thoughts on “Some HTMLs I am using.

  1. Nasa Moon phases 6000 year catalogue and the present era: 2001 to 2100 .A run of cyclonic stuff has just ended so we should be prepared for the Big Bang at any moment. The MetOffice is showing the High is still in place to T + 84 at the time of writing though midnight tonight could get interesting.It is the 13th and we are half way into a a cyclonic spell according to the lunar phases. So where is it?The answer is that is it to come crashing down on our heads. Let's have a look at the sea level pressures on the Canadian EFS:

  2. •DuckDuckGo – A great comprehensive search engine that has some really nifty shortcuts to make for uber fast and efficient searching.•Wolfram Alpha – Wolfram Alpha displays information based on requests rather than a list of links, things like math equations and conversions can be entered for immediate answers.•StartPage – StartPage essentially searches Google for you, leaving you untouched by tracking.•Blekko – Blekko concentrates on spam free, high quality content.•Dogpile – Dogpile simultaneously searches the top 3 search engines; Google, Yahoo, and Bing and relays the results back to you.Sans real time links this page from the Wall Street Journal has no financial hedge fund behind it I hope. of shit combines everything I dispise about the internet:Microsoft, Google and Yahoo.Duckduck go was OK IIRC. A bit limited though. But that was befre I realised just how badly shaped Google was making my search patterns out for me.A shaped search relies on the ******** at Google realising they can send me to pages that pay them, if they can find a reason for me to open it.And of course their version of AI will teach them that I always open such pages, so I should be sent to more of them.You can see where that's going can't you?And to be fair that is where I went until I got a bit more rigorous with what I asked the ******* to search for.I remember using Blekko some time ago but can't think why I disliked it. Maybe it was the difficiculty in setting up as a default or home page or some-such.

  3. I just started writing a complaint against Google. (Search for Old Google Grous and see if that gets you anywhere) the problem is that if you use theire sort by date facility, the tenuous grasp of the term "relevance" that Google ought to understand, just disappears.Google really has become dysfunctional as a search engine hasn't it?Money talks, crawler walks …backwards.

  4. This looks like I hit the jackpot. This is the kind of search that wasn't getting with Google: wonder how long it will be before people start leaving in appreciable numbers. 9 or 10 years I imagine, as that is what a growth rate would be before the infants and Asians grow up enough to decide they would like to gain control of their pyches.In other words the drain would be on for a long time before it turned into a gusher. But of course 10 years is a long time in computingland.

  5. I can't help thinking how shameful it is to be British when I find yet another American website like this: put the Java animation for the 13th to 20th September on the top post just now. I am going through the site looking for a sea level animation.I'll recompile it in GIMP later and post it on here. The feathered icons all over the chart indicate wind direction. Thye always put me off looking at these things but they are a necessary evil if you are a keen weather nut.In the legend above the pictures the title to them says (barb: kt) meaning wind speed indicated in knots and each piece of such "F" shapes is generally 5 knots for half a length. So 1 would be 5 knots and F would be 20 knots. The direction of the barb indicates the direction of the wind.

  6. I have an ISP again, so I suppose this can stop sticking.I do wish I didn't have the Friends Requests queue. It makes me feel so guilty not agreeing to their welcome.I honestly don't mind the idea, it's just that new Opera users seem intent on collecting names as opposed to entertaining guests. Quite an hamstrung facility, IYAM. But I am not going to tell 'em. Let the buggers ban somebody who cares.

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