Draining the sea and the sky.

There are three types of people you should be able to recognise by sight. They are:

1. Thieves.

2. Racists and..

3. Vandals.

They are the most depressed people you know, without actually suffering from clinical depression (or the food related problem of manic depression.) You know the feeling you get after reading a newspaper from Rupert Murdoch’s misogynous stable?

Well they have that sort of feeling all the time. And they can only harbour a sordid happiness when they are hurting someone, killing them in fact or fancy, or destroying their property. Laughter has left their lives and hate has stained their souls.

Things are bad enough these days when so few of us are able to practice what Christ taught about helping people. But most of us can learn and change like the wind.

For such people, knowing the way out is doubly difficult. And for the rich and powerful it is almost irredeemably so. For the errors of the rich and powerful are magnified exponentially. The smallest mistake of the great is an enormous failure to the disenfranchised. And the large mistakes, that only the rich and powerful can make, are more than mere oversight. They can and do damage nations. …

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