Have you noticed/used this feature before?

In you Home Page, below your Menu Buttons, there are two buttons and a third option…

  1. Write a Blog Post …

  • Subscribe to RSS feed, and
  • You can also blog by email: blog+gboqcvfs@my.opera.com

    I want to show you how to use this last option –excellent to post your charts or back them..

    Just a sample:

    The Set of Today's Weather Charts: 12 july 2013.

    1. Copy that address "blog by email" => blog+gboqcvfs@my.opera.com
    2. Go to your Gmail Inbox.. To the '12 july 2013' message. Click on 'Forward'
    3. To: Paste the given address… blog+gboqcvfs@my.opera.com
    4. Push down SEND..

    Recall they're plenty of pictures, so you have to wait a while as Opera receives all the stuff.

    Then, they will be published in two manners:

    1. Like a Photo Album: Fwd: 12 july 2013 (Go see http://my.opera.com/Weatherlawyer/albums/show.dml?id=14550132 )
    2. Like a Post: Fwd: 12 july 2013 ( http://my.opera.com/Weatherlawyer/blog/2013/07/13/fwd-12-july-2013 )

      By default, both of them will be PUBLIC –if you want to set them as PRIVATE, it's the time to do it.

      It's quite interesting the way Opera does the work for you.

      If you wish you can delete this post.. I'm not going to be mad for it. Just only I wanted to show how this option works. I myself hope you don't upset at all and understand I'm exploring new possibilities suited to handle your stuff.. I think it could be useful for you.. Or not as the case may be..

      Once Opera has finished its work, you can edit and change whatever you want or you could keep it that way.

      It's quite interesting the format Opera gives to the picture when a post –you have to test it, really interesting.

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