I tried reading the worst Terry Pratchett novel recently

I would have posted this on a forum dedicated to his stuff but they all have more respect. …

Pratchett is my favourite author but he has senile dementia and is working with other authors too much these days. I suppose it is either that or give up.

He has written some of my favourite books ever. And I don't think they will be replaced in the limited time I have left aby anything nearly as good.


I liked that bit about Terry not being able to make taxes interesting. SO… why did he bother with the Stephen Baxter novels. Mind in a spin was it?

I tried to read Long Earth but got distracted by paint drying.
I wonder if he got the idea of wading through toilet paper from the book of poo?

Originally posted by from a fan blog:

Speculation: given Pratchett's way of announcing the book, which was clearly teasing fans curious about the long-MIA Raising Taxes, I'd guess this was indeed the new Moist von Lipwig book. Pratchett had previously said that he was having difficulty making the tax-based book interesting.

This is understandable, given that Making Money – Moist takes over the Ankh-Morpork Mint – was fairly close to being a retread of Going Postal – Moist takes over the Ankh-Morpork Postal Service – as it was. I would guess (and to stress this is guesswork) that Pratchett has taken Moist out of the tax office and put him in charge of the Undertaking, Ankh-Morpork's under-construction subway system.

The Moist von Lipwick books were good enough. Not a patch on the Watch trilogy but as good as some and better than others -which is very good indeed (usually.) But the Long Earth series developing is absoutely the worst of any book of any genre I would read. I got about a third of the way through wondering when this thing gets started. But it turned ot I was reading a roll of toilet paper. I jumped an hank of pages and found the author inerlocuting a slug.

How about that for imagination. It was platonic. Only not as interesting. (What was the name of the book that bloke wrote. I never managed to finish that either.)
At least it was in keeping with the idea I was getting about me reading toilet paper.
It couldn't happen in Venezuela I hear. Maybe I ought to move there.


One thought on “I tried reading the worst Terry Pratchett novel recently

  1. Originally posted by a not very bright reviewer:

    The Long Earth is a short read: the pages riffle past and there's much to enjoy. The dialogue is a bit Hollywood 101, and much of it is characters explaining things to other characters, sometimes at great length ("Why are you telling me all this?" Joshua asks at one point, with apparent ingenuousness). But it's a charming, absorbing and somehow spacious piece of imagineering for all that.

    http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/2012/jun/20/long-earth-terry-pratchett-stephen-baxter-reviewIt is charmless and boring. Quite a profound nail in the coffin of one of Britain's most prolific, creative and artful genii."The dialogue is a bit Hollywood 101, and much of it is characters explaining things to other characters"That means: wooden dialogue and talking on the telephone. AKA shit.I hate fat SciFi books they are usually about about to tell a story once the author has got off his About Pedestal. I hate trilogies. If a story is any good you can tell it simply and only need to tell it once.

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